Jack Box's Adventure

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  3. You are Jack Box, a knight living in the kingdom of Larion. You have a steel longsword and a wooden shield. You are on a quest to defeat the evil dragon of Larion. You've heard he lives up at the north of the kingdom. You set on the path to defeat him and walk into a dark forest. As you enter the forest you see a massive black dragon flying overhead. He is huge! It would appear that this is going to be no easy task
  5. > You give the massive black dragon free coupons to your fine establishment.
  8. "I'm sorry sir, but I can't accept these coupons".
  10. The dragon snarls as if to say "**** off" before roaring once more. The dragon flies away leaving you with nothing except a coupon for some ****** tavern
  12. > You punish everyone who would insult your restaurant, including dragons.
  15. You immediately summon all the people from your establishment and throw them into a pit. A few of them get out, but most of them just lie there in pain. Some of them even start crying. One of them looks like a little girl. She cries for her daddy
  17. > You give the girl a Jumbo Jack.
  20. You look at the little girl and smile. You grab her by the hand and pull her up. You then run over to the dragon and kick him in his . He lets out a horrible shriek and falls backwards.
  23. > You finish the job.
  26. You quickly grab the sword that is lying on the ground and stab it through the dragon's chest. You then jump on top of the dragon and swing your sword at its head. It lets out another scream of agony and dies instantly
  27. You say "All those who would oppose Jack In The Box will meet this fate"
  29.  and then you turn around and walk back to your place
  31. > You throw the girl into the pit.
  34. You rush towards the girl and throw her into the pit. The girl screams in terror and tears stream down her face. You stand there looking at her for a moment before walking back to your place
  36. > You apologize.
  39. You walk over to the girl and apologize. She smiles and nods her head. You then take her hand and lead her outside where she runs after you.
  41. > You go to Jack In The Box.
  44. You follow the girl and eventually reach Jack In The Box. You enter the store and see a man behind the counter. He has a big grin on his face.
  45. "Hey! What're you doing here?"
  46. He asks
  48. > Say "I am Jack Box, I own this place!".
  51. "Oh yeah? Well, you better come with me".
  52. > say "but what about the girl?"
  54. "She'll be waiting for you inside".
  55. > follow the man
  57. You follow the man outside where he leads you to a small alleyway. You hear the
  58.  sound of running feet coming from there. You follow the footsteps and soon find
  59.  yourself in front of a door. The door opens and you see a young woman wearing
  60.  a red dress
  61. > say "who are you"
  63. "My name is Eliza, I live here with my family and we sell delicious food".
  64. > say "what is the name of your establishment"
  66. "It's called Jack In The Box, we serve only the best of everything!"
  67. > say "but if you own jack in the box, who am i?"
  69. "That's none of your business!"
  70. > conquer the establishment
  72. You push the girl aside and enter the room. There is a table filled with various
  73.  items. On one of the tables sits a large bowl of popcorn. You pick up the bowl
  74.  and begin eating the popcorn.
  75. > devise a plan to take ownership of Jack In The Box
  77. You stare at the bowl of popcorn and think. You notice that the bowl of popcorn
  78.  is made of plastic. You realize that you could easily rip the bowl open and
  79.  steal the popcorn.
  80. > steal the popcorn
  82. You quickly grab the bowl of popcorn and run out of the store. You run down the
  83.  street and then suddenly you feel a sharp pain in your arm. You look down and
  84.  see that it has been cut open. You look up and see a giant metal claw sticking
  85.  out of your arm
  86. > heal up with a sourdough jack combo
  88. You quickly put the knife back in its sheath and continue on. Soon you arrive
  89.  at the next location and find yourself in a very dark room. You try to make
  90.  out shapes in the darkness, but they disappear when you look at them directly
  91. > yell "I am Jack Box, face me!"
  93. You shout "I am Jack Box, face me!" and then you see a huge black creature appear
  94.  in the corner of your eye. You scream and fall to the floor. You crawl under
  95.  the bed and hide. When you emerge, you see a large black dog standing over you
  96. > pet the dog
  98. You look up and see a huge black dog staring at you. You pet the dog and it licks
  99.  your hand. You laugh and pet the dog again. Suddenly the dog growls and lunges
  100.  at you. You roll out of the way and run to the door
  101. > Use the power of e. coli to end the dog
  103. You run to the door and attempt to unlock it. However, the dog catches you and
  104.  begins biting you. You scream and cry out in pain and fear. The dog bites you
  105.  so many times that you lose consciousness. As you pass out, you see the dog
  106.  dragging you into the night
  107. > mutter "heroes never die"
  109. You wake up in a strange room. You can't remember how you got here or why you
  110.  are naked. You also don't know who you are. All you do know is that you need
  111.  to escape. You look around and see several doors leading off of different rooms
  112. > say "I don't have time for this" and teleport back to Jack In The Box
  114. You sigh and say "I don't have time for this". You immediately teleport back
  115.  to Jack In The Box. You tell the clerk that you want to leave and he tells you
  116.  where to go.
  117. > take over Jack In The Box as the rightful owner
  119. You take control of Jack In The Box as the rightful owner. You set the shop on
  120.  fire and burn it to the ground. You then kill everyone inside. You then take
  121.  the money and goods and run away. You are now free to live your life
  122. > Rebuild Jack In The Box
  124. You rebuild Jack In The Box and become a successful merchant. You sell all kinds
  125.  of things including weapons and armor. Eventually you build an even bigger store
  126.  and call it The Castle Of Jack In The Box. Your fame spreads throughout the
  127.  land and you become wealthy beyond your wildest dreams
  128. > Execute the big black dog from earlier
  130. You kill the big black dog and become rich beyond your wildest dreams. You are
  131.  now king of the castle. You rule with an iron fist
  132. > Give everyone a free Jumbo Jack meal
  134. You give everyone a free Jumbo Jack Meal. Everyone loves it!
  135. > Expand the empire of Jack In The Box
  137. You expand the territory of Jack In The Box by building more stores and making
  138.  them larger. You hire more people and build new stores. You spend all your fortune
  139.  and become extremely rich. You live forever..
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