Dadonequus Discord (The After Years) A Bloom and Glimmer

Jun 11th, 2017
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  3. "mmmnnnn..."
  6. >You crack open an eye. slowly awakening from your slumber
  7. >Your door was being knocked on.
  8. >But the room was dark. It was still night.
  9. >And you barely slept from the studying you had been doing from the night before.
  10. >You are Starlight Glimmer
  11. >And you are wondering in the wide wide world of Equestria why somepony is knocking at your door.
  12. >you slowly get up with a yawn and go downstairs.
  13. >Your house was plain. Like every other house down the one street town.
  14. "H-hello?"
  15. >You murmur lowly. But you are not heard as you make your way to the door.
  16. "Hello?"
  17. >Still no answer. Your voice was still too low.
  18. >You yawn again, put a hoof to your mouth, and look at the window as you light a few candles with your magic.
  19. >It was definitely night time
  20. >You moan from exhaustion as you open the door.
  21. >"Heya Aunt Starlight!"
  22. >What? That voice?
  23. >You look down to see the slightly portly Anon Jr.. Looking up at you with a smile as he wags his tail like a puppy.
  24. "AJ?...ugh, what time is it? Why are you here so late?"
  25. >"Ummm...personal stuff?" AJ blushed and looked to the right, then the left. feeling nervous.
  26. >Oh knew exactly what it was.
  27. >You let out a heavy sigh
  28. "AJ, whatever this "personal stuff" is, don't you think it could have at least wait until the morning?"
  29. >"Isn't it the morning? Ummmm..." AJ grabs his horn and places it on his forehead. It changes into a unicorn horn. "Oh hey! it is!"
  30. >You groan as you look forward into the abyss.
  32. >You push the door open and let AJ inside
  33. "Come on in...."
  34. >"Yeah! I knew you'd understand Aunt Starlight!" AJ rushed in and grabbed a seat by the table.
  35. >You let out another tired moan as you went to your fridge.
  36. "Do you want a drink AJ?"
  37. >"Mhmmm! Yes please!" He said with a big smile
  38. >You sighed. He was a cute enough kid. Dense, but cute. You knew he didn't mean anything by it by waking you. You just wished he'd pick a better time. Illustrious would. Then again, You had to watch yourself around him. He was always nosing about in your basement when he had the chance. Something you didn't have to worry about with Anon Jr.
  39. >You used your magic to open the door and pull out a container of Apple Juice. It was juice freshly squeezed from Sweet Apple Acres Apples. The only kind of apples Anon Jr. will eat and drink.
  40. >You pour him a glass and place it on the table and sit across from him. You thought about making coffee. But you decided against it. Whatever it was. It shouldn't take that long.
  41. "Alright AJ, what exactly is the matter?"
  42. >AJ took a big gulp of his applejuice and wiped his muzzle. "well umm..Can I say thanks for the drink first?"
  43. >Yeah, a little dopey. But much more polite and adorable than his father. You couldn't help but let out a little bit of a smile.
  44. "Yes you can. You're welcome"
  45. >That made him give a bashful smile. "You're always so nice to me Aunt Starlight. You're the best"
  46. "I know I am."
  47. >You give him a cocky little smirk. He always knew how to get on your good side.
  48. >But now came the explanation.
  49. >"So My personal problem thing. Is well....You know Applebloom, right?"
  50. >Yep. You knew that'd be it.
  51. "AJ...We've been over this before. She's too old for you. And you're still a little too young for a relationship like that. Why don't you be like your little brother? He's not interested in fillies."
  53. >"Yeah but...Illustrious isn't interested in anything but sciency stuff and magicy stuff. And I'm not really good at sciency stuff. Oh!" Then he puts his hooves on the table, raises himself up in excitement, and smiles "But this time! I'm sure Applebloom really likes me!"
  54. >Poor poor AJ. This was the one thing that always broke your heart. Was his obsession with Applebloom. His obsession was similar to his father's. Except AT LEAST it wasn't to an evil bug queen. So you could work with that.
  55. "And what makes you think she's interested?"
  56. >"Well, I was helping Slip n' Slide, he wanted to try to get his Cutie mark by being able to slide on grass while moving super fast. So I thought of using soap and butter! So I shined up his hooves and wet them a little with a hose. And he went off like, super duper fast, it was like he was skating on ice. Anypony else would have tripped and fell. But Slip? He just took off like a...ahm...thing! And he got his cutie mark too!" He explained
  57. >awww...
  58. "Well, that was a really good thing you did AJ. I'm glad you were able to help a fellow pony like that. And the soap and butter? That was a really good idea. How'd you know it'd work?"
