12/03 Impromptu Promotion

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  1.  The Noble boy keeps his listless gaze on the pair as they walk away, blinking slowly as they walk off. There is the slightest hint of a nod that he offers, before he turns his attention back to the spectacle above the pond.
  2. (Fenris cos Tirel)
  3. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. [17:23] Evangeline was sitting on her stool, legs crossed and leaning on the table, upon a single elbow whose arm held her head.
  7. She was visibly unamused, barely interested in the affair.
  9. "I honestly don't know." She shrugs, glancing at Nerin.
  11. "I can't say I care too much, really… It's not the most dignified of sights, that's for sure."
  12. (Evangeline Minerva)
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  15.  Task would awaken from his nap that definitely wasn't a night's rest on the park table with a tilt of his head, confused by the sudden gathering of individuals and the chatter of sights, dignified or otherwise. The bald constable would slowly stand up from his seat, rubbing at his tired eyes before taking a long, hefty morning puff of his corn cob pipe before sighing in minute relief. The watchman would wave briefly at Audree before turning to the problem at hand.
  18. All in a day's work.
  20. "Commander Drake, afternoon. What seems to be the issue Evangeline?"
  21. (Task)
  22. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  24.  With his arms crossed, and his eyes idly observing the scene ahead, he merely shrugged at that.
  26. "Making a scene as well maybe?" Something about leaving on your own terms.
  28. "But.. if it's something like a public announcement to you resignation, surely there are better ways than getting drunk and making a huge scene out of it.. in public square no less."
  30. Zus, perhaps, could be the closest thing to this - but at least the Boar decided to pursue different dream, and made a scene in the castle, not for everyone.
  31. (Nerin)
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  33.  Amshel Endore says, "He resigned."
  34.  Amshel hues move to Task direction.
  35. (Amshel Endore)
  36. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  38. Tyrith Airgetlám says, "Nn..."
  39.  Tyrith Airgetlám says, "...Best to stay clear of the Watch..."
  40. {Item} You picked up Cloak Of The Watch. Dropped by Amshel Endore. .
  42. Task asks, "Huh?"
  44.  With Lionel out of the picture, Deryk turns his attention to Task.
  46. "The 'Commander' is piss drunk and just resigned. I followed his example. You're now in charge Task, congratulations… And good luck.
  48. I'm going to get wasted aswel now and think about my future… Maybe if I drink enough I can just forget this whole day."
  50. What a fucking mess. Murder, assault… The Commander resigning. Deryk wasn't sure how much more of this bullshit he could take. He really needed some drinks.
  51. (Deryk Vaughan)
  52. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  54. Task says, "..."
  55. This...
  57. Certainly looked like a very, very huge mess. In fact, it looked like far too much for one man to handle, and he imagines that there would be definitely some sort of intervention about this - or at least a massive recruitment drive.
  59. Yet, he can't help but glance off to poor Task who just had all this burden thrown on his shoulders.
  61. "...Welp."
  63. "You need help, Task?"
  64. (Nerin)
  66.  Task would blink steadily, tilting his head in confusion as he did his best to process the mass influx of information that had just bombarded his poor, sleep addled mind. There was a murder? Some sort of struggle? His commander was drunk? Actually that part was pretty normal, all things considered. But they'd resigned?
  68. So many questions.
  70. Yet, the bald...commander would take a long, thoughtful drag from his corncob pipe as he took a deep breath, rubbing at his temples steadily to relieve what appeared to be yet another potent migraine to match all others.
  72. "It was an honor to serve under you Commander Drake, you taught me much and gave me an opportunity to serve the people of this city. I will do my best to shoulder the burdens of the constabulary in your honor."
  74. The bald watchman would offer Drake a firm, respectful salute, his lips drawn into a serious line.
  76. "I likely will, in time Nerin. For now, there is much to think about, and much to do. It is a lot to process in a handful of minutes."
  77. (Task)
  78. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  80. [17:36] Craven brokenness. Resignation. Terrible, heartbreaking things to witness as they are, the Knight remains firm. Her voice cuts, and there is a soft, familiar tone directed to Task. A short, and a simple message is offered.
  82. "You never need shoulder your burdens alone, Task. The Order will always be at your side in all things you may ask of us."
  84. Their goals were intertwined- and they. It was their purpose in bettering the city and seeing right done, simply and surely.
  85. (Audree Iessia)
  86. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  88. Task says, "And of course Dame Iessia...I know who to call."
  89.  Kelly Kirk says, "Also, Task... Not now, but later, I think I've made up my mind. I can tell you need some time to process all of this."
  90.  At least that much he could empathize with.
  92. To have the sudden 'promotion' in which you're thrown at the pile of responsibilities, with practically no support from your previous peers.. this would be a devastating blow to City Watch, no doubt, and it may even lead to more people leaving the place as result.
