Mar 3rd, 2021 (edited)
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  1. This is the pastebin for the Touhou Puppet Dance Performance mod PuppetALive by me.
  2. This mod adds a new story apart from the original storyline, available from the start of the game, along with new maps, bosses, etc, all inspired by the fangame TouhouALive, itself based on the SNES game LiveALive.
  4. ---WARNING---
  5. If you find any typos or bigs, please make sure NOT to report it to me, as 1.4 will be the last update anyway.
  6. Furthermore, while the base game story should be untouched, I might have made some mistakes or broken something, so I suggest to keep a backup of your game and go back on that after you're done with this mod. You know, just for safety.
  8. ---Download Link---
  11. ---V.1.4 Changelog---
  12. -Added trade npcs all over the place.
  13. -Some sprites got updated.
  14. -Some maps got updated.
  15. -Various glitch fixes, including the ending which won't trap you in the hell of flashing screen anymore.
  17. ---FAQ---
  18. Q:Is this mod compatible with SoD -Extended- ?
  19. A:No.
  20. Q:Will this mod be compatible with the SoD -Extended- fanchara patch?
  21. A:No.
  22. Q:Is this mod compatible with [X]?
  23. A:If [X] adds new puppets, probably not. If [X] adds new maps, probably not. If [X] adds new event or text files, probably not. If [X] merely exists, probably not.
  24. Q:Can I use the "TPDPHook.ini" and "dxgi.dll" files from another mod?
  25. A:No.
  27. Wiki link:
  29. ---Credits---
  30. -Chabono
  31. Spriting, ideas, trade events, some map redesigns
  32. -PhantomPilot
  33. for a lot of help regarding modding
  34. -ZUN
  35. for creating Touhou Project
  36. -hemogurobin_a1c and FocasLens
  37. for creating Touhou Puppet Dance Performance
  38. -Koki
  39. for creating TouhouALive
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