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  1. MySQLite_config.EnableMySQL = true -- Set to true once you have entered your DarkRP details
  2. MySQLite_config.Host = "" -- This is the IP address of the MySQL host. Make sure the IP address is correct and in quotation marks (" ")
  3. MySQLite_config.Username = "c11_efex03" -- This is the username to log in on the MySQL server.
  4.                                 -- contact the owner of the server about the username and password. Make sure it's in quotation marks! (" ")
  5. MySQLite_config.Password = "vovWvm6ArXJH@" -- This is the Password to log in on the MySQL server,
  6.                                     -- Everyone who has access to FTP on the server can read this password.
  7.                                     -- Make sure you know who to trust. Make sure it's in quotation marks (" ")
  8. MySQLite_config.Database_name = "c11_dnewweb" -- This is the name of the Database on the MySQL server. Contact the MySQL server host to find out what this is
  9. MySQLite_config.Database_port = 8080 -- This is the port of the MySQL server. Again, contact the MySQL server host if you don't know this.
  10. MySQLite_config.Preferred_module = "tmysql4" -- Preferred module, case sensitive, must be either "mysqloo" or "tmysql4". Only applies when both are installed.
  11. MySQLite_config.MultiStatements = false -- Only available in tmysql4: allow multiple SQL statements per query. Has no effect if no scripts use it.
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