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  1. [12:42 PM] Arsene: It takes a moment, but the room darkens after some time, and the candle goes out. Various rifts open up as tendrils tear through the air, and Giratina rises from the shadows... though he's much smaller than normal, presumably so he can fit in the house.
  2. Even then, he towers over Yulia. "... The mirror and candle weren't really required."
  4. [12:43 PM] TCA: Yulia shrugs. "I didn't know that." She doesn't seem even remotely frightened, aside from the unavoidable physiological response to his presence.
  5. [12:48 PM] TCA: "So, I guess since you actually showed up, you don't mind answering some questions?"
  7. [12:50 PM] Arsene: "You understand I am not obligated to answer you." Giratina's red eyes glow. "But I suppose I will satiate your curiosity, should I be able to."
  9. [12:51 PM] TCA: "Well, yeah, but 'I'm not telling you that' is an answer on its own, right?" Yulia half-shrugs again, and adjusts her posture in her chair. "So, um, you probably already know we've been sharing the information we do have. Kind of natural, since we were just thrown into all this without much of an idea of what's going on."
  11. [12:52 PM] Arsene: "I do," Giratina replies matter-of-factly.
  12. [12:56 PM] TCA: "So you know that I know what Rika said to Luc. She sent us a recording."
  13. [12:57 PM] TCA: Yulia quietly considers how to go about her next question. Finally, she just goes with, "And I don't really understand it."
  15. [12:59 PM] Arsene: Giratina remains silent for a few moments, before asking a question of His own. "What, exactly, are you confused on?"
  17. [1:01 PM] TCA: "Well... If you said you're really tired of the whole sin thing and hate the fact that that's... a thing... and you want to start over and try to remake it better, but you're taking people in order to help you remake it, and making them more sinful, and you plan to keep them and use them as your starting foundation... How are you not just going to end up with even more corrupt, awful, sinful people in your new world?"
  19. [1:04 PM] Arsene: Giratina is silent again, simply staring at Yulia with unblinking eyes. Then... "Rika and Whitewater both follow my orders. It is true that it will be difficult for me to reform their hearts without stripping them of their power. But I will ensure that they behave themselves in the new world."
  21. [1:07 PM] TCA: "I guess?" Yulia doesn't seem very sure of that. "I mean, if the people you keep are only not sinning because of the consequences from you if they do bad stuff, it doesn't feel like you'll really solve anything that way. And in the meantime, there's... a lot of really sad collateral damage your plan kind of requires."
  23. [1:11 PM] Arsene: Giratina hums. "You would be surprised at how effective a strong leader can be. I can ensure that Whitewater will not have any trouble when Arceus falls. Rika is more difficult, certainly, other than treating her as a mere means to an end... which I would prefer to avoid. But I have a plan for her." He left it at that. "As for collateral damage... I do not care. Your mortal lives mean nothing to me, for the most part. It is true, not every human is full of the sins Arceus inspired. But every human has at least something, thanks to him. I will tear down Arceus's civilization and rebuild it."
  25. [1:14 PM] TCA: "I mean, I'm not even just talking about humans. Like... What about Reshi? I care about her a lot and I don't want anything bad to happen to her, that should be... um... pretty obvious. And if you're causing some apocalyptic-scale destruction, what about all the nice things in nature that are beautiful and completely detached from sin?"
  27. [1:16 PM] Arsene: Giratina seems slightly amused. "All humans care for somebody. Again, it does not matter to me. Your gods blindly follow a tyrant. As for nature itself... it should remain mostly untouched. My targets are humans and Pokemon. There will be some unavoidable damage towards certain areas... but it will be kept to a minimum."
  29. [1:17 PM] TCA: Yulia ponders this quietly for several seconds. She then speaks up again. "...Can you even ensure that what you make will be free of sin without becoming what you hate in Arceus?"
  31. [1:22 PM] Arsene: "It is impossible to create a race free of sin. But Arceus has made it spiral out of hand... it has become uncontrollable. As a creature of sin, I naturally absorb it. I will be able to take the burden of sin from others whenever it gets dangerous." Giratina is still calm, as usual.
  33. [1:23 PM] TCA: "...You can actually take it away from people, then? That's a thing you can do?" Yulia tilts her head.
  35. [1:24 PM] Arsene: "I naturally take it. It is how I become stronger. I am made of sin, after all." Giratina spreads His wings.
  37. [1:30 PM] TCA: "So why do the people who make contracts with you act so terrible if you're taking sin? I mean, Mr. Casey wasn't that bad, but Rika is acting like a Noibatman villain, and you should be well aware about how I, and I think all of us, feel about Mr. Whitetrash. I just... If your influence is making people worse people now, I havea really hard time trusting it'll be any better after your big event..."
  39. [1:31 PM] Arsene: "Contracts." Giratina simply uses that word to reply, clearly thinking it's self explanatory.
  41. [1:31 PM] TCA: "...You're going to have to explain that one a little more."
  43. [1:33 PM] Arsene: With a slight sigh, Giratina continues. "Contracts amplify sin within people. I make them out of necessity. It varies from person to person, but I make contracts so I may gather enough power to overthrow Arceus. I will have no use for them in the future."
  45. [1:37 PM] TCA: Yulia nods quietly. "So... if you get rid of them, then you can go around doing stuff and not cause people to be extra sinful, and you'll definitely get rid of them once you've won and don't need them, is what you're saying?"
  47. [1:38 PM] Arsene: "Correct." Giratina nods lightly, though he's still staring at Yulia, and his stare seems just a little more intense than usual.
  49. [1:41 PM] TCA: Yulia stares back. "...You know you're arguing a position that's really hard to defend. We both know that. I'll admit you make a pretty good case, though." She's clearly still thinking of something else she wants to address, but is taking a moment to process things and plan how to approach it.
  51. [1:43 PM] Arsene: "I highly doubt you will understand at any point within your remaining life span. It is a mere fact. I am a god. You are mortal." Giratina doesn't seem to be bragging. "I have done what I could to make you understand. I will understand if you do not. Most don't."
  53. [1:46 PM] TCA: "I think I get a little more than you're giving me credit for, Mr. Giratina." Yulia lowers her arms, which had been crossed over her lap, to her sides. She almost looks... sympathetic. "I think you got stuck with a really awful position and it makes sense that you'd want to do something about it. With how long you've had to deal with it, stuff I'd consider beyond drastic could look reasonable. I get that much."
  55. [1:49 PM] Arsene: Giratina actually seems slightly impressed. "I have lived for billions of years with this." He doesn't make any more attempts to push his viewpoint in favor, and simply goes silent, waiting for Yulia to speak.
  57. [2:12 PM] TCA: "I'm sure, though, you must know that from the perspective of people like me... We're not in that situation, and so we have things we care about and want to protect. I mean, you wouldn't offer to let people save those things as part of the contracts if you didn't know that. It's frustrating, Mr. Giratina, because I can understand why you want to do what you're doing, but even if it's selfish, I look at it and I don't see a way to protect the love and happiness that I haven't already kind of lost, and not either be fighting a losing battle, or if we did somehow manage to avert your plans... talking with you like this, I almost feel like there's something worth saving even in you." Yulia sighs.
  59. [2:28 PM] Arsene: Giratina pauses, processing Yulia's words... before actually laughing bitterly. "I am a god of pure evil. I cannot be 'saved', whatever you wish to interpret that as. Any alternate fate would be worse for me." After another pause... "I would not necessarily oppose another outcome. Perhaps if it weren't for Arceus, I would have turned out differently... or not even come into existence. But this is what I have been driven to do. What I must do."
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