Spank the Anon v2 by Bluejay (AJ & Rarity/Anon)

Aug 17th, 2015
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  1. Spank the Anon v2 by Bluejay
  3. ---
  5. (branched off of v1, from this thread
  7. >You are Anon.
  8. >Well, you were Anon up until a few minutes ago.
  9. >Now you are a little filly thanks to book horse.
  10. >And on top of that, she made you go to a tea party.
  11. >You fucking hate tea.
  12. >Now you were being dragged through town listening to these kids prattle on about nothing.
  13. >Normally you wouldn’t mind them, but that was before you were stuck being a little kid like them.
  14. >You had better things to be doing right now.
  15. >Like being home…
  16. >Drinking…
  17. >So what it’s 10:30 in the morning?
  18. >Who the fuck are you to judge?
  19. >”So, what’s yer name?”
  20. “What?”
  21. >”Apple Bloom, that’s rude. Rarity says you should always introduce yourselves first, that’s proper manners. I’m Sweetie Belle, this is Apple Bloom and that is Scootaloo.”
  22. >The three girls smile and wave at you.
  23. “I’m An-“
  24. >Shit!
  25. >You can’t tell them your real name.
  26. >One of the last things you need is for them to know you’re Anon.
  27. >Then they’ll tell their sisters and then you’re labeled as a pervert.
  28. “I’m…”
  29. >Think of something genius.
  30. >You look down at your hoof and see the green fur.
  31. “Green…”
  32. >Shit, what goes with green?
  33. “Hornet?”
  34. >Goddamn stupid movie, why’d you have to think of that?
  35. >”Green Hornet?”
  36. >The girls look at each other then back to you.
  37. >”Cool!”
  38. >They all say together.
  39. >Good thing they’re stupid.
  40. >Before you know it you’re at Sweet Apple Acers.
  41. >”So we’ll be having our tea party over by the club house.”
  42. >”Then we can all try to get our cutie marks together. Won’t that be fun?”
  43. “Oh yeah, sounds fucking amazing to me.”
  44. >They all stop walking and stare at you.
  45. >”What did you say?”
  46. >Apple Bloom asks.
  47. “I said it sounds fucking amazing.”
  48. >”I ain’t never heard that sayin’ before. What’s it mean?”
  49. >You roll your eyes.
  50. “It means, it’s the greatest thing ever.”
  51. >You say sarcastically.
  52. >”That’s… that’s fuckin’ amazin’!”
  53. >Apple Bloom shouts.
  54. >”Yeah, I can’t wait to tell Rarity about it. It’ll be fucking amazing!”
  55. >Sweetie Belle chimes.
  56. >”I wish I had a family to tell.”
  57. >Scootaloo sighs dejectedly.
  58. >You all continue to the clubhouse and see Applejack working in the field.
  59. >”Hey girls! Oh looks like you have a new friend, haven’t seen you round here before.”
  60. >Apple horse greets.
  61. >”She’s a friend of Twilight’s.”
  62. >Sweetie states.
  63. >”Yeah, we’re going to have a tea party.”
  64. >Scoots adds.
  65. >”That right? Well maybe I’ll stop by later after I’m done with mah chores and give you girls some apple treats for the party.”
  66. >”That’d be fuckin’ amazin’! Thanks sis!”
  67. >Apple hick stops cold in her tracks.
  68. >”What’d you just say?”
  69. >”Ah said that’d be fuckin’ amazin’!”
  71. Branching off of >>24249188
  73. >In a blink, apple horse has her little sister by the tail.
  74. >"Hey! What're y--" (SPANK) "Eek!"
  75. >Apple Bloom reels as AJ gives her rear end a slap.
  76. >You knew you were gonna get these girls into trouble, but this is working better than you anticipated.
  77. >"You will not-" (SPANK) "use that kinda language-" (SPANK) "'round these parts!" (SPANK) "Understand?"
  78. >The filly squrims in place as her sister chastises her.
  79. >Sweetie and Scootaloo are watching the spectacle somewhat uncomfortably.
