(AiE) Fatmare Moo (B+) *clop*

Dec 12th, 2012
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  1. "YOW, hot hot hot hot!" You shout as you run down the alley
  2. >You're running like your ass was on fire because IT IS ON FIRE
  3. >That is the last time you agree to "escort" a married mare
  4. >Damn unicorn stallion literally set your ass on fire
  5. >The gods have graced thee with the name "Anon," and you're Equestria's only human
  6. >You're also it's only human Gigolo
  7. >Making mom proud every day
  8. >As you catch your breath, along with dousing the fire, you sit to reflect a little on how your life turned upside down
  9. >No wait, fuck you, we're just gonna reminisce
  10. >It has been about 24 months since you landed in the magical and dark world of Equestria
  11. >You say dark because the sun never fucking rises here anymore
  12. >Apparently, some bitch named "Celestia" was in charge of raising the sun each day while her sister had command of the moon
  13. >Mooncunt ended up getting mad that the ponies only ever played during the day, so she conspired to make it night ALL the time
  14. >Like a villain, she was defeated for 1,000 years
  15. >"What a cliche," was your first thought upon hearing this tale
  16. 1/14
  18. >Cut to recently when moonbitch reappeared to once again take over the kingdom
  19. >6 mares with attitude tried to stop her, but moontwat wasn't playing that game
  20. >She ended up defeating them, and secured her position as Queen
  21. >For some weird reason, lunar doughnut actually let those girls live
  22. >They're living in town still, and are actually regular customers of yours
  23. >This world makes no sense some times
  24. >It's even weirder that the new Queen decided her castle needed to be in a backwater town called P0nyville
  25. >However, P0nyville is a much better place than Saddle Arabia
  26. >That's where you learned that you could be a horsefucker
  27. >It all started innocently enough... you think
  28. >All you had done was ask a simple question regarding carpets
  29. >Those faggots actually flipped their shit, and you spent a few days in jail
  30. >That, in of itself, would not have been so bad had you not had the misfortune of playing "does this hurt?" with a sadistic Zebra
  31. >Don't ask why the Zebra was there because you don't think you can take the memory of that story again
  32. >Nearing the end of your stay she decided it was time to kick your torture up a notch
  33. >She had noticed your reaction to equine genitalia, and thought rutting you would be a perfect idea
  34. >Dumb bitch
  35. >She was done in about 30 seconds while you kept going for at least 10 minutes
  36. >You didn't know a sentient being could turn to mush like that, and, though it pained you to admit at first, you rather enjoyed wrecking that plot
  37. 2/14
  39. >Once you returned "home" to P0nyville, you got a devious idea
  40. >If that Zebra, sadistic as she was, couldn't handle you, how would other ponies fare against your might?
  41. >"Yeah mom, I'm gonna try and fuck horses for a living." You thought to yourself that da-NIGHT
  42. >It's always night in this fucked up world
  43. >2 days
  44. >It took you 2 whole days to find a willing participant in your experiment, and you had nearly came up dry
  45. >Fortune smiled on you that day, although it was probably more of a grin, and you found yourself vomiting in the bathroom stall of a stallion's room in a bar
  46. >There was a flank call happening in the next stall, much to your chagrin, so you decided to listen in
  47. >You believe it was 25 seconds before those two lost it completely
  48. >Being the dumb drunk you are, you got the great idea to show that mare a REAL good time
  49. >That stallion was too weak to handle you after their rut, so you quickly took care of him with a sidestep
  50. >Charging into the wall behind you, he was out cold
  51. >The mare didn't need much convincing as she was tanked as well
  52. >Why the fuck do they always turn to putty?
  53. >That was that
  54. >Your fate was voted upon that night, and it came up as a unanimous vote
  55. >Equestria was getting its first human prostitute
  56. >If you could sell it well enough, you would be rolling in DOSH soon enough
  57. >The best part? All you had to do was fuck bitches, and rake it all in
  58. >Hah, you wish it were that simple if tonight was any indication
  59. 3/14
  61. >Finally calming down, along with not being on fire anymore, you get up to head back home
  62. >You're suddenly stopped by two fuckwits of the royal guard, oh boy!
  63. >"Halt," one of them commands with authority, "are you the man-skank known as Anonymous?"
  64. >What. The. Fuck? How many other humans do you see here!?