  59. >"Oh umm..I saw Dad trip on butter once. So I thought it'd be a good idea" AJ said with a half vacant expression
  60. >You just gave him a nervous smile. A-at least he was observant
  61. >But now to the matter at hoof.
  62. "What about Applebloom though? What does that have to do with her?"
  63. >"Well.....well...erm" AJ started to blush and rub his forelegs together. Feeling shy "She saw me help and came up to me and said "Good job Junior, ya did right by helping Slip n'Slide, I'm proud of you" "
  64. >AJ was so enamored he nearly fell over as he put his hoofs to his cheek "She said she was proud of me! Well, she usually says that whenever I help around the farm. But she said it for something other than farm work!"
  65. >You nearly fell over. You couldn't believe it.
  66. >If he wasn't so adorably naive....
  67. >...ugh
  69. >DARNIT...No, no it's fine. You're his aunt. You have to be there for him. This is something he needs help with. You got this Starlight.
  70. "AJ, I'm glad you're happy about this but I'm pretty sure she only meant that as a compliment. Look, I'm you're aunt. I'll always support you when you need me. I mean heck, I'll even use my magic to get you a little further ahead on a few things as long as it's not considered cheating. But this? AJ....Please, you have to give this up before you end up getting hurt. What about...erm..hmmm..aha! What about Sweetie Belle's daughter. Lullaby, wasn't it? She's cute"
  71. >"I guess" AJ shrugged "But she isn't as beautiful, smart, amazing, and hard working as Applebloom. Applebloom isn't lemonted by nothing. She's able to do anything she puts her brain to!"
  72. >....did he just say "lemonted"?
  73. "AJ...I just don't want to see you get hurt. But all I can think of doing is asking you, as your aunt, to find a filly your age. I mean...their usually extra soft and cuddly. You like, cuddles. Don't you?"
  74. >"Yup!"
  75. "Good, then we totally agre-"
  76. >"Especially from Applebloom"
  77. >.....
  78. "....ok then."
  79. >...oh boy. This was gonna be tough.
  80. >AJ could tell by your expression that you were a little annoyed. He looked down, feeling ashamed. "I'm sorry Aunt Starlight. Maybe I...shouldn't have bothered you and all."
  81. "AJ...Come here, come give your aunt so-"
  82. >And he interrupts you again
  83. >"WAIT! I GOT IT!" He jumped excitingly "What if I used my magic to make a fake Applebloom to take on a date? You could give me some pointers. And if everything goes perfect! I can try taking the real Applebloom on a date! I-I mean...erm. If she doesn't want to date after that. I guess I'd understand. But" He smiled with hope in his eyes "If I learn how to date before going on a date with her. Then I'll be a master and it'll work and all that good stuff"
  84. >.....huh?
  85. "AJ...before anything. How would you even make a "fake" Applebloom? Can your horn do that?"
  87. >"Ermmm..dunno. Dad told Grandpa to put some lemontations..or was that limitations?...well he put it on it. There was a big list of them but I forgot. So wouldn't hurt trying I guess" He shrugged
  88. >Would it?
  89. >You gave it some thought. It would be highly interesting to see Chaos magic used to create temporary life. Who knows what kind of data you could get from it. And surely if you shared notes with Princess Twilight. You could get some pretty amazing results.
  90. >And, as long as you were evaluating it. What could it hurt? AJ might fail the fake date. And finally understand what you're trying to tell him. You didn't want him to feel bad. just needed to happen.
  91. "You know AJ, you're right. It wouldn't hurt. So, what time would you want to do this fake date?"
  92. >"Erm...How about now? In your house? You could be our waiter!..I...I erm..I don't have any money for a real restaurant yet. Y-you don't mind. Right Aunt Starlight?" He gave you big ole sad eyes.
  93. >....patience Starlight. He's not being bad. He needs your help. And you're only cranky because of how early it is.
  94. "O-ok...I guess we can do it n-"
  95. >"THANK YOU AUNT STARLIGHT, THANK YOU! YOU'RE THE MOST AWESOME AUNT EVER!" AJ cheers as you jumps across the table to hug you.
  96. >You just smile nervously as you hug him back.
  97. >You hoped this wasn't a mistake.
  99. >As you thought about it however.
  100. >You realized that as interesting as it would be to see such magic being used. You had to make sure you and AJ would be safe from whatever he'd actually make.
  101. "Ok, but before we do this. I need to make a few safety checks. First. How many times have you done something like this? And what's your success rate?"
