Doumi - 93

Jun 7th, 2020
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~ Doumi / 도우미 ~

Chapter - 93

A tipsy MC comes at 03:00 am to FMC's place and wakes her up.. He tells her how something amazing happened to him and he wanted to share the news with her first..

FMC is surprised by MC's new promotion and congratulates him.. She says how she's happy his hard work was noticed by his company and it's great for him.. MC tells her it's because of this he became loyal to his current company, how they're smart people and reward their employee when doing a good job.

MC starts to compare them to topco world (Amusement Park, previous company where MC and FMC were working) and starts to badmouth the management etc.. FMC looks at him surprised thinking it's her first time listening him talking so badly about their previous job..

MC keeps complaining saying he never asked to be awarded by a managerial position but a raise would have been enough.. He asks FMC if he was such a bad employee, she denies saying he was awarded as the best employee during 3 consecutive years and he was working very hard.. How she started to feel respect and admire him during that time..

She keeps praising MC's attitude while narrating how one day during summer.. MC was still smiling, singing etc.. When it was fucking hot outside.. He even took the time to warn FMC about staying hydrated and gave his own bottle of water to a kid who was thirsty..
She thinks how it must be hard to work under such a hot sun but MC didn't hesitate a single second before giving his only bottle of water..

FMC ends her story and praises FMC for his conduct during this time and how he was still awarded as the best employee so it still something, What he hears make him smile.. He tells her how she doesn't know anything, they were forced to award me with something because there was comment by the customers on their web page about his performance.. So they awarded him with such a title when he was labelled as a clown inside the managerial position.. How his manager took all the benefit for himself because it was said he found and managed MC in the good direction.. How this company is horrible.. FMC apologizes saying she didn't know..

FMC asks him why he didn't ask his manager for a raise, he tells her while lying down on the bed how he never took him seriously even when he threatened him to leave the company.. How he was always a clown for manager.
He keeps going saying he directly went to the chairman for an explanation.. MC narrates how he met the boss and explained he found it unfair to have his manager receiving a lot of help, promotion etc when he's the one doing the work.
Chairman tells him it's normal since he's an operator and not a manager, MC says he understands but still find it unfair how he'd love to have a raise or having a place inside the managerial team since he's working hard.. How he's already 30 and wants a better job..

Chairman tells him he shouldn't force himself.. since everyone has a position that suit himself the best.. How he's way more useful as an operator than a manger. MC asks him if he really thinks he will stay an operator until he's 40... 50... Chairman asks him what he's saying.. how he should be proud because he's the best operator of the company and even if he doesn't change of job until few more decades it's still fine..

Back to present with MC ending his little story.. He starts laughing saying he was never anything else than a clown and a bitch for them.. FMC asks him why he left he should've continued and maybe he would have been rewarded.. MC says how he was called a 'proletarian' by the chairman.. FMC asks why he didn't sue him, he tells her he isn't a bitch nor a beggar so he just left.

FMC hugs his head and buries it between her tits.. She thinks how she finally understand why MC was looking so obsessed with his current job.. Always chasing after a promotion.. She takes off her shirt and tells MC to suck on her breasts since he knows he likes to do this.. He's sucking hard on her nipples while FMC starts moaning.. She tells him he made the right choice and should stay loyal to his current company..

He thanks her and starts to kiss her lips.. They make out.. (She's 21 btw now)

FMC and MC are having sex.. Meanwhile.. Pimp is having a conversation with his "friend" (Boss of Pimp).. Pimp is drinking while talking.. He is surprised by something and asks if it's true.. Boss tells him how yeah he just had a talk with Producer and he decided to withdraw from the jury..
Pimp is happy as fuck thinking how he made it and FMC will be free of singing as much as she wants..

To be continued..
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