  65. >Calming yourself again, you finally answer
  66. "My name is in fact Anonymous, but I'm a Gigolo, not a man-skank." You state simply
  67. >The two guards look at one another before turning back to you
  68. >"There's a difference?" One says while cocking his head to the side
  69. >You're about to correct them, but the ground looks like it's in need of your attention
  70. >A good hoof to the back of your head is always a good sleep aid
  71. >You begin to pass out as you barely hear the guards arguing about how they don't have a whole lot of time or something
  72. >The stars look pretty tonight as they swirl around your head
  73. 4/14
  75. >You shoot up instantly when you finally regain consciousness
  76. >Checking around you find yourself in quite a decked out room
  77. >You haven't seen shit like this since your la- oh dang, you're at the castle
  78. >Those guards must have brought you here for something, but this room doesn't seem like a jail cell
  79. >You know exactly what the dungeon looks like after your last visit
  80. >Who knew farting in the presence of the queen was illegal
  81. >2 da-NIGHTS in the dungeon certainly answered that question
  82. >You're not eager to go back, but you don't really mind hot pokers anymore
  83. >Gratitude could probably be paid to the queen on that matter as some mares can prove kinky as fuck
  84. >After getting your bearings, you check around the room for any clue as to why you're here
  85. >A knock at the door nearly makes you jump as you quickly shut the drawer you were going through
  86. >Opening it you find one of those guards standing outside your door
  87. >"Ah good, you're awake. Come with me." he commands
  88. "Soo," you begin as you walk down the hall beside the guard, "any reason why you guys practically foalnapped me like that?"
  89. >"I'll be blunt man-slut, you've got a special client tonight." He says, not even looking back at you
  90. >Again with the insult? You must have turned his wife into pudding or something
  91. >If Fluttershy was any indication, you had to take extra care not to ruin any mares
  92. >Hearing her utter the words "hot monkey dick" might have been cute if she wasn't chasing you through town in a sex crazed frenzy
  93. 5/14
  95. "Okay, so who's the client then? I need to know how much to charge for this." You ask, trying to distract yourself with idle conversation
  96. >"You will be compensated accordingly for your services. If you truly must know though, you will be servicing her majesty this night."
  97. "You're kidding me." You respond with a hint of disbelief
  98. >"Make of it what you will, but the queen has specifically requested you. We do not ask questions."
  99. >Apparently not if that emotionless tone of voice was any indication
  100. >It's weird to hear him like this after he more or less insulted you, and then poured salt on the wound by feigning ignorance
  101. >Finally you reach a rather large set of doors with a full moon symbol etched into the wood
  102. >They even took the time to carve out the craters in the shape of the mare in the moon's visage
  103. >Three knocks and a summons from the guard is all it took for the door to open
  104. >Inside you find a handful of the kitchen staff shuffling their way out
  105. >As if they had been working all da-NIGHT (FUCK), the 5 ponies shuffle out looking ragged
  106. >Implications demand that you assume this to be the reason why some underground circles call her "Fatmare Moo"
  107. >This should be exciting
  108. >Entering the inner chamber of the bedroom you're almost floored by the sight
  109. >There, on the bed before you, rests the fattest pony you have ever seen
  110. >You would take more time describing it if your mind hadn't blacked out while trying to process the visuals your eyes are reporting
  111. >A long time ago you would have laughed hard at this, but right now you're full on engineer as you try to figure out how you're going to do this
  112. >Where the hell do her rolls end, and her folds begin?
  113. >You also can't help but feel slightly mortified by the food carts setup around the bed
  114. 6/14
  116. >You shake yourself of the hectic flurry of thoughts in your head to introduce yourself
  117. >Well, you would be introducing yourself had the guard not spoke up first
  118. >"Greetings your Tubbiness, the man-whorse has arrived as per your orders."
  119. >Man...whorse? Fucking ponification of words in this world. Not to mention that faggot did it again
  120. >"Excellent, I have been waiting for some time for him to arrive." You felt like you were listening to whale song as she spoke
  121. >"I have heard many things about your services from my maids young Gigolo." She once again sounds li- wait... what did she call you?
  122. >"Hmhmhm yes, I've also heard that you like to be called by such a title. Consider it recognition for your popularity among MY ponies." She muses until she emphasizes the "MY ponies" part
  123. >Must be trying to drive home that she runs this place
  124. >Not that you cared, you were only here to do one thing
  125. >Fuck bitches, but could you really land a whale like this?
