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  1. [ Death-Force Manipulation ]
  2. Isdione is able to manipulate the forces that and essence of death. Manipulating these forces and essences is what causes rot, wither, death, and weakness. Isdione can harness the power of these forces and manipulate them to her own use and force. Isdione has shown to be able to use these abilities to employ a large variety of purposes and techniques. While wielding the forces of death Isdione is able to make things age; Although not able to reverse the state of something but rather rapidly age it into a state of dust and decay. Not only this but Isdione can make the very structure of anything she wills to begin to crumble and destruct; For example if she were to touch cement it would start to crumble and crack leading to its eventual destruction. Pollution and Poison manipulation are also gifted with this ability; Isdione can control the things that make up pollution and poison such as smog, sludge, trash, toxic fumes, etc. With pollution also comes bugs; Isdione is able to control and generate bugs such as but not limited too Maggots, Locusts, Flies, Etc. The death-force allows for Isdione to also manipulate and shape disease and sickness commonly referred to as Plague. While wielding this ability Isdione can generate and control virus’s, bacteria, worms, etc; this can be used to infect animals, people, water supplies, and even food supplies. Even though not commonly referred to as a virus or bacteria Ivana can also cause mental illness / outbreaks within animals and people alike. She can cause people to have anxiety attacks, panic attacks, and can even cause something greater and can cause Extreme depression, Suicidal thoughts / actions, and even Insanity.
  3. She can simply drive people mad and cause them to go insane; this can be used for a diverse array of effects. Rot is another capability commonly used with this ability, Simply put Isdione is able to induce rot into anything and everything she needs too. She can also manipulate this rot and change the way it acts and maneuvers. The more supernatural side to this ability will now come into play. Using the Death-Force Ivana is able to reanimate the dead; Basically meaning she can raise the dead and act as their “puppet master” allowing her to control them. Redirection is also a strong suit of Isdione; By reversing death Isdione is able to resurrect those that have been lost and their flame put out. Isdione has also shown to have the affinity of mediumship; She is able to detect and see those that have passed on. Ivana can also communicate and speak to those that have died. She is able to summon their souls and allow them to have a physical form for a limited time; This can be used for an array of effects. Isdione is also able to control different types of Fungi and mold; This includes basic things such as black mold and basic fungi. Death sense is the ability to sense and know when someone has died or will be able to sense and feel when someone or something is going to die soon. Using this ability Isdione can also induce necrosis upon anything living cause the tissue and overall structure of it to decay and breakdown. Also using this ability Ivana is able to cause death to anything living in almost any way possible starting from sudden heart attack to slow and painful necrosis. She can also make this power take on various forms or even formless. For example this power can take on the form of a dark and thick cloud to purely nothing.
  4. (Can be countered by life-force manipulation; Bugs follow normal music physics usually; Rot may take time to spread; Those who are immortal are more resistant against this power; Apathetic people are more immune to the emotional side of this ability; Rapid aging of something may be based on their current situation, for example something like an apple will decay in its current form not a future form like being eaten; Destruction can be hard to wield; Destruction may cause destruction to unwanted items;  Pollution is hard to control; Pollution comes in a large variety of forms; Poisons may be hard to create if she hasn’t heard or seen them; Virus’s and bacteria are hard to create if they don’t exist; Bacteria and illness is very hard to control to one area;  Rot can spread from direct contact making it hard to control to one area; Cannot control skeletons; Usually can only control the dead for roughly an hour; Cannot resurrect something that’s been dead for more than a week; Souls and the dead will eventually need to leave; Death sense may cause her mental pain. Isdione's empathetic attacks only last for about 3 minutes. All of her types of attacks, except the ones that usual instantly kill have cooldowns of 3 minutes. E.g the pollution etc. The necrosis is exempt due to being one that kills at a speed controlled by Isdione
  8. Weaknesses (Summoning)
  10. Summons except for her Armor, her Scythe, her Sword and her Shield are temporary. The ones mentioned can be dispelled at will back to her domain in the Afterlife and back to her at will also
  12. -Summoned creatures may or may not be able to be dispelled willingly. This means that they'd have to wait until their 5 minute time limit is up. This could of course cause problems. Exceptions are beings from the afterlife, the place of which she is attuned
  14. Summoned entities may become uncontrollable and put the summoner and everyone else in the vicinity in danger. Exception is also the afterlife for the same reason
  16. May require a contract to summon specific entities
  18. Summoning certain entities may require a sacrifice, such as blood, wealth or life.
  20. Extra Weakness for Summoning:
  22. Certain symbols, carvings and/or rituals may be needed to summon.
  25. Weaknesses: (Afterlife Lordship) (I shall be refering to the abilities of said After-Life lordship due to the  lack of weaknesses on the superpower wiki post for Afterlife Lordship)
  27. - For Afterlife Messaging
  28. Messages may need to be deciphered
  29. May need to contact someone with Mediumship
  31. -For Afterlife Connecting
  32. Users of Unbound Soul are immune.
  33. Weak against Nirvana Transport.
  35. -For Afterlife Border
  36. Targets may have to actually be dead before they can be taken to the afterlife.
  38. -For Afterlife Creation
  39. User may have to die to see their new life. - An inconvinience but still a weakness.
  41. -A few base limits for Afterlife Lordship
  43. - Souls of the stronger/mad/insane willed can often be harder to control, but not impossible
  45.  -Stronger creatures are harder to summon, and drains a lot of energy, meaning only one strong creature could probably be summoned at a time
  47. Her strongest summons may, again. Require a deal/contract to be summoned, while others may need a sacrifice.
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