  80. >You do what you can to hide your bemused expression.
  81. >"Uhn!" (SPANK) "B-but ah--"
  82. >"No 'but's, li'l missy." (SPANK)
  83. >She whines as AJ doles out a few more, hard smacks, then turns to you and the other girls with a stern look.
  84. >"Now, where'd you girls learn a word like that?"
  85. >Everyone's silent for a moment.
  86. >"Um, G-Green Hornet said..."
  87. >"Y-yeah! She said it meant..."
  88. >Of course they sell you out immediately.
  89. >Whatever. At least you're probably getting out of that stupid tea party.
  90. >"Twilight's li'l friend? And whad'you hafta say for yourself?"
  91. >Apple horse glares at you, waiting for an explanation.
  92. >Time to think up a good excuse:
  93. "Um, well... I mean, m-miss Twilight didn't seem to mind, so I thought--"
  94. >"Hmm. Figures."
  95. >At least she bought it. Passing the blame onto book horse is an added bonus.
  96. >AJ turns to the other fillies.
  97. >"Ah'm sorry, sis. You three run along now and have your party."
  98. >"Yes, ma'am." (SPANK) "Eep!"
  99. >She gives each of them one swat on backside.
  100. >"And behave yourselves."
  101. >"Y-yes, ma'am!"
  102. >She turns to you again.
  103. "I'll just, um, go home now... hey!"
  104. >She grabs you by the tail.
  105. >"Not yet, li'l miss Hornet. You're comin' with me."
  106. "Leggo! I'm--"
  107. >"That's enough outta you, young lady. Sounds like "miss Twilight" has a lot to learn 'bout dealing with little fillies, so ah'll hafta do it for her."
  108. "Hmmph! Who d'you think you are, my mom or something?"
  109. >She drags you over to a nearby stump and seats herself.
  110. >"Maybe ah'm not your mama, but somepony's gotta teach you some manners."
  111. >You groan as she pulls you over her lap and lifts your tail.
  112. >You know the first swat is coming, but it still hurts like a bitch.
  113. >"And ah'm not-" (SPANK) "gonna stand 'round-" (SPANK) "and let you say stuff like that-" (SPANK) "'round mah li'l sister."
  114. "Ugggh... Uhn! This is stupid... Ow!"
  115. >"Too bad, hon." (SPANK) "Ah was considerin' goin' easy on you," (SPANK) "since you're just a filly," (SPANK) "but if you're gonna be rude 'bout it..."
  116. >Great. Just (ow) great.
  117. >Not much to do now (ow) but sit back-- figuratively speaking, given how firmly apple horse (ow) is holding you in place --and plot your inevitable (ow) payback.
  118. >Is she still scolding you? You kinda (ow) tuned her out for a bit.
  119. >"And if you think-" (SPANK) "that ah--"
  120. >Yep, she's still going. She's (ow) rather talkative for a disciplinarian.
  121. >After another minute (ow) or so, apple horse finally looks ready (ow) to finish up.
  122. >You inadvertently let out a squeal as she gives you a final round of swats.
  123. >Oh, you're gonna feel that in the morning...
  124. >"All done. Now, what've we learned?"
  125. >You think of several responses, but all of them would likely prompt her to put you over her knee again.
  126. >You remain silent, not wanting to press your luck.
  127. >"There, there. Y'don't have t'say anythin' if y'don't wanna."
  128. >She puts you on her back.
  129. >"Ah'll take you home, Greenie. But ah think we're gonna make one small stop first..."
  130. >Ten minutes later, and your butt's still sore.
  131. >You take a look around.
  132. >Carousel Boutique.
  133. >What the fuck are we doing here?
  134. "What the f-- um, why are we here?"
  135. >"Ah'm not the only big sis y'hafta deal with, darlin'."
  136. >Wonderful. This is the last pony you want to deal with today.
  137. >You can see it now:
  138. >She'll bitch at you for tracking dirt into the shop.
  139. >(Hey, it's not your fault everyone's been dragging you around all day!)
  140. >She'll bitch at you for being a 'bad influence' on Sweetie Belle.