  126. "Uhh... Thank you, your majesty. It's nice to um... know you're work is appreciated." You're covering the floor in spaghetti with your response
  127. >"Come, dear Anonymous, show your queen just what gave you such a reputation." She says as she motions you to join her with a hoof
  128. >No preambles huh? She must not care as long as she gets what she wants
  129. >She'll get it alright because you're going to make her look like a blob of satisfaction instead of a mass of ASS
  130. >Your subconscious is a massive dick for trying to make you feel better through song
  131. >Ignoring the "Baby got Back" song playing in your head, you climb up on wonder mattress supporting an entire planet
  132. >May the gods have mercy upon thy soul this night (HAH, finally got it)
  133. 7/14
  135. >God damn this bed is fucking amazing
  136. >It's comfortable to every conceivable degree, almost as if it keeps adjusting to your body wherever it goes
  137. >"Enjoying the bed I see." Fatmare says, breaking your elsewhere thoughts
  138. >"It's a fine design fit for a queen."
  139. "I'm going to assume you mean it's enchanted to some degree."
  140. >She answer only with a nod, and then proceeds to smile
  141. >You can do this Anon, beneath that rather LARGE exterior is a mare in need of your services
  142. >Best not keep a queen waiting
  143. >You decide to start off simple with making out, and praise the gods, she is okay with it
  144. >Again, you're thinking the destination is all that matters to her, not the journey
  145. >Going for broke, you slip your tongue into her mouth which causes a surprised moan to escape her throat
  146. >Suddenly you taste pastries, and you begin pushing yourself to keep it together
  147. >She's melting into your embrace now, well, as much of an embrace as you can give
  148. >You break the kiss and climb off the bed in order to undress yourself
  149. >The clothes fall to the floor one by one as she eyes your form with interest
  150. >"You have quite the interesting body Anonymous. Sure, it might not be a stallion that I'm accustomed to, but if the rumors are true, then that won't matter one bit. Will it?" She asks running a hoof on her 3 mile long thigh
  151. "You will see soon enough your blubberness," you reply while climbing back onto the bed and approaching her like a predator approaches its prey
  152. >You almost lose it at the fact she didn't bat an eye whatsoever to you calling her fat
  153. 8/14
  155. >The sloppy kissing resumes as your hands trail her, surprisingly soft, body
  156. >It's like running your hands along fine silk and your favorite blanket straight out the dryer at the same time
  157. >Well, You couldn't really compare curling up in a real warm blanket to running your hands along something soft, but the response to the feeling from your mind and body was similar: niiice
  158. >She gets more into it as your hands and fingers make contact with her breasts and fondle them tenderly
  159. >The two of you break the kiss once more for breath as she looks up at you with... what you think might be pleading
  160. >Risking the gamble you move your hand further south and make contact with her folds
  161. >Her ears stand up at attention immediately as she lets out a sudden gasp
  162. >Has she never experienced foreplay before?
  163. >Teasing her a bit you note all the different motions of her body
  164. >The motion of the ocean is putting it lightly
  165. >She squirms and writhes under your ministrations along with groans of pleasure
  166. >Feeling enough is enough, you prepare to mount, but not before turning her over
  167. "I do hope you are ready for this your largeness because many mares find it difficult to walk once I'm through," You boast while prodding the great expanse before you
  168. >Now you really know why people can't lie when they say they like big butts
  169. 9/14
  171. >"Do not concern yourself with that servant. I shall be the judge of my capacity for mobility once we are through." She warns
  172. >That sounded a little narcissistic, but whatever
  173. >You respond with more prodding as she moans in return
  174. >Those ears of hers are slowly pressing against her head as the heat emanating from the nebula of arousal before you increases
  175. >After sufficiently coating your length, currently running on "why" power, you take one last look at the abyss
  176. >You fucking swear it blinked at you
  177. >Time seems to slow down as you enter her gripping walls
  178. >They're pulling, tugging, and stroking your rod as you continue your journey
  179. >That actually feels kinda good, and when you hilt it feels like resting against a soft cushion
  180. >Film-reel-screen-for-a-butt lets out a sigh when your hips sink into her flanks
  181. >Wait, are you actually sinking into her rolls!? Oh god, are you!?
