Daddy-o Discord 2

Feb 15th, 2017
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  1. >Drifting out of the darkness of your dreams, you start to slowly regain your consciousness. With eyes still closed, you stretch your muscles from your laying position, and attempt to reposition yourself comfortably.
  2. >In in the middle of trying to shift your weight about to a comfortable position, you hear a rustling, somewhere behind you. Your eyes instinctively open and you jump to your feet and turn your body, ready to face whoever threatened you, heart beating as fast as always. When your eyes open fully, and you see your surroundings, you receive a sudden mix of emotions from what you see. You were still in the empty field that you remember falling asleep in, except it was now dark out. The air was completely still, the silence of night only being disrupted by the gentle chirping of crickets.
  3. >Falling back to the soft grass and patting yourself down, you let out a shuddering sigh, and attempt to calm down. You were certainly relieved that there was nobody that was going to attack you, but even moreso that this whole thing, your second chance, wasn’t some kind of cruel dream. The realization of what you have been given, it all hit you at once.
  4. >Your eyes water up slightly. It's not that you weren't taking all of this seriously before, but now that you've woken up to see that it was all still here, it just made you that much more grateful.
  5. >Before you could even consider what this truly meant for you, the rustling that made you panic before returns, making you swivel your head around frantically in search of its source. Of course, it didn’t take you very long, since it could only be coming from one place. That, and the fact that a leaf had fallen on your nose. Looking up, you see……
  6. >Um…
  7. >Was she always there?
  9. >Laying perfectly across a branch, looking out onto the horizon from her perch, was just the grey pony you were looking for. You might have noticed her sooner, if not for the fact that her dark fur and green tail let her blend in fairly well with the shadows and leaves of the tree. There was also the fact that you just had an emotional epiphany, but that could wait. You don’t need to look weak in front of anyone, so you wipe your eyes dry and speak up.
  10. “Uhm...KK?”
  11. >KK twists her head to look at you. At first, she seemed to have been surprised, but when she saw that it was you who spoke, she regained that awfully calming smile that she always seemed to carry around. And thank god you got some energy before. If you hadn’t, you wouldn’t be able to see jack shit at this time of night.
  12. >”Oh! Ano. How long have you been there?” She tilts her head curiously.
  13. >Ummmm…. What?
  14. “Wait, how long have YOU been here?”
  15. >You thought that she came at some point when you were sleeping.
  16. >”Hm, lemme think.”
  17. >She looks up into the leaves for a moment, before returning her calm gaze back to you.
  18. >”I think since around noon. Why?”
  19. >You...You were astonished that someone so clever, could pay so little attention.
  20. “Why? Because I showed up at sunset, waiting for you. How didn’t you notice me?”
  21. >”Oh.” She has herself a small giggle. “Silly me. I guess I just was just caught up in admiring the sky.”
  22. >.........
  23. >You didn’t know what to say. She must just be fucking around with you for fun or something. There's no fucking possible way that she's been laying there for hours, just looking at the sky.
  24. >KK elegantly jumps down from her resting area, not even making a sound as she lands.
  25. >”It’s funny how two beings can be so close together in body, but so far apart in mind, isn’t it?”
  26. …...
  27. >Alright, that's fine. Just let her skip over the fact that she's insane.
  28. ”…...sure. Look, why am I here? I thought I was getting a room.”
  30. >She has herself another gentle giggle, before she lays on the grass, facing out towards the moon that you hadn’t noticed before, now nearing the horizon it seemed.
  31. >”You'll get your room, don't you worry. I just brought you here to have a nice, little chat before Discord sends you out to start your new life.”
  32. >As she says this, you spot something about her that you hadn't noticed before, a mark on think that's the right word. The mark was the exact same as the symbol on the letter, and also seemed to be part of her coat. Almost like a black tattoo. You had the urge to ask about it, but you got the feeling that she probably wouldn't even answer the question, so you let her continue.
  33. >KK pats the ground next to her, as a sign to join her on the ground. You hesitantly do so, making sure to put a fair distance between the two of you when you settle.
  34. >”So would you like to ask any questions before I ask mine? I suspect that Discord has probably left you out on some things that you’d like to know, so if you have any, ask now.”
  35. >Huh. That was actually very convenient for you.
  36. “Yeah, I actually do have a few. First of all, what is that?”
  37. >You point your hoof to the mark on her flank. She takes a look at what you're pointing at and nods in understanding.
  38. >”Well, that is what we call a cutiemark in this world. You get one when you find out what your special talent is.”
  39. >You were slightly confused. That was a pretty broad description.
  40. “Wait, what do you mean by ‘special talent’?”
  41. >KK seems to give the question some thought for a second, before replying.
  42. >”Basically what you’re meant to do with your life.”
  43. “Soooo, your destiny or something like that?”
  45. >KK vigorously nods her head and smiles a little more brightly.
  46. >”Yes, exactly! Once a pony has figured out what their destiny is, they get their cutiemark.”
  47. >You guess you could accept that as an answer, though you were still very slightly confused on how someone could know their destiny. Regardless, you put your petty qualms aside and continue your line of questioning.
  48. “Alright, I guess I understand. But how does it actually get there? Is it like a tatoo or what?”
  49. >”Well, if you mean that somepony puts it there, then no. It actually just shows up when a pony has figured out their special talent, usually with a bright flash of white.”