  102. >"Ummmm..." AJ pondered on that for a moment. Then gave you a big goofy grin "Well, I do something like this all the time! At least once a day! And success rate? I'm not really sure what ya mean by that. But if it means how many times it works. Well, every time!"
  103. >....seriously?
  104. "So, there's never ever been a problem? Then, why do you need me?"
  105. >"Well, ummm. I kinda need a teacher kinda pony who can grade me on how good I do. Since, I'm not really good enough to do that"
  106. >Hrnnn, he wanted to be evaluated. Weird. You always knew AJ as confident in everything he does. But his crush on Applebloom must really stifle his self confidence.
  107. "I can do that for you. I guess I just have one more question before we continue"
  108. >AJ started to get excited. He was ready "What? What is it Aunt Starlight?!"
  109. >This one was odd when you gave it more thought. Creating an artificial Applebloom. A homunculus of sorts. Obviously they were temporary. But you couldn't help but wonder what AJ did with them.
  110. "Yeah um...You never thought using this kind of magic is kind of...weird?"
  111. >He shook his head "Nope"
  112. "...Alright then. For the sake of study and to help you're dating skills. Let's get started. Let me just..."
  113. >Your horn started to glow as it released a light wave across the room.
  114. >AJ tilted his head, curious as to what that was "What kind of magic was that, Aunt Starlight?"
  116. "A Scanning Spell, it'll help me better identify the kind of magic you'll be using. Remember. Besides evaluating you, I'll be studying the kind of magic you'll be using for my own personal study. But remember AJ. I'll be scoring you based on your mannerisms and your creation's as well. An inaccurate Applebloom won't win you any points."
  117. >Woo, you sounded pretty official there
  118. >AJ saluted "I understand Aunt Starlight. Alright, I'm ready to cast the spell"
  119. >You tensed just a little. But you trusted AJ's word. He, as far as you knew, never lied. He was a good little colt at heart. Besides, this was going to be sooo interesting! You'd be able to share all kinds of notes with Twilight and Sunburst!
  120. "Go ahead AJ"
  121. >AJ aimed his horn at his drinking cup "Here I go!"
  122. >You watched in anticipation, this was going to be pretty neat!
  123. >Finally AJ released his magical bolt, it hit the cup and then..
  124. >The bolt started to bounce all along the house.
  125. >What?! WHAT?!
  126. "AJ?! WHAT'S GOING ON?!"
  127. >AJ just looked at the bouncing bolt with a vacant stare "dunno"
  129. >You dodged to the left as the bolt nearly hit you. And it just wouldn't stop?! What kind of magic was it?!
  130. >"Huh? Nope!" He continued to stare at the bolt
  132. >"Mhmm! Yup, I use my horn everyday! That's what you meant...right?" He looked at you, confused, ignoring the imminent danger.
  133. >Your eyes went wide
  134. >.....oohhhhhh Celestia......
  136. >"N-no...I-I..A-are you mad Aunt Starlight?" Yep, he totally didn't realize the danger. instead feeling bad that he might of upset you
  137. >Before you could answer however. You were struck from behind by the bolt.
  139. >something...was wrong..
  141. "Well ain't that somethin'. I sound mighty peculiar right now"
  142. >Wait..Wait!
  143. "Mah voice, it sounds like a....ngh..a"
  144. >You sounded all country like. even when you tried to force yourself to sound normal. You were forced to speak in an accent that sounded similar to...
  145. >"Applebloom!" AJ cheered as he rushed up to you with a grin "Heya Applebloom, I didn't know I cast a teleport spell. Ummm, hi! and...wait..." AJ looked around, confused "Aunt Starlight? Where did you go?"
  146. "Ah'm right here A....oh mah Celestia"
  147. >You raised your hooves. And they were no longer pink, but rather yellow looking. Your Tail was apple red. Your body felt lean and strong. You felt the energy of an athelete. And your horn? It was gone.
  149. >You grabbed AJ and shook him while in shock
  151. >"WHHHAAAA!" AJ yelled in fright, but blushed at the same time from your touching "IDON'TKNOWHAT'SGOINGON!"
  152. >.....
  153. >You dropped him as your mind went blank. You rushed upstairs then ran back down with a mirror in your hooves.
  154. >When you looked into could see...your original self.
  155. >But outside the mirror, you were Applebloom.
  156. >This wasn't good.
  157. "AJ....AJ...listen to me. I need you to pay attention closely. I am NOT Applebloom. Understand?"
