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  1.             <spawn id="Cuban Ambassador" skin="17,76" x="-2731.61" y="-325.43" z="7.18" rot="315" weapons="43,100" description="The diplomatic representative who oversees the Cuban Embassy and acts as the figurehead for the interests of the Cuban government." r="110" g="54" b="44" restricted="group,cuban-ambassador" />
  2.             <spawn id="Embassy Staff" skin="163,148" x="-2731.61" y="-325" z="7.18" rot="315" weapons="43,100" description="The diplomatic foreign service staff responsible for the every-day activities of the Cuban Embassy and its duties." r="110" g="54" b="44" restricted="group,cuban-embstaff" />
  4. Cuban Immigrante moved from LV-crim to SF-crim to: " x="-2752.28" y="-252.02" z="7.18" rot="180" "      <---(Same color same everything)
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