grep firmware

Sep 16th, 2016
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  1. sh-3.2# grep firmware /init*
  2. /init.mmi.touch.sh: 3) err_msg="Error: No matching firmware file found";;
  3. /init.mmi.touch.sh:firmware_path=/system/etc/firmware
  4. /init.mmi.touch.sh:cd $firmware_path
  5. /init.mmi.touch.sh: firmware_file=$(ls $touch_vendor-$touch_product_id-$str_cfg_id_latest-*-$product_id$hw_mask.*)
  6. /init.mmi.touch.sh: firmware_file=$(ls $touch_vendor-$panel_supplier-$touch_product_id-$str_cfg_id_latest-*-$product_id$hw_mask.*)
  7. /init.mmi.touch.sh: notice "Firmware file for upgrade $firmware_file"
  8. /init.mmi.touch.sh: debug "forcing firmware upgrade"
  9. /init.mmi.touch.sh: echo $firmware_file > $touch_path/doreflash
  10. /init.mmi.touch.sh: debug "firmware config ids: expected $str_cfg_id_latest, current $str_cfg_id_new"
  11. /init.mmi.touch.sh: notice "Touch firmware config id at boot time $str_cfg_id_boot"
  12. /init.mmi.touch.sh: notice "Touch firmware config id in the file $str_cfg_id_latest"
  13. /init.mmi.touch.sh: notice "Touch firmware config id currently programmed $str_cfg_id_new"
  14. /init.mmi.touch.sh: notice "Touch firmware is up to date"
  15. /init.mmi.touch.sh:unset synaptics_link firmware_path touch_path
  16. /init.mmi.touch.sh:unset bl_mode dbg_on hw_mask firmware_file property
  17. /init.qcom.rc: # Create firmware mount point
  18. /init.qcom.rc: mkdir /firmware 0771 system system
  19. /init.rc:on firmware_mounts_complete
  20. /init.rc: # Remove a file to wake up anything waiting for firmware.
  21. /init.rc: trigger firmware_mounts_complete
  22. /init.rc:# This will no longer work for mako: `ndc softap fwreload wlan0 AP` to reload mako firmware
  23. sh-3.2#
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