  158. >AJ just looked up at you, confused "Huh? But you look and sound like her. Either you're her or your the cup...and." He looks over and sees that the cup was fine, then looked back at you with a smile "Nope, you're Applebloom alright. I bet Aunt Starlight is hiding somewhere. Sorry for waking you up Applebloom. I didn't mean to scare you and...and.." He started to blush hard and slow down "ummmmm...a-are you really going to go on a date with me?"
  161. "AJ...AHM YOUR AUNT!"
  162. >AJ was confused at first. Then he started giggling "T-that's a good joke!" It was a fake laugh. Only meant to appease "Applebloom"...who you weren't.
  163. >You started to grind your teeth together as you started to feel rage build up within you.
  164. "Come here AJ..."
  165. >You pointed to just in front of you. AJ of course, followed your order without question.
  166. >You hold the mirror towards him.
  167. "AJ, Ah want you to use this mirror. And look at me through it. Ok?"
  168. >Patience Starlight..he'll get it this time
  169. >"Ok"
  170. >He takes the mirror, and positions himself to be able to see you through it.
  171. >He can see the real you through it
  172. "Well?"
  173. >"Aunt did you get in the mirror?"
  174. >Your eye started twitching. Was he...really.....DARN IT!
  175. >DARN IT!
  176. "AJ, about face!"
  177. >You announce to him. He turns around, and blushes as he says "H-hi again Applebloom, d-did you know Aunt Starlight was in the mirror?"
  178. "Did ya know ah used to bathe ya and would squeak yer favorite duck toy, ya know, "Mr.Beaky" ?"
  179. >"What? I thought that was..." AJ's eyes went wide "YOU'RE NOT APPLEBLOOM! YOU'RE AUNT STARLIGHT!"
  180. >You let out a very heavy sigh, releasing as much of your pint up anger as possible
  181. "Finally, ya get it. AJ...I need to ask you-"
  182. >But you looked down at him, and noticed he was starting to cry.
  183. >"A-aunt Starlight? A-ah..I didn't mean to turn you into Applebloom. Are you mad at me? I didn't mean to make you mad at me. I just..." He grabbed onto your leg and started crying "I just really wanted Applebloom to like me..."
  184. >This colt...
  185. >You were still angry. But, he was just a colt. With a silly dream.
  186. >Ugh, you wanted to blow something up though. But maybe that was because you were tired.
  187. >you slowly wrap your other foreleg over him and bring him in for a gentle hug.
  189. "It's alright AJ, but this is what ah mean. even moreso, ya don't have ah full understandin of that horn yet. And yer still immature, Applebloom needs a strong, mature, and emotionally stable stallion. Ya understand, don't ya?"
  190. >AJ looked up at you with teary eyes, and nodded "Mhmmm...I...I get it now. I guess I can't try to get with Applebloom..."
  191. >Ok good..he understands.
  192. "Good, now let's-"
  193. >"I gotta work harder! I got to get stronger! even study more! Once I'm super ready, then I can try to date her! But for now...I guess, I can just be her friend...unless" He blushes "You know, she decides to date me all of a sudden"
  194. >....ohhh, it'll be'll be fine. At least it's progress.
  195. "AJ, ahm. Well, yer learnin' at least. But, let's get to the more important stuff. Is there anyway ya can change me back to, ya know, myself?"
  196. >"Oh um....nope. I don't know how. But Dad would! Maybe he could use his horn to fix it. He's still awake too. He's doing weird stuff right now. I think.."Human" things?"
  197. >Ok...that would be fine. If Anon could fix it. Then things will be ok.
  198. "Alright, then let's go see yer dad."
  199. >"Ok...but um. Aunt Starlight? Are you ok? I didn't hurt you did I? If you want, you can punish me. I really didn't mean for this to happen though." AJ said as he sat and looked at you with sad eyes.
  200. >You could see in his eyes that he was pretty broken up about what he did to you. AJ was a heroic and kind soul. He loved helping ponies, and always felt bad if he hurt anyone. He was a bit of a prankster too. But he never really did anything too bad unless his Grandpa was involved. Knowing all this, well, how could you berate him? He knew what he did wrong. So you call to him again, and give him a big big big hug.
  201. "It's alright AJ. more careful next time? And pay more attention to what ponies tell you, ok?"
  202. >"Ok Aunt Starlight..and" You looked down at him to see him blushing heavily.
  203. >...oh boy, here we go.
  205. "You want a kiss so you can say Applebloom kissed you, right?"
  206. >He nodded
  207. >You gave him a warm smile, looked into his eyes, and opened your mouth
  208. "...No"
  209. >His ears dropped
  210. >"Ok..."
  211. >After the hug and through the power of AJ's map. Which actually turned out to be Anon's old map as AJ wasn't actually allowed to travel at night. You ended