  94. That's not something that should be allowed, lest the city grows wild without their Watch.
  96. "Of course."
  98. "I'm a man of several talents, so if you need something, just let me know."
  100. At least that's as much as he could do about this. For now, he'd let the newfound commander decide things on his own.
  101. (Nerin)
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  105. Audree is given a brief glance, before turning Fenris turns his attention to Relius. His tiresome gaze searches him carefully, before he finally cracks a slight smile.
  107. It was faint, and it was brief.
  109. "... Greetings. Yes. My name is Fenris cos Tirel. While I would love to discuss this here-" He turns toward the situation, and inevitably catches sight of Estellise. Something about the cold noble seems to be shook, but he redoubles his attention on the commoner. Just focus on everything but her right now.
  111. "... Discuss this here, yes, ah, but perhaps when this business has cleared? Lest you wish to step aside for the moment."
  112. (Fenris cos Tirel)
  113. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  114.  "Aye," Drake said after a moment, nodding to Task, "I'll assist however I can, from my new position. Tough job ahead of you, Commander - I was thinkin' of namin' Flint as a Captain, if that helps. Plain fact of the matter, though - some people need to be fired, probably."
  116. Drake, damn it all, wasn't very good at that. Perhaps that's why he left in the first place, if his allusions to the shadowy Commissioner reassigning him out of Osrona if he didn't fire everyone were truthful.
  118. "I think- it was a noble thing, takin' people in off the streets, givin' em a bed and a purpose without much scrutiny or discrimination. But it doesn't work - that's thing. It doesn't work, not in times like this. And no matter what you do, the people will find some way to twist it against you-"
  120. He shook his head. No, there wasn't much sense to saying anything else for now. He'd leave it at that, giving a slow, sad little nod to Task and heading north again, like he originally wanted to do.
  121. (Drake Dunstan)
  122. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  123. "Should you need me, feel free to ask, Ser Task." She smirks at the bald man, offering a respectful nod. "After all, we are still coworkers, despite what rank you may attain."
  125. She remained in her seat, watching the situation unfold with impassive eyes, her attention not too focused on anyone in particular. There was, though, a brief glance at Estellise as she makes her appearance.
  126. (Evangeline Minerva)
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  129. [17:47] -- This was hardly the news the young noble had expected upon returning to the park. She knew there would be a somber, stifled atmosphere - A Knight was just murdered, after all, but to hear that the death of the Knight had pushed the City Watch so far as to force the commander into resignation ----
  131. It creates a strange, distasteful mix of emotions that swirls within her chest. The City Watch -- they often butted heads with the Order as to where jurisdiction layed, did they not … ? Even a handful of days ago, reports of them holding rank over Erika cos Salis in regards to prisoner placement whispered throughout the Order's ranks …
  133. Could those who 'lead' the City Watch … not handle being looked at in adversity? If they could not function when looked down upon in a negative way, how was it that they could ever expect to "Watch" the "City"?
  135. "... With all due respect, Sir Drake-" She begins, only speaking the man's name from overhearing it within the conversation. "Glory, recognition for doing things like providing purpose and shelter … that is not why we are protectors. The City Watch, nor the Order of the First Light. I understand that my breath wastes, speaking this to a man who has given up his post, however --
  137. Yes. 'Tis hard. 'Tis not easy. You will find yourself crawling up from the bottom of an emptied well with picked-raw hands on the regular. However -- Understanding that protection may cause your own destruction is key in protecting anyone."
  138. (Estellise ven Astor)
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  142. "I'm certain I'll require your counsel before long, Drake. I don't expect it to be a simple task, but few....worthy duties ever are. Flint is one of the good ones, and would have been on my list as well. I'll hold a meeting within the constabulary to set straight the state of affairs in proper order soon enough. It is just...a lot to take in.
  144. Task would continue to rub at his temples as he did his best to process everything that had occurred, briefly considering the prospect of simply going back to sleep on the table and pretending this was all a dream. Yet, the harshness of reality was a sobering one, and with a firm nod to his former commander Task would cross his sinewed arms over the dull grey plate of his cuirass and the navy cotton wool of his cloak, regaining his firm resolve.
  146. "I will do my best to keep the watch's nose clean Dunstan. As I've always tried to. I will make you proud. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors commander, I'm certain wherever you go you'll excel."
  148. The bald constable would raise his fist into the air in manly, brotherly salute, bowing his head to the older man that had given him his shot.
  150. "Thank you as well Evangeline. I'm certain once I finish processing all this, I'll need more help than I care to admit."
  151. (Task)
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  155.  This had certainly been a mess, but..
  157. From the little encounters he's had with Task, somehow, he had always gauged that the man is more than capable of leading the City Watch - perhaps even moreso than anyone else involved so far. Of all people that could be put at the proverbial 'wheel' to rule its directions..
