Legacy FEF: Alec Slyvir

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  1. Name: Alec Slyvir
  2. Class:  Enchanter -> Spell Weaver
  3. Special: Play, Enchant
  4. Character Skill: Miracle+
  5. Affinity: Dark
  6. Personal Fault: Losing Nerve: While any supported ally is downed, Alec's Miracle has a -5% chance to trigger.
  7. Personal Skill: Tough Luck: After successfully evading an attack, Alec gains +10 Crit for the rest of that combat.
  8. Personal Skill: Turning Tables: Every time Miracle triggers, Alec gains +15 Eva until the end of his next turn.
  9. Personal Skill: Preserving the Past: When applying an Instrument Performance Item, Alec has a LCK% chance not to expend its QL.
  11. Preferred Stats: MAG, LUK
  12. Weapon Skill: Thunder (A), Anima (C), Instruments (A), Performance (C)
  14. Level: 5
  15. Total Level: 15
  17. Base Stats:
  18. HP: 18 (50%)
  19. STR: 2 (00%)
  20. MAG: 5 (55%)
  21. SKL: 5 (50%)
  22. CON: 4
  23. AID: 3
  24. LCK: 8 (60%)
  25. DEF: 1 (15%)
  26. RES: 4 (15%)
  27. SPD: 7 (60%)
  28. MOV: 5
  30. Levels Gained:
  31. Level 2: +1HP, +1MAG, +1SPD
  32. Level 3: +1HP, +1SKL, +1RES, +1SPD
  33. Level 4: +1SKL, +1LUK, +1DEF
  34. Level 5: +1MAG, +1LUK, +1SPD
  35. Level 6: +1HP, +1MAG, +1LUK, +1SPD
  36. Level 7: +1HP, +1SKL, +1SPD
  37. Level 8: +1HP, +1LUK
  38. Level 9: +1SKL, +1RES
  39. Level 10: +1MAG, +1LUK
  40. Promotion to Enchanter: +2HP, +3MAG, +2SKL, +1LUK, +2RES, +3SPD, +2CON/AID, MOV 6, +5% Progression to MAG
  41. Level 2: +1HP, +1SKL, +1LUK, +1SPD
  42. Level 3: +1MAG, +1RES
  43. Level 4: +1HP, +1MAG, +1SKL, +1LUK, +1SPD
  44. Level 5: +1DEF, +1SPD
  46. Current Stats:
  47. HP: 27 (50%)
  48. STR: 2 (00%)
  49. MAG: 14 (60%)
  50. SKL: 13 (50%)
  51. CON: 6
  52. AID: 5
  53. LCK: 16 (60%)
  54. DEF: 3 (15%)
  55. RES: 9 (15%)
  56. SPD: 18 (60%)
  57. MOV: 6
  59. Supports:
  61. Inventory:
  62. Name         | Type ( ) | Rng | Wt | Mt | Hit | Cr | Ql
  63. Primer Bolt  | Thun (D) | 1-2 |  6 |  5 |  70 | 10 | 35/35
  64.     Reduces target Dodge by 10 for 1 turn
  65. Name            | Type ( ) |    QL | Effect
  66. Hermes’ Whistle | Lyrc (E) | 30/30 | +10 Evade for 3 turns
  67. Lucky Stars     | Lyrc (E) | 29/30 | +5 Crit and Dodge for 3 turns
  68. Charming Flute  | Inst (E) | 30/30 | Heals HP equal to casters MAG to target
  69. Concoction (3/3)
  71. Battle Stats:
  72. Rng: 1-2
  73. AT: 19
  74. Hit: 104
  75. Crit: 16
  76. AS: 18
  77. Eva: 52
  78. DG: 16
  79. Miracle+ chance: 32%
  81. Bio: Alec is of a tall and imposing height with long limbs, but is rather light and willowy in build. His hair is a dark brown, worn in a disheveled state with a ponytail tied behind reaching a short bit behind his back, while also sporting a chinstrap beard and stubble that has grown in lately.
