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  2. Huston - Today at 00:57
  3. Thoughts on this btw? Me vs maya
  4. Disaster Area - Today at 00:58
  5. hm turn 4 was interesting. Not sure I'd tbolt there;
  6. starmie is likely to be scared out so probably starmie comes in
  7. either ice beam to try and get a freeze & keep tbolt hidden
  8. or double back to zam which is also fine vs both chansey & starmie
  9. definitely recommend trying to, when u use ice beam + x on chansey
  10. keeping x hidden as long as u can generally speaking
  11. that means boltbeam, ice beam + sing, ice beam + counter
  12. it makes sing & counter much more effective when u do choose to use them bc ur opponent has to play around the possibility of them even when ur not using them
  13. Huston - Today at 01:00
  14. True
  15. Disaster Area - Today at 01:00
  16. and even when u use sing/counter they have to play around the threat of tbolt
  17. like in that play
  18. it's more of a macro-level prediction & information control play; what u did is definitely not an objective bad or deeply suboptimal play
  19. Huston - Today at 01:01
  20. Ah
  21. Disaster Area - Today at 01:03
  22. hmm turn 5 is another turn where there's a bunch of different lines
  23. zam is a good line to pressure chansey but at the same time just the raw ice beam is an option too
  24. it's a question of whether or not you want to protect chansey from paralysis at that point, and how well you can handle opposing lax
  25. presumably you have a reflect lax or a golem or something
  26. to handle lax
  27. given you're boltbeam chansey
  28. turn 6 the lax switch is extremely telegraphed
  29. Huston - Today at 01:04
  30. I had 4 attacks lax
  31. Disaster Area - Today at 01:04
  32. so if you went thunder wave then that would be a great prediction play and it's the sort of play I make all the time
  33. ice beam is also sort of okay especially if your opponent is aware of the possibility of you thunder waving there
  34. because of the potential to freeze and the potential of chansey staying in
  35. so yea lax comes in and it's difficult to know exactly the right play there cos lax does just put pressure on you there. If you had twaved the lax as it comes in then it would have been easier to handle. Egg into lax bslam is not a bad play but if you had hidden thunderbolt then there's a chance that would have been earthquake
  36. oh
  37. the lax eq'd
  38. lol
  39. that's strange... i guess she was looking out for the possibility of a rock switch
  40. which makes some sense but
  41. if I were maya i would have just bslammed
  42. cos even if a rock comes in well para on them is great anyway
  43. maybe it suggests it's more likely she has an electric last but you can easily read too much into it, it could have just been a misplay
  44. the sleep powder isn't a horrible play for sure, it does force lax out... it's an interesting scenario to come into in a tour situation however. Top level players often anticipate a player using psychic there instead in order to put pressure on the sleep absorber switching in and body slam in that scenario. Against a player who's not that level though I'd probably just psychic rather than sleep powdering: the sleep absorber (in this case, starmie) switching in is also incredibly telegraphed.
  45. the next turn you kinda have to go chansey next turn. Zam is kind of an option too but maya could very easily double to lax there and chansey is less weak to lax than zam
  46. Both of them are good choices for spreading paralysis too but chansey is the only mon that can also threaten freezing
  47. but yea i would go chansey, then twave anticipating lax to switch in again to put pressure on chansey
  48. And she does double to lax
  49. and you do the right thing in going chansey
  50. I would probably twave just cos u need to do something to slow down the lax, otherwise it can keep doing this
  51. Huston - Today at 01:11
  52. Yeah
  53. Disaster Area - Today at 01:11
  54. maya earthquakes again :thinking: makes it much more likely she has a zapdos/jolteon
  55. the egg play works out then because of that
  56. and makes egg probably more expendable anyway because it's unlikely your opp has a rock
  57. the HP amount that makes a diff then is the 45-55% range because that's tauros hbeam range
  58. keeping outside of that range can be useful
  59. the double to chansey is good & aggressive
  60. in a game like this where your opponent has paralyzed your chansey and you've not paralyzed hers, you need to make some sort of sensible but aggressive plays
  61. good thunder wave :thumbsup:
  62. and I agree w the lax switch too
  63. it's hard to say what's the best play after tho, there's a lot of things to consider
  64. that chansey is probably reflect given how she just straight up para'd your chansey
  65. so probably what maya is doing is going into chansey
  66. at the same time, lax staying in and doing smth like counter is something to consider