  141. >And she'd probably try to put you in some frilly little dress, if you weren't already wearing one.
  142. >You sigh.
  143. >AJ chuckles, and rings a bell on your way in to announce your presence.
  144. >"Just a minute!"
  145. >Both of you sit in the reception area.
  146. >Dress horse comes out to greet you shortly afterwards.
  147. >"Oh, Applejack. And who's this little sweetheart?"
  148. >You stick your tongue out at her.
  149. >"Oh! Rude!"
  150. >"Ah was takin' her back home to Twilight's place."
  151. >"Hmm? I wasn't aware Twilight was looking after a filly."
  152. >"Ah didn't either, but here we are. Do forgive her attitude, though; looks like she's still a bit sour since ah hadta give her butt a whoopin'."
  153. >Rarity raises a curious eyebrow.
  154. >Her horn glows; she lifts you into the air and towards her.
  155. >"Really, now? Whatever did she do to deserve that?"
  156. >"She was hangin' out with our li'l sisters earlier. From what ah heard, she's been teachin' them some... uh, foul language."
  157. >"Is that so? Tsk, tsk. That won't do at all, young lady."
  158. >Dress horse pinches your cheek, like she was your damn aunt or something.
  159. >You're still immobile, but you have enough wiggle room to pull your head away.
  160. "Bite me."
  161. >"Ooh! Why, I--"
  162. >"Now, now, Rarity. Ah'm sure she didn't really mean it."
  163. >Apple horse glares at you.
  164. >"Ain't that right, Green Hornet?"
  165. "Hmmph!"
  166. >"Well, no matter. What did you bring her here for, anyway?"
  167. >"Ah was just wondering if you wanted t'give her a piece of your mind. Already had mah turn."
  168. >Rarity snickers.
  169. >"Well, since you offered so generously..."
  170. >She takes a hairbrush from a nearby shelf.
  171. >You expect her to smack your behind, but she chooses to start brushing you instead.
  172. >"However, I think Applejack's given you an adequate punishment. But before we send you home, someone needs to straighten out that scruffy little mane of yours."
  173. "Ugh. It's not THAT scr--"
  174. >Without warning, she turns the brush around and swats you with it.
  175. >"And I don't want to hear any complaining. Understand?"
  176. >You grumble.
  177. >She strokes your mane for another minute or two, while gently scolding you for some bullshit or another.
  178. >"...Honestly, child, you're an absolute mess. What in Celestia's name have you been up to all day?"
  179. "(huff) Just getting pulled around everywhere against my will."
  180. >"Really. Well, maybe if you didn't act like such a little brat, you wouldn't get yourself into so much trouble."
  181. "And what would YOU know abou-- ow!"
  182. >"Don't fuss so much, little Hornet. It's unladylike."
  183. >You're getting fed up with dress horse's whole "stern matron" schtick.
  184. "Not my problem."
  185. >She doesn't stop to smack you on the rump, though she does seem to pull on your mane a bit harder.
  186. >Applejack chimes in.
  187. >"What, y'don't wanna look all nice and cute for miss Twilight?"
  188. >Oh, hell no.
  189. >That purple pony has caused you enough humiliation today.
  190. >No way you're gonna let her friends compound it on her behalf.
  191. "No! Why would I care about--"
  192. >Rarity cuts you off.
  193. >"Nonsense, dear. I'm sure she'd just love to see you all cleaned up. You'll look like a good and proper little filly, especially with that precious outfit she gave you."
  194. "No, no, no! I hate this! I hate this fucking dress!"
  195. >"(gasp) Greenie! Ah thought ah told y--"
  196. >You're not letting anyone interrupt you this time.
  197. "You barely even know who I am! Who gave you the right to order me around all damn day? I'm not your fucking fo-- uhn!"
  198. >"GREEN HORNET. That's, ENOUGH."
  199. >You barely have time to react before Rarity pulls you over by the ear.
  200. >She readies the hairbrush.