  82.   Alec was born to a seafaring family that specialized in trading and delivery of exotic goods aboard a vessel dubbed The Aerthine. Hailing from the Duchy of Masalla, Alec grew up exposed to lavish luxuries and expensive lifestyles- secondhand. He himself was of only modest birth to a shrewd and enterprising woman of Wynar, spending his immediate youth as a troublemaker in the port town before his father deemed him fit to come aboard.
  83.   He would spend years supporting his parents in their business and looking after his younger brother, sparsely staying in touch with his mother and little sister back home. As the time flown by aboard the ship, he has traveled far and wide and met many people of various cultures, all the while nurturing a bad habit of lying and swindling.
  84.   Over time, though, life the sea had lost it's appeal to Alec, and in addition, he had found a strange tablet bearing a series of mysterious songs. Making a deal to his father, he left the Aerthine to explore the world, and investigate the legends and rumors within.
  86. =====
  87. [SPOILERS for FEF2]
  88. =====
  90.   Out on his own, he had investigated many rumors around the lands of June, along with his ongoing research into the stone tablet he had found. He spent many years researching the stone's songs and their curious effect that would rejuvenate those within earshot, while under the patronage of a noble woman of Riem who he had convinced to support his endeavors, under the guise of an appealing suitor.
  91.   Though he had mixed success in his research, his duplicitous nature would catch up to him. After convincing his noble patron to take him to Mireos, he would go on to attempt to swindle donations and money from the various nobles present until, finally, he was caught and apprehended by the Duke of Mireos. Unbeknownst to him and many others at the time, Duke Mireos was planning a rebellion against the Empire, and was all too willing to press Alec into assisting him.
  92.   Alec would spend the next few months working as a spy and informant for Duke Mireos' rebellion, working closely with his daughter, Matilda to expand their influence. As their work continued, they found themselves joining forces with a wayward group of mercenaries- also pressed into service by the Duke- to escort them as they attempted their boldest move yet: to win the support of the province of Kretos, the last step before the rebellion would shift into more open terms.
  93.   Unfortunately, their plot was found out: the Empire had discovered their movements towards Kretos and sent a detachment to apprehend them. Though Alec and the mercenaries would subdue the Empire's squadron, the sudden developments forced Alec to accompany the mercenaries into the mainland while Matilda would go on to rally support elsewhere.
  94.   While accompanying the mercenaries, Alec attempted to establish his informant network within the Empire proper, with only mixed success. All the while, he had slowly begun to open up towards trusting the mercenaries, especially a particular Pegasus Knight of Kretos who had joined them on their excursion. However, after many investigations made, threads pulled, and enemies dispatched, Mireos's rebellion had failed, and the mercenaries were left on their own. However, a curious detail had surfaced: two of the mercenaries had been discovered to have direct blood relations with the Emperor's line, giving them appropriate claim to the throne. Amassing a handful of allies within the Empire's inner circle, the group launches a final, desperate ploy to overthrow the Emperor and install their companion on the throne. A ploy that would, despite great loss, succeed.
  96.   As the new regime took hold, Alec took the mantle of the Empire's Spymaster, its previous incumbent having been killed during the coup. Newly wed with his wife, Ciera Zephyr, he vowed to make the world a safer place. One where he and his wife could live peacefully and take care of the orphaned.
  97.   But first came the transition. And the transition was fraught with danger. Many maneuvers happened on a near-weekly basis against the new regent, whether they be from unhappy lords of other regions, or from remnants of the previous Emperor's circle. Alec worked tirelessly, employing every trick in the book and leaning on the help of his mercenary friends to influence and pressure the politics of the land to give the new regent space to implement their policies.
  98.   Though filled with vigor and purpose for once in his life, the new environment took a toll on Alec. A year had passed since he had begun his work, and it was not about to end. And yet, taking a rare moment of rest at his desk surrounded by his old notes and musical research, when he next woke, his eyes wouldn't recognize any familiar scene before him...
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