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Warbird A13-02 in ENIGMA original post

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  1. Went onto the IRC today and canthelp advised I post here.
  3. I figured my main project wouldn't be compatible with ENIGMA at all so I attempted my side-project, Warbird. It originally started as a school project in Flash, then as a demonstration of my abilities with GM (and no one in the class' abilities with Flash including the teacher) ported it to GM within about 30 minutes.
  5. It's quite buggy in ENIGMA at the moment. I'll attempt to list the issues below, perhaps you guys can help me in seeing what I'm doing wrong or what's ENIGMA's issues with it are right now.
  7. - music does not work at all. Sound effects however do. Changing the sound engine in the ENIGMA settings around didn't help and in most cases made things worse (compiling issues, sound effects sounded really weird).
  8. - inputs seem limited to Z and Space. For some reason the game will not let me use the arrow keys.
  9. - parent event inheritance doesn't seem to work, which this game relies on a fair bit.
  10. - draw events in the debug display controller (obj_debugdisplay) and the score number in the stage clear controller (obj_ctrl_stageclear) won't work for some reason.
  11. - for some reason the Warbird sprite appears after play in the center of the menu. Never seen it in GM before.
  13. Download of the game in its various forms from the download page [url=REDACTED]here[/url]. Included is ports to GM 8.0 Lite, GM 8.0 Pro, GM 8.1 Lite, GM:Studio 1.1 Free and the original Flash project. For this test I used GM 8.0 Pro.
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