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Nov 8th, 2016
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  1. A Statement From Members of The Bitcoin Community
  2. In the course of debate on bitcoin scalability that has consumed much time in the previous
  3. few years, we feel that the Bitcoin community as a whole has become increasingly divided
  4. and internally hostile.
  5. Rather than focus on our differences, an important first step towards mending the present
  6. situation and moving forward together is to find a set of common principles that all members
  7. of the Bitcoin community can agree upon, regardless of which bitcoin software they prefer to
  8. run or preference of scalability mechanisms.
  9. The following list of shared principles are things that we believe everyone in our community
  10. should be able to agree on:
  11. 1. No “Official” Bitcoin: We believe that no particular implementation of the Bitcoin
  12. protocol holds claim to being the “official” version of Bitcoin.
  13. 2. Multiple Implementations: We believe that having multiple implementations of the
  14. bitcoin protocol and multiple teams working on these various implementations is a
  15. net gain for the bitcoin community.
  16. 3. Greater Number of Developers: We believe that having more developers
  17. contributing expertise and growing their knowledge of the Bitcoin protocol is better
  18. than having few developers.
  19. 4. Diversity of Innovation: We believe that the presence of more developers and more
  20. development teams will lead to greater diversity of innovation and solutions to the
  21. problems we will inevitably face as a growing industry.
  22. 5. Free & Open Source: Bitcoin being free and open source software, we believe that
  23. the development efforts made by one group are not “all or nothing.” We hope that
  24. different groups of developers can cooperate, communicate, and share ideas and
  25. code with one another. In this way, we believe that the bitcoin community as a whole
  26. will converge on the solutions that are both the most desirable and the most elegant
  27. technically.
  28. 6. Bitcoin is Leaderless: We believe that Bitcoin is a leaderless community comprised
  29. of its many parts, and that no team of developers has decision making authority for
  30. the entire community. We prefer instead that developers put forward solutions, and
  31. those solutions that are best will be adopted by way of emergent consensus.
  32. 7. Greater Decentralization: We believe that greater decentralization in all areas of
  33. bitcoin is a positive thing. Decentralization makes bitcoin more robust, more resilient,
  34. and removes the inherent structural weaknesses that occur when there exist single
  35. points of failure.
  36. 8. Harder to Attack: We believe that as Bitcoin becomes more widely adopted, it may
  37. come to be viewed by powerful entities as a threat to their own status quo. We as a
  38. community must always remain vigilant towards attacks against Bitcoin, and we must
  39. prudently minimize attack vectors wherever we can.
  40. 9. Mutual Cooperation: We believe that a house divided cannot stand. In facing the
  41. challenges of external threats and of attaining mainstream adoption, we must not
  42. forget that we are most effective when working together towards a common goal.
  43. 10. Free & Open Communication: We believe that debate, disagreement, and
  44. discourse are all healthy and natural things for a community, but in order to realize
  45. the benefits of such the conversation must be free and open. Through the process of
  46. free and open discourse, we as a community will find consensus. We wholeheartedly
  47. reject censorship, and while we believe that private communities have the right to run
  48. themselves however they see fit, we hope that members of our community will
  49. choose those platforms that encourage free and open discussion over those that do
  50. not.
  54. In line with the above statements we find to be mutually agreeable, today we are pleased to
  55. announce the creation of a one million dollar grant fund for Bitcoin protocol development
  56. through various development teams. This grant is intended to help bootstrap the process of
  57. building more capable and effective teams of developers; a process in which gathering initial
  58. momentum is the greatest barrier to entry.
  59. We emphasize that the signing of this statement is meant as a conciliatory gesture only, and
  60. that the presence of our various signatures on this document does not imply a preference for
  61. any one implementation of Bitcoin over any other; nor does it imply the intention to run any
  62. particular client.
  63. We assert that each of us is free to run the software of our choosing, and that choosing to
  64. run a particular software implementation should not be grounds for controversy or infighting.
  65. We trust in the decision making abilities of our friends and colleagues, and believe that
  66. community consensus is something that will naturally emerge when we are presented with
  67. choices and the ability to freely and openly discuss the merits and flaws of every choice
  68. available to us.
  69. We hope that by finding common ground in the above statements and by showing good faith
  70. towards all developers who wish to contribute to the development of Bitcoin, we may begin a
  71. process of mending the deep rift that has divided and distracted our still-nascent community
  72. and industry.
  73. If you are working on a Bitcoin protocol-layer related project and would like to request more
  74. information or apply for a grant, please send an email to
  75. .
  76. Signed, xxx
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