  159. Maybe it'll be actually good.
  161. "You'll handle it just fine, Task."
  163. "And there's no shame in admitting that you need help- perhaps, the previous commanders failed precisely because they failed to, and because they would rather brew petty conflict between Order and City Watch than resolve any issues."
  165. Is he being harsh? Maybe, but that won't stop him from saying what he honestly thinks about this - because quitting on the spot like that is certainly not a mature, nor adequate thing to do.
  167. And this doesn't add any credibility to them at all.
  169. "I'm sure you had it in you to actually take care of the City Watch anyway."
  170. (Nerin)
  171. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  173.  Fenris gives him one last dip of his head, before turning his attention back to Task's promotion. He was all ears.
  174. (Fenris cos Tirel)
  175. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  177. [17:57] Juri whispers something.
  178. [17:57] Adrielle Solenne says, "I'm still uncertain, it appears to be a fresh would and I've yet to be briefed."
  179. [17:57] Fenris cos Tirel whispers something.
  180. [17:58] Fenris cos Tirel whispers something.
  181. [17:58] His exit prevented once again - as he truly was never the type to ignore anyone - his gaze shifted to Estelle. "No, it's not quite like that," the former Commander said with a small shake of his head. "Was never done for glory. On the contrary - if all I cared for was glory I wouldn't be leavin'."
  183. He remembered her; he was still impressed with how she spoke with the imprisoned Drakanite when the Order and Watch were in the city's jail with Kirai Kurokaiyo. "I've always wondered if bein' well-liked but ineffectual was enough. That's always what the Watch was, really - Hel, that's why I liked it so much. Sure," he said, "We never could handle the bigger issues, but there were always small ones to deal with." He gave a smile then - a genuine one, for the first time in a very long while. "Call it creative differences, maybe. Never givin' up on helpin'the people," he said, "Just... goin' somewhere that I know I can actually do it. Not puttin' my name on this organization anymore is all."
  185. He paused for a moment, shifting his attention to Nerin. "If you think I was the one brewin' any conflict, it shows just how little you actually know of the situation, good citizen."
  187. He hated passive-aggression so much.
  189. He looked to Task as he continued: "I'm sure Commander Task'll do a damn fine job of it. Never had the heart to do the things that really need to be done, like firin' half of those bastards. Anyway- take care."
  190. (Drake Dunstan)
  191. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  197. [18:03] Even if Nerin's viewpoint is challenged by Drake, he didn't seem to mind it too much.
  199. On the contrary, he would seek to respond to that, actually; with the hands remaining crossed, still, his eyes narrowed upon Dunstan briefly, inquisitively inspecting him - almost as if assessing him for something.
  201. "Perhaps not, but your people did, quite often."
  203. "The situations that sprung up, such as Erika's, only show that there was unnecessary conflict out of blue; whether you personally started it or not does not matter, for if you're a commander, then you're meant to hold responsibility."
  205. "That's what leadership is. Holding responsibility for others and guiding them."
  207. A shrug. Soon enough, he adds.
  209. "Quitting on the spot with a scene, however, doesn't help to add credibility to your cause. Regardless- even with this mess, I don't think you should beat yourself upon that."
  211. "Not everyone's cut out for leadership this big. Just because you have to go, doesn't mean you're a failure of a man or something - that's not what's being implied here."
  213. "And.. yes. The Order would still welcome you, I'm sure. There's always demand for Knights."
  215. Another pause, and at the word 'citizen', he merely adds.
  217. "..That'd be Cadet, but I'm glad you hear me out. Even amidst this chaos."
  218. (Nerin)
  219. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  220. ---------------------------------
  221.  Drake Dunstan says, "Nonsense! Everyone is a good citizen- ahem."
  222.  Fenris' gaze switches between Drake and Task now, squinting ever-so-slightly at the conduct between the two. It was nice to see, at least, that there was only respect between a commander and their replacement. Once Nerin speaks up, however, he can tell things aren't going to continue gracefully and decides instead to go back to staring across the pond- Oh, they're back.
  223. (Fenris cos Tirel)
  224. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  225. --------------------------------
  226.  "Commander Drake has always shared my views of the responsibilities the constabulary maintains. To protect the people, pursue justice, and make the city a safe place for all citizens regardless of their rank, race, or class. He was a beacon of egalitarian idealism, and a worthy man to serve."
  228. Task would bow his head respectfully once more, keeping a strong face to at least somewhat guise the fact that he'd just become the commander of the city watch at twenty years old. He felt far, far older in this moment, the lines of stress that trailed across his forehead determinately digging into him at this point in time. He'd be sixty years old by twenty five.
