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Apr 29th, 2019
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  1. TCFBTB - [name pending]
  3. >You're anon... and you just recently had a big X marked off on your calendar.
  4. >Let me tell you that it sucked, that day specifically had been a thorn in your side.
  5. >Every time that number of that year rolled around you were the butt-end of every joke.
  6. >But this year, this year might have been the worst of them all.
  7. >Yes it was /that/ day again.
  8. >April Fool's
  9. >Ugh.
  10. >Just thinking about it again just brings back bad memories.
  11. >Ever since you were a kid you've been an easy target and
  12. >Memories of bucket after bucket being dropped on your head soaking your head and shirt as you entered into a class room, laughter exploding after building up from silent snickering as you found your seat drenched and dripping.
  13. >Every spitball and whoopie cushion, all the cheap store bought imitation tar paint and the plastic feathers that came along with it.
  14. >It never really changed either, once you grew up the same pranks found you again and again, and some new ones too.
  15. >A classroom or an office. It didn't really make a difference.
  16. >You were just always the butt-monkey of choice.
  18. >Sometime later you found some refuge in a dumb cartoon show, eventually you tried to just stop caring.
  19. >You embraced that shit hard and everything that came with it.
  20. >Maybe people thought you were a push over in real life, and maybe they were right
  21. >But in that space you were an invincible force.
  22. >The world always seemed to find a way to fuck with you on that day, but hey at least you had ponies.
  23. >The colorful coats, the way they smiled and waved their frilly stylish manes.
  24. >
  25. >A bat of their long eyelashes settling on a come hither look.
  26. >A wink
  27. >And that plot.
  28. >Sweet /Celestia/ those plots. It's enough to kill a man.
  29. >The attraction was all too real.
  30. >It wormed its way into your head quite early, and stole you away from everything else.
  31. >You used to be into all kinds of shit, but those days are over now.
  32. >Like a lantern in the fog came on, and suddenly you were drawn to it.
  33. >You could see the truth.
  34. >Everything else faded away leaving only the purity of the four letter word.
  35. >Not just pony, but beyond that, something that you yearned for and never knew you wanted.
  36. >M-a-r-e!
  37. >Who can really blame you? Those beings were perfection, some kind of godly combination of cute and sexy.
  38. >No one could have merely came up with it themselves, some of those you talked to were convinced it had to have been ordained as a vision.
  39. >It was nice to believe.
  40. >You had started to believe it too.
  42. >They had been burned into the dreams of the one everyone called 'Mom' until the day she put it down on paper and history was made.
  43. >The thick thighs of an earth pony, toned muscles of an athlete after a sweat, a bubbly fuzz butt.
  44. >The way that a sun-kissed sun-butt would look in the morning rain.
  45. >Even the more exotic ones like the black bug got a little something out of your dick.
  46. >You loved every last one, it's impossible to pick from any.
  47. >So you decided you wouldn't try.
  48. >You would go for a different plan. To have them all.
  49. >It's what every red-blooded man would do isn't it?
  50. >A harem of voluptuous mares waiting for you. Ah it would be like /heaven/!
  51. >Like flavors of different candies all wrapped up nice and tight.
  52. >Any one you could pick for the day, and anyone you could pick for the night.
  53. >They made everything better...
  54. >or so you thought.
  55. >But.
  56. >Later after private browsing sessions, it came back.
  57. >With the high of living out your fantasies, that old sensation would creep back once the rush passed.
  58. >The same one you've known for basically your whole life.
  59. >Occasionally it would hit you in the middle of the night, or if not then, it would come the very next day after you drifted off to sleep.
  60. >A cool breeze running through your hair, the subtle embrace of soft laughter and prickling sensation on top of grass.
  61. >And then you would be abruptly jerked away by a loud beep and land right back to where you started.
  62. >A shadowed room, only dimly lit by another colorful plastic pony-shaped nightlight in the corner.
  63. >Synthetic sheets, man made.
  64. >Everything around you was fake.
  65. >An empty bed. With no one, and definitely no pony to share it with.
  66. >Life had cruelly made you born a chump faggot on the Earth.
  67. >You were human, and that was it.
  68. >Stranded on this god-forsaken rock that seems to get worse every day.
  69. >Unable to reach that utopia in your dreams, the one you used to see on the screen every day.
  70. >They weren't real to anyone and could never be.
  71. >No matter how much you clung to your pillow-y pony pals.
  73. >You'd spent some of your savings and splurged again.
  74. >Sure, you were more than willing to show your power level to anyone!
  75. >But more often than not, that didn't turn out so hot.
  76. >It's easy to just share your passion with people you never see and might never know, but hard to explain it to someone who doesn't already get it, you know?
  77. >You've screwed your chances a number of times on a potential date.
  78. >And you think you lost some friends over it too.
  79. >It was becoming a problem to everyone around you.
  80. >Maybe it was a problem.
  81. >Maybe you had a problem.
  82. >Maybe you were the problem.
  83. >But...
  84. >That didn't mean you had any intention to stop!
  85. >It's all you have left to turn to in this world for affection.
  86. >There was few things that gave you some security and peace of mind, and this was one of them.
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