Being Anonymous

Feb 6th, 2013
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  1. >Day Being Anon in Equestria.
  2. >You are Time Turner. You are a low level filer at the mayor’s office. You live with Bon Bon.
  3. >She is so annoying. All she does is complain about how you have no motivation in life, and how she has to support you by moving trash for the city.
  4. >It’s the same every day. Triple S, go to your boring job, go home to Bon Bon to get yelled at.
  5. >You would kill yourself, but you have fallen in love with the most beautiful mare. She ignores you, and you are too much of a beta to try anything.
  6. >You just want to do what you do best, being a puppeteer. Unfortunately it doesn’t pay the bills.
  7. >You are staring at the beautiful mare. Lyra is sitting at her desk that weirdly sultry way she always does. You are mesmerized.
  8. >She looks up, and you quickly glance away.
  9. >One of the papers you were filing slipped, and hid behind a cabinet.
  10. >You sigh, and move the cabinet out of the way.
  11. >You see a little door. Its barely big enough for a pony to crawl through.
  12. >The paper is nowhere to be found. It must have slipped past the door.
  13. >You open it, and crawl in.
  14. >You see a flash of light.
  15. >Your vision is a bit hazy, but you are clearly somewhere else.
  16. >”Stop that Fluttershy,” you feel yourself say. “I do not, and will never love you.”
  17. >That crazy mare is in front of you. She’s cowering.
  18. >Sweet Celestia you are tall.
  19. 1/?
  21. >You see yourself grab her with your arms. Are those… hands?
  22. >You throw Fluttershy out the window.
  23. >”Fucking Fluttershy.” You feel yourself saying.
  24. >You feel so strong. You haven’t felt like this in a long time.
  25. >You feel yourself looking around the room. There is a large bed. It’s too big for a pony.
  26. >You must be that monkey that moved into town a few months ago.
  27. >What was his name?
  28. >You feel yourself drifting off.
  29. >You wake up outside of the Everfree forest in a cold sweat.
  30. “What just happened?” you say while panting. You try to regain your breath.
  31. >Were you really… Anon?
  32. >It’s dark, so you trot back home.
  33. >Bon Bon greets you at the door.
  34. >”Why are you late? Dinner isn’t going to make itself!”
  35. >You get to making dinner for Bon Bon. She continues complaining about her day, and how you are a pathetic stallion.
  36. >If she’s so good, why doesn’t she leave?
  37. >You finally have some time for yourself. All you can think about is that portal. For just a moment, you felt strong and happy. You have to feel that again.
  38. 2/?
  40. >It’s the next day and you are looking at the clock.
  41. >Everyp0ny has gone home except the one you are infatuated with.
  42. >Lyra is at her desk. She looks up at you. Your eyes dart back to your desk.
  43. >”Working late tonight?”
  44. Uh, yea. I have lots of filing to finish up.
  45. >She eyes you suspiciously.
  46. >”Alright,” she says as she trots out the door. “Don’t work too late.”
  47. >She’s out the door.
  48. >You jump up and move the cabinet out of the way.
  49. >
  50. >You are inside Anon again.
  51. >He is with hanging out with Octavia.
  52. >”That’s a real thing Anon.”
  53. “No it isn’t.” You feel yourself say. “It’s one of your weird Equestrian words.”
  54. >”If its not real, then why does it fit in your adlib puzzle perfectly?”
  55. >The puzzle reads, “Hot monkey ____”
  56. >Anon writes in “dock.”
  57. >Even you know that’s wrong.
  58. >”Now it’s time for you to pay for your piano lessons.”
  59. >Anon throws the puzzle aside.
  60. >He grabs the grey mare and starts kissing her.
  61. >Sweet Celestia this is hot.
  62. >Brush her mane Anon.
  63. >Anon keeps making out with Tavi.
  64. >Brush her mane!
  65. >Anon lightly touches her mane.
  66. >Did you do that?
  67. >Holy shit you did!
  68. >Now bite her Anon.
  69. >Anon starts making weird human sounds.
  70. >Fucking BITE HER!
  71. >Anon complies. Octavia squeals out and pushes Anon away.
  72. >
  73. 3/?
  74. >You wake up in a cold sweat, outside of the Everfree.
  75. >You run back to the Mayors office.
  76. >
  77. >You are in Anon again.
  78. >He is laying on his bed with the grey mare.
  79. >Say her name, Anon. Say it!
  80. “Ocvoteea” You feel yourself saying
  81. >”Are you alright Anon?”
  82. ”Octeenia, Uh fheal faynuh”
  83. >”You don’t sound so good Anon.”
  84. >You move Anon back on top of her.
  85. >You force Anon to make out with her, but you’re very sloppy.
  86. >You feel awesome. You haven’t been with a mare in so long. Bon Bon won’t even sleep in the same room with you anymore.
  87. >
  88. >You wake up outside of the Everfree.
  89. >You lay there and please yourself to the thought of being Anon and rutting the grey mare.
  90. >
  91. >It’s the next day, and you are in the office.
  92. >Its past closing again.
  93. >Lyra is at her desk, looking over papers.
  94. “Lyra, do you want to hang out sometime?”
  95. >She looks up.
  96. >She raises an eyebrow.
  97. >”No.” She says as she returns to her papers.
  98. “It will be fun.”
  99. >”I seriously doubt it.”
  100. “What if I told you I can use magic to become Anon?”
  101. >”That monkey? I would tell you that you’re crazy.”
  102. “Lyra, just- just trust me on this one.”
  103. >”If I listen to this, will you leave me alone?”
  104. “Of course.”
  105. >”Fine.”
  106. 4/?
  107. >
  108. >You both are outside of the Everfree.
  109. >”Did that really happen? Were we really Anon?”
  110. “See! I told you. I can make him do anything!”
  111. >”Anything?”
  112. “Anything, Lyra. I’ve been practicing.”
  113. >
  114. >You are now Anon.
  115. >You are at the bar.
  116. >Berry Punch is beside you. You’ve been drinking in silence for the last few hours.
  117. >You turn to her.
  118. Do you ever feel like you are going crazy?
  119. >”All the time.”
  120. You don’t understand. I’ve been feeling things.
  121. >”Like what?”
  122. Earlier today, I felt like something was making me talk, some god damn thing was making me move.
  123. >”Have another drink.”
  124. I’m so freaked out. Literally, I feel like I’m going crazy.
  125. >”You should go to therapy or something Anon. You’re under too much stress.”
  126. >You return to your drink. You finish it in a single gulp.
  127. >Berry is probably right. You need to relax or something. Take a few days off of work.
  128. >Another beer is magiced toward you.
  129. >A minty pony is next to you.
  130. Thanks.
  131. >”You looked like you could use another drink.”
  132. You were right. Thank you.
  133. >”My name is Lyra.”
  134. I’m Anon.
  135. >”The Anon? From Fluttershy’s fiction?”
  136. Yea, but I’m not like that in real life.
  137. >”I know. It’s just kind of funny running into you here.”
  138. I’ve lived in P0nyville for a few months now.
  139. >The mint pony nods. She smells nice.
  140. >You continue drinking your beer.
  141. >
  142. >You are now Time Turner.
  143. >Lyra told you to become Anon at 11:35 exactly. That’s just a few minutes from now.
  144. >You wonder what they are doing. She was going to meet him at a bar.
  145. >Your job is to make Anon go home with Lyra. She has this thing about hands.
  146. >By becoming Anon, you will gain Lyra’s love.
  147. end of chapter 1
  148. 5/5
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