  67. maybe doubling to chansey again and firing off an ice beam, chipping the lax & scaring out the chansey with the thread w ice beam again
  68. would be an option
  69. but it's hard to say
  70. bslamming is probs pretty safe but also doesn't really do much
  71. ok, lax on lax action, interesting
  72. yea maya definitely misplayed i think
  73. not going into chansey, cos trading laxes is disadvantageous for her
  74. cos your chansey is then much harder to pressure
  75. whilst since hers is unparalyzed you can threaten it with your chansey
  76. the egg follow up is fine, forces in starmie which is advantageous for you cos it lets u bring in chansey w/o being scared by like a rock or tauros or something
  77. at the same time like I guess zapdos is something to have been worried about there
  78. Huston - Today at 01:18
  79. Yep
  80. Disaster Area - Today at 01:19
  81. and she does reveal zapdos
  82. Huston - Today at 01:19
  83. Iirc I was using zap as my wincon eventually
  84. Disaster Area - Today at 01:19
  85. going to your own zapdos there is an interesting choice
  86. i think i agree with it
  87. trading zapdos again helps u take out stuff that can beat your chansey
  88. don't know about going zam but that's an interesting alternative line but i think
  89. i would have just done zap on zap
  90. since u risk losing zam rather than just having the raw trade... I guess zapdos is better vs tauros & a little better vs starmie, but zam is reliable and have a greater risk of things just not being like even in this scenario
  91. i guess the flipside is tho if u lose the zapdos ditto and hes got a +2 spe zapdos on the side then whatever u finish it off with
  92. chansey or zam or whatever
  93. his tauros comes in to finish that off
  94. so idk it's an interesting choice, I'm not sure it's the right one and it's not what I'd do but it's not an awful play either i think
  95. hm interesting she switches out
  96. idt i would do that if i were her
  97. Huston - Today at 01:22
  98. True
  99. Disaster Area - Today at 01:22
  100. best to just go IN with zapdos i think really
  101. Huston - Today at 01:22
  102. I wouldn’t have either
  103. Disaster Area - Today at 01:22
  104. yea i think if u keep playing like this u should be favoured to win this game
  105. the chansey switch is great
  106. i would have ice beamed w chansey
  107. better way to keep pressure up, chansey is out of range of tauros HB at 72% barring high rolls
  108. so better just to stay aggressive imo
  109. at the same time it's not like it's a bad play, just I prefer being a bit more aggressive
  110. and think that healing chansey up when ur outta range of tauros hbeam is in general not worth it in my opinion
  111. u misplayed when u para'd her chansey
  112. i think
  113. u were fine just playing out the status advantage there
  114. imo
  115. Huston - Today at 01:25
  116. Yeah prob
  117. Disaster Area - Today at 01:26
  118. does mean doing that u gotta go an alternative line of trying to beat up chansey w alakazam but that's pretty tricky when he still has starmie and egg
  119. playing the zap ditto then again is fine
  120. and i agree with
  121. woulda just gone for the KO against zap
  122. instead of the agility
  123. probs
  124. idk it's sorta like
  125. well
  126. if u both agility vs if neither of u
  127. on the one hand if u win the ditto zap can do damage afterwards
  128. if u lose the ditto tho maya's zap can do damage where before it couldnt and then tauros can follow up on that
  129. idk i guess it's a case of if u feel far enough behind u go for it
  130. cos it's like
  131. higher risk higher reward
  132. Huston - Today at 01:29
  133. Well zap looked like it had sweep potential and then I could do a ton of damage if not win outright with it
  134. Disaster Area - Today at 01:29
  135. i mean its not like its bad necessarily
  136. Huston - Today at 01:29
  137. If I agility to get speed and not just take 1 kill
  138. Disaster Area - Today at 01:29
  139. it's just a case of
  140. higher risk higher reward
  141. than just tbolting
  142. ur zap cant do as much damage
  143. nor can hers(edited)
  144. if u just go tbolt
  145. Huston - Today at 01:30
  146. True
  147. Disaster Area - Today at 01:31
  148. but yea idk right thing to do was probably just tbolting, and if u had not para'd chansey
  149. then ud be in a really strong position
  150. taking that para on tauros is baaaaad
  151. straight after that maya's tauros can completely sweep u
  152. Huston - Today at 01:33
  153. Yeah I fucjed up there
  154. Disaster Area - Today at 01:33
  155. she misplayed not hyper beaming your chansey
  156. then somehow i see u win overall
  157. guess maya must have misplayed further and u capitalised on it
  158. well, I think u learnt a lil from this, about status management & that bit about information management
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