  50. >You were about to flip out about how that's not possible and some other random bulshit like that, but whatever you were going to say was cut off by KK twisting her head quickly, hitting you in the back of your head with her long hair. It didn't really hurt, but it was enough to get your attention.
  51. >”Do you remember what I said about magic and not thinking about it too much?”
  52. >You did, so you nod.
  53. >KK responds with her own nod before giving a simple “Good” and returning her attention to the horizon. Nothing else really needed to be said there. She was pretty clear, it was just that it bothered you that everything that you knew one moment was being defied right in front of your eyes. But once again, before you can continue with your frazzled train of thought, KK speaks.
  54. >”So Ano, I’ve been very curious about you since I saw you in that other world. Abandoned, hated, ect. But you’ve somehow managed to keep your head on straight throughout all of it. So tell me, what is it that has kept you going for so long? And don’t try telling me that is was nothing, because I know that if anyone else was put into your place, they wouldn't last a day.”
  55. >Besides being slightly upset with not being able to THINK without being interrupted, you guess you could…
  57. >...actually. Screw answering her questions. You were brought to this crazy ass world, you ask questions, only three of which were actually answered, and now SHE wants to ask YOU questions? No, you want answers.
  58. “Hold on a minute. I still have questions. How about you answer a few of mine then I answer yours?”
  59. >KK taps her chin in a thoughtful way, then gives you her answer.
  60. >”No.”
  61. >...
  62. >Well, to be honest you didn’t really expect that answer.
  63. “What? Why not?”
  64. >”Because,” She says flipping her hair slightly to the side “I want my question answered first. After that, I'll answer yours.”
  65. >Y'know, at any other time, you would just go with her to get your answer, but it wasn't about the answer anymore...
  66. “Uhm how about you just answer mine first, like you said you would?”
  67. >You could tell, she just wanted things her way, and you were NOT going to let her have it.
  68. >”Because I think my question is just a little more important than whatever yours could be.” She says booping your nose from where she layed.
  69. >Just as you suspected. You've put up with quite a bit since you arrived approximately a few hours ago, but this petty squabble is where you draw the line. You would win here.
  70. >You sit up and face her, putting on a serious face and crossing your arms...or legs...whatever they were now.
  71. “Well, I won’t answer any of your questions until you answer mine.”
  72. >You half expected her to retaliate in some way, whether it be verbally or physically. But to your surprise, she just giggles lightly at you.
  73. >”Aww, you're adorable when you get all stubborn. And just when I thought Discord couldn't have made you any cuter.”
  74. >KK tweaks her calm smile to a cocky ass smirk at the end of her sentence. It wasn't anything major, but it was just enough to send you over the edge.
  76. >It wasn't just the smile, it was the fact the she KNEW what she was doing. She was purposefully making fun of you! You'd like to smash that little face of hers in. In fact, it's about time you show her that you aren't a little pushover.
  77. >You quickly stand, now filled with anger, rear up onto your hind legs, which was less than comfortable with your new body, but completely possible, and throw out the hardest punch you could straight at her nose.
  78. >You swear to god or whatever other fucking supernatural deity that exists in this world, that you had her. Your hoof was close enough to her face that she should have had no way to dodge it. But somehow, with immaculate speed, she moved her head slightly to the left at the very last second. So fast, in fact, that at first you thought that your hoof had just phased through her.
  79. >Before you could actually process any of this, however, KK continues the motion of her head, by swinging full circle around your hoof, whacking you in the with her hair and stunning you briefly. You fall back to all fours, shake your head, then quickly shift your attention back to the matter at hand. When you look back to KK and ready yourself, she blows a small amount of air towards you.
  80. >What you felt, though, was not a small amount of air. The air was moving so fast that you could actually see it, resulting in it hitting you more like a punch than a small stream of air. Well, punch is quite the understatement actually, since it not only knocked you down the hill, but threw you straight off of the damn thing. You only touched the ground at the very base of the hill, the impact knocking all of the air out of your lungs as you landed flat on your back.
  81. >You try your best to catch your breath back as KK slowly walks into your vision, over top of you.
  82. >”That was a good punch. A little faster and I might not have dodged it. Besides that, I think you've answered my question with that little outburst, so I guess I win.”
  84. >She followed up with that cheeky ass grin, which only fueled your anger further.
  85. >You throw a weak punch up at her, but let it fall half way through, lacking the power to even reach her face.
  86. >She just giggles and looks to what you assume was the horizon. You couldn’t really tell from your position on the ground, but you didn’t really care either, still trying to stabilize your breath.
  87. >KK looks back down at you with a more genuine smile than before.
  88. >”Well, it seems that the sun is rising, which means that our time together must come to an end. But before we part ways, I should tell you that I know the whole thing behind your name, and even if it doesn’t bring the best of memories back to you, you should consider putting that “n” back in its place. Anon sounds way better than Ano.”
  89. >Just then, a bell rings somewhere far in the distance, barely audible in the still air.
  90. >”Well, that's my cue.” She says as she turns and starts walking away from you and the hill. “I do hope that we can do this again, you're quite fun to tease. Also, you should work on your combat. You show potential.”
  91. >You don't even bother turning your head to see her, but you hear her stop walking.
  92. >”Until we meet again……Ano.”
  93. >Then she goes silent.
  94. >You lay there, waiting to see if she would say anything else, but when you turned your head to finally look at her, your only met with the barren expanse of grass.
  95. >Hmm
  96. >You turn your head back to the still dark sky, now only in the presence of your thoughts.
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