  230. "The constabulary will become the ideal we believed in, Drake. I promise you on my honor and name. I will keep this city safe the best I can, you have my word. Our beliefs will not be for nothing, they will be the guiding lantern of justice for the city in the years to come."
  232. The baldcommander would turn to Nerin, nodding firmly.
  234. "You are right Nerin, pride is not a factor in the safety of the people. I've worked with the faith, the order, the people of Sudsbury, and all that lies in-between. I'll need those contacts in the coming days with certainty, and will do my best not to disappoint them with my efforts."
  235. (Task)
  236. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  238. "Obviously not, Task. And yes, I do know of your work, which is why I'm sure you'll do fine."
  240. Upon addressing the new commander, his gaze turned to Zula after hearing her voice; a brief wave is given to her as result, greeting his chosen-sister. Soon enough, he speaks out to her.
  242. "Hello, Zula."
  244. "Yes, it's quite lively, and.." As for what's going on - he points to Task, speaking out.
  246. "You can congratulate that man with promotion, so to say. He leads City Watch, you see- the old commanders resigned just about now."
  248. That's probably about as soft as he can put it.
  249. (Nerin)
  250. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  252. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  253.  "Aye, it was my approach to leadership, when you got down to it," he confessed to Nerin, perhaps having read the boy wrong. Deryk had managed to set him off, true, but other than that the alleged drunk had been nothing but cordial. It seemed his general approach, then, was to respond in the same general tone with which he was addressed. "Task and I have the same feelin's, the same dream - I think he's just got a harder heart than I do," he figured.
  255. "He can do the things that need to be done. It's a personal failin'," he said, "That I'd rather resign than throw most of my men out onto the streets." He gave a shrug. All the initial rage aside, it really did boil down to that - he was given an ultimatum from his own boss, and chose to be the only one to go down with the ship.
  257. "Plain fact of the matter is, most of the Constables are disappointments. There are real gems among 'em - but the ones who are only throwin' fuel into the fire aren't worth keepin'."
  259. Though he was looking at Nerin, that was more than likely addressed toward Task.
  261. "And aye, the settin' ain't ideal," he admitted. "But a man was just murdered while a bunch of Watchmen just... watched," he said. "So I was a bit frustrated, considerin'. Apologies, Commander Task."
  262. (Drake Dunstan)
  263. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  267. While he idly glanced off to Andras and Evangeline talking nearby, his gaze turned to Drake upon hearing out the rest; the longer he hears of it, however, he can't help but feel a little empathy to his cause- he may be forced to resign, of course, which isn't good for the Watch, but..
  269. It's not like the reasons aren't there.
  270. Even if his way isn't most graceful.
  272. "I see." Initial response was only that, with Nerin mulling over the thought in his head that appeared as result of this situation.
  274. "In the end, at least you tried, and managed to transfer leadership to someone who's reliable. Most don't do even that."
  276. Whether it's a praise or not, that's up to interpretation.
  278. "You'll probably need some time to unwind after this. Best of luck."
  280. And just like that, the majority of his partake in this had stopped; his gaze turned to Zula, now with chosen-brother nearby as well.
  282. "Mm.. not really, no. I'm not up to anything right now. I'm actually resting at the moment, lately has been a little hectic, and.."
  284. "There's been a murder, so that's that."
  285. (Nerin)
  286. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  288.  "You always were a soft hearted, idealistic man Drake. It was something I admired, and one I still do. You need not worry about me fearing the necessity of firing those that have...betrayed the law. I have no pity for those that would dirty the name of justice and shame the cloak of the watch. I will begin my investigations shortly, and ensure every constable that fails to meet the bar is either straightened out...or kicked out. There will be no half measures."
  290. Task would nod firmly, taking a long, thoughtful drag from his corncob pipe as his visage grimaced at the thought. He wanted to believe in the best for all of his fellow constables, but though justice might have been blind, Task was not. He knew there were those that saw this work merely as a paycheck, and did not maintain the values that made the constabulary the organization it was meant to be. They would be apprehended.
  292. "All the constabulary can do going forward is be better. To aspire to a higher level of performance than that which has been presented so far. The watchmen do not exist merely to watch, that is an unacceptable prospect and one I won't tolerate as commander. We take the cloak because we are willing to endanger ourselves for the safety of fellow citizens....not because we fear it."
  293. (Task)
  295. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  296.  Between jobs, it wasn't quite appropriate to salute; he only gave another smirk and a nod at Task's promise, turning on his heel and.... once again trying to leave. He'd do that for real this time. Honest. He actually had places to be this time, y'see.
  298. "That's what I like to hear, Task," he said. "Always knew you could - I was just never cut out for that sort of thing. Left some things in the office, I'll come back for 'em once I've met with Vandigan again. Other than that... best of luck, brother."
  299. (Drake Dunstan)
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