  201. >"I know you're upset, dear, but that sort of talk is-" (SPANK) "not-" (SPANK) "acceptable!"
  202. >Your rear end still (ow) stings a bit from the spanking apple horse gave you.
  203. >This (ow) isn't helping.
  204. >Still suspended in (ow) midair, you watch as Rarity (ow) floats a bar of soap right in front of you.
  205. >"I don't know-" (SPANK) "where you learned such-" (SPANK) "disrespect," (SPANK) "but I know-" (SPANK) "precisely how to deal with it."
  206. >Within moments, she forces your mouth open and starts scrubbing.
  207. >"Hold still, child; miss Rarity has to clean that filthy little tongue of yours!"
  208. >The soap tastes exactly as bad as you'd expect it to.
  209. >You choke on suds as she shoves the bar back and forth in a rhythm.
  210. >Looks like dress horse is also going on the revenge list.
  211. >Unfortunately, you're too occupied to think about that right now.
  212. >Rarity refuses to let up. You really set her off, it seems.
  213. >Ugh. This is even more demeaning than the spanking.
  214. >And of course, right on cue, she (ow) resumes that.
  215. >"You have been-" (SPANK) "a very," (SPANK) "very," (SPANK) "naughty," (SPANK) "little," (SPANK) "filly!" (SPANK) "Understand?"
  216. >She swats you (ow) a few more times, then sets you down on AJ's back, leaving the bar of soap in your mouth.
  217. >"(sigh) I think that's enough. Go ahead and take her home, Applejack; I have to get back to work. Maybe she'll be a bit more... cooperative, next time."
  218. >Yeah, "next time". Right.
  219. >Once the two of you leave the boutique, apple horse speaks up.
  220. >"Y'know you had that one comin', right?"
  221. >You spit the soap out and remain silent, aside from the occasional frustrated moan.
  222. >You're coughing up bubbles all the way down the street.
  223. >But at last, you're back at the library.
  224. >Applejack knocks on the door.
  225. >Book horse greets her, and looks a bit surprised to see you.
  226. >"An-- ...d what brings you here, Applejack?"
  227. >She probably didn't expect you to be back so soon.
  228. >"Come t'think of it, didn't you say y'were gonna join mah sis and her friends for their tea party?"
  229. >"Well... yes, but I... had other commitments, so I sent my... um, friend here, instead."
  230. >You mutter under your breath:
  231. "Lying b--"
  232. >"What was that, Greenie?"
  233. "Nothing."
  234. >"Anyway, your friend here seems t'be quite a li'l troublemaker."
  235. >Apple horse finally sets you down, then pats you on the head.
  236. >As patronizingly as possible, it seems.
  237. >"Really."
  238. >Twilight looks surprised again, but you're pretty sure she's faking this one.
  239. >There's no way she thought you wouldn't make at least SOME mischief.
  240. >"Mmhmm. Don't worry; Rarity and mahself both... taught her a lesson, if y'know what ah mean."
  241. >Book horse glances at your reddened rump.
  242. >"Of course."
  243. >"But ah do say, y'oughta watch what sorta language y'use 'round younger ponies like her. Y'never know what they might pick up from you."
  244. >"He said WH-- um, I mean, she..."
  245. >She doesn't want AJ to find out what she did to you.
  246. >So she has to go along with your story.
  247. >Serves her right.
  248. >"Nevermind. I'll... talk to her about it later."
  249. >Apple horse seems satisfied with Twilight's response.
  250. >She trots toward the doorway.
  251. >"Sorry t'leave so soon, but ah promised mah sister ah'd bake a few snacks for her an' her friends."
  252. >"Oh, no, it's no trouble at all."
  253. >AJ glances at you.
  254. >"And you be good now, y'hear?"
  255. >You feign a smile.
  256. "Yes, "ma'am"."
  257. >As soon as the door is shut and Applejack's out of earshot, book horse turns and scowls at you.
  258. >"And just WHAT do you think you're doing?"
  259. "Hmmph. If you're gonna turn me into a filly, without my consent, and shove me into some dumb party because YOU'RE too lazy to leave the house and go yourself, then I'M gonna try and have some fun with it."