  182. >Oh whoops, no you're not, they're just jiggling slightly as the bump from your hips returns like a ripple on the surface of a lake
  183. >That bump rippled all the way up to the front, swung around her body, and came back at you ending in a quite pleasurable feeling you admit
  184. >This is the most disturbing thing you've ever been a part of you think to yourself
  185. >Believing she has had enough time to adjust you begin pulling out
  186. >Her muscles are really unhappy about this it seems because they're tugging much harder now
  187. >Fighting against it with a grunt you make it to the edge with just your tip inside
  188. 10/14
  190. >You thrust back in to the hilt at an increased pace, sending another small wave through her form
  191. >Keeping in time with these waves, you begin to tap your hips against hers at the precise moment that ripple reaches back around
  192. >As it rolls through, it feels like an extra massage to your member since her skin is so soft and pliable
  193. >Her moans begin to increase in intensity after about 30 seconds of constant thrusting
  194. >It appears those ears of hers are trying to glue themselves to her head
  195. >Without warning she stops, shudders, and presses herself against you
  196. >Her walls send a wave of vibrations and heat along your organ, and a torrent of fluids coats the area surrounding your pelvis as she cries out
  197. >You give her a moment, but keep yourself buried inside
  198. >Panting heavily, she looks back at you
  199. >"How... have... you're not...?" She struggles between pants
  200. "I'm not that fast your roly-polyness," you reply softly
  201. >"Mighty impressive... servant... now continue," she instructs, finally catching her breath
  202. >You turn her over on to her back where she previously was, and follow her command
  203. >This time you give her body a bit more of a pounding as you increase the strength behind your thrusts
  204. >You're going to rut her into oblivion before this is all over
  205. >She seems to enjoy this as her body melts into the bed and her form becomes yours
  206. >The prey has given up its struggle, so the predator may now feast
  207. 11/14
  209. >Increasing the power of your thrusts, you start gnawing on her neck passionately
  210. >This really gets her going as she shouts out her approval with things like "yes" and "MORE"
  211. >You work your way up to her muzzle with kisses and force your lips onto hers
  212. >She continues to moan into your mouth, but puts up an interesting struggle with her tongue
  213. >Not giving her the chance, you dominate hers and seek out whatever remnants of food still linger about
  214. >You taste all kinds of things in her mouth, but you're actually not that horrified anymore
  215. >It feels slightly like a challenge now with each moment of horror she sends your way
  216. >Defeat is not an option because what are you here to do?
  217. >Wreck pony plot!
  218. >One and a half minutes in, you can feel your peak approaching, even though she has reached hers a few times already
  219. >A couple of them were silenced by your domination of her mouth
  220. >She's screaming, begging, and pleading for you to finish her off now
  221. >Just when you think you're about to put an end to this you hear and see something rather unexpected
  222. >A doughnut hangs precariously before you and she calls out to you
  223. >"Yes! Yes! Anonymous, wait!" She stops you with a hint of urgency in her voice
  224. "What is it your bloatedness?"
  226. >What. The. Fuck?
  227. >Not wanting to disappoint, you grab the doughnut and force feed her
  228. >She screams into the dough as you stuff her face with the glazed pastry
  229. 12/14
  231. >Her body writhes once more in orgasm as fluids spurt out from her lower lips
  232. >The feeling of her walls vibrating against you again is the last straw
  233. >With no amount of fanfare, you plunge into her depths, and release everything you can inside
  234. >You were about to be worried about finishing inside, but she continues her screams of approval
  235. >Pulling out, you rest on your ass in front of that dripping crag
  236. >She finally sinks into the bed, and you observe your apparent victory
  237. >The once mighty queen now lays before you as a pile of puddy
  238. >A rather large pile, but a pile nonetheless
  239. >Nagging questions about why she let herself go plague your mind, but it doesn't really matter
  240. >You did what you came for, and soon it will be time to collect your reward
  241. >Wiping the doughnut crumbs from her muzzle, she sits up to face you
  242. >The look in her eyes... is that gratitude?
  243. >You've never heard of such a thing coming from the queen
  244. >Determining that her message was received, she falls back and surrenders to sleep's warm embrace
  245. >Mission accomplished, this plot is officially wrecked
  246. >After getting your clothes back on, you walk over to her side and whisper, "you're very welcome your highness."
  247. 13/14
  249. >You make your way out of the bedroom and find guards awaiting you
  250. >A bag sits upon the floor between them, and one of them nudges it toward you
  251. >As you're about to pick it up, a hoof rest upon your shoulder
  252. >Looking over, you see a guard run his hoof along his lips and point to a note on the bag
  253. >Going out on a limb, you assume he meant to keep it down while the queen sleeps
  254. >You pick up the note and read it
  255. >It details how your services were most appreciated, make yourself available the next time the queen calls, and the best part, you don't have to stay in the dungeon
  256. >Hoisting the sack over your back, you stroll on out of the castle with your head held high
  257. >This da-NIGHT (GOD DAMMIT!) wasn't so bad after all
  258. >"There you are!" You hear a voice to your left
  259. >Oh fuck, it's that unicorn again
  260. >You spend the rest of the evening dodging the vengeful stallion on your way home
  261. >All in day's work for Equestria's only human Gigolo
  262. 14/14
  264. FIN
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