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  1. In a frightening, dark, and all too real dream you are visited by an echoing darkness which does not name itself, despite your stuttering and fearful questioning.
  2. Speaking calmly, shortly and in-between long, dramatic pauses in words that sound as if they are being spoken by many different people all at once, the darkness offers you a choice to have 1 of 3 powers, that will stay with you forever:
  4. 1) - The Reaper
  5. >You can extend your own life, strength and mental capacity, but to do this you must literally suck the soul of another human being out of them
  6. >Depending on how much life they had left in them, is how much life and power you gain in return. you gain only 25% of the life and power you stole, and it cannot be done to animals - only beings of human-levels of intelligence and above.
  7. >The process and knowledge of extracting a soul is instantly known to you - you must place your palm towards their chest, OR lock eyes and heads with the person to extract it -- for 1 hour after extracting the soul, you gain 5x your current intellect, strength and agility, basically becoming utterly superhuman - the boost is stackable, but will, of course, cost many human lives. It takes about as long to drink a glass of water as it is to take a soul.
  9. 2) - The Horror
  10. > You become a specter - completely immortal and invisible save for short bursts in which you can make your voice heard, move objects and even corporealize yourself at the cost of your own energy -- your capacity for energy is limitless, but acquired through only one means: Fear
  11. >Fear and shock feeds you, you must literally scare the shit out of people to stay alive, you will experience hunger no different to mortal hunger for food, require only two square "meals" a day to merely survive and different people and types of fear will have different "tastes" so you can become somewhat of a terror connoisseur
  12. >With the energy that fear gives you, however, you can unleash an every growing array of powers from the dark unknown on people, unlocking each time you reach a certain milestone in your ever naturally diminishing amount, but infinite capacity of the energy.
  13. >one of the earliest things you will learn to do is posess others utterly - weather you choose to do this to scare others more, or simply live as a normal human for a while is up to you - if you have enough energy, you may even be able to possess someone until the end of their life.
  14. >other minor abilities include the power to darkmeld to teleport from the dark of the shadows to other dark shadows, but only to places you have been before, fly, and move through solid objects, morph your face and body temporarily into twisted visages of your own imagining as well as many other unknowns, but these must all be unlocked from deep within.
  16. 3) - The Wanderer
  17. >You are once again granted endless life, but this time you are given the ability to teleport anywhere you wish at an instant, as well as the ability to sit and medetate - "feeling" out the world, space, solar system and indeed even the galaxy around you but only in the most base silhoutted sense - allowing you to teleport almost anywhere with enough focus, as well as detecting life.
  18. >while your life is everlasting; you are not invincible or immortal, but you do have 100% resistance to all disease, immunity to all poisons, perfect health and the ability to breath any atmosphere, as well as breath in a vaccume.
  19. >With all these abilities, however, you are cursed with the inability to stay in one place too long. it shall start with a light, prickling pain over your body, and gradually grow more and more intense until you are writing in agony, over the course of no longer than 10 hours, and be unable to re-enter that zone again for a week - attempting to loophole this via moving in an almost circular path in a small area such as a city results in the multiple inaccessible zones converging into one huge zone, increasing the cooldown period exponentially and randomly.
  20. >To put it shortly, you must wander, far. - always.
  21. >Sleeping in once place will become uncomfortable and almost impossible for long periods, so you must attempt to sleep in something that is moving relative to the planet it is on in order to experience a "decent" sleep, such as a bus, plane, boat or whatever.
  23. So what will it be?
  24. A life of murder and greed in the pursuit of immortality, power and knowledge.
  26. A life of Indulgence, Scaring lesser beings and exploring the infinite darkness of your capacity for power, control, and dare i say it... fun?
  28. Or the life of wanderlusting adventurer, in which you may see just about anything, help or damn anyone, but ultimately, never be able to settle down and see the effects of your deeds for long?
  31. After choosing your power, and confirming this is what you truly desire - an ear-shattering scream forces from the void and through your body, cutting into your chest like a dark and cold spear cuts into its helpless victim.
  32. You awake instantly in a cold sweat, and through the fear of the nightmare you feel something different inside yourself... you notice the pain in your chest has followed you to reality, but before you can dwell on it any longer; it subsides, and with it slowly follows the ignorance to your situation.
  33. You have these powers now.
  34. You can feel it inside you and around you...
  36. ... it is real.
  37. What do you do now?
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