  260. >"And getting your bottom whupped by Applejack and Rarity is your idea of fun?"
  261. "Well, not exactly, but, y'know, gotta take some risks."
  262. >She rolls her eyes.
  263. >"Unbelievable."
  264. >An awkward silence fills the room.
  265. >"So, what do you plan to do now? Being a little filly and all."
  266. "Fuck if I know. Ball's in your court, lady-- you're the one who put me into this; you're the one who has to change me back."
  267. >She ponders for a moment.
  268. >"...And if I decide not to?"
  269. >Ugh. You had a feeling she might pull this shit.
  270. >Which is why you have a counter-argument ready.
  271. "...I don't think you want to do that."
  272. >She raises an eyebrow.
  273. >''Is that supposed to be a threat?"
  274. "Just saying. If I'm stuck like this, that makes me YOUR responsibility."
  275. >"(sigh) Whatever. I'm a patient mare. I can handle a little brat like you for a while."
  276. >And there it is.
  277. >Time to convince her otherwise:
  278. "Oh, really?"
  279. >You spread your back legs a bit.
  280. >"...Anon."
  281. >You don't respond.
  282. >"Anon, don't you dare."
  283. >Both of you know what's coming, but it's too late for her to stop you now.
  284. >"ANON."
  285. >You feel an odd satisfaction as your child-size bladder starts to empty itself right then and there.
  286. >You smirk, and offer Twilight the best "innocent little girl" voice you can muster:
  287. "Uh-oh."
  288. >"Anon, I swear to Celestia--"
  289. "Well, it's not like I can help it if I can't control this little body you gave me."
  290. >You might have been exaggerating a bit with that one.
  291. >In truth, you can control yourself pretty well, though you were holding this one in for a while.
  292. >Either way, judging by the look on Twilight's face, it got the point across.
  293. >You feel it continue to trickle down to the floor; you've made quite a puddle by now.
  294. >"Ugh! If that's how you want it? Fine."
  295. >Book horse tilts her head and does her usual magic stuff.
  296. >She hoists you into the air by the tail (oof).
  297. >You float in place for a minute or two as she mops up the mess you left.
  298. >You hear her muttering less-than-savory things under her breath, and snicker to yourself.
  299. "Suddenly, I see why the other mares believed me when I told them where I picked up 'that language'."
  300. >"Shut up."
  301. >Book horse turns you around.
  302. >She poofs away that stupid little outfit you've had on since she forced you out the door.
  303. >She summons a bottle of foal powder from... whatever nether she pulls this shit from, you suppose. You've never asked.
  304. >She lifts your tail and smacks your behind a few times before dusting it with powder.
  305. "What was that-- oof! --about being a 'patient mare', again?"
  306. >"You think this is some game, Annie? That you can annoy me into submission or something? Well, then, let's play."
  307. >Another poof, and you're wearing a thick diaper and a dress that's somehow frillier than the previous one.
  308. >(Okay, you probably had that one coming.)
  309. >(Still totally worth it, though.)
  310. >"Well, aren't you just adorable."
  311. >She summons a pacifier and shoves it into your mouth.
  312. >She brings you over to the corner of the room and sits you down on a small stool.
  313. >"But adorable or no, you're in time-out. I'm going back to my books, and you're gonna stay right here. Got it?"
  314. >You spit the pacifier out, bopping her on the nose. (Two points!)
  315. >You stick your tongue out at her mischievously before she forces the pacifier back in.
  316. "Hmmph."
  317. >Once she returns to her seat, you take a moment to look over your current predicament.
  318. >Oh, you've definitely made Twilight regret transforming you now.
  319. >But of course, she doesn't want to undo it, 'cause she's too damn stubborn.
  320. >And so are you.
  321. >So either she gets fed up and changes you back, or you continue being as much of a pain-in-the-ass as possible.
  322. >Which is, y'know, a decent consolation prize.
  323. >Perhaps you were right, earlier:
  324. >This is going to be fun.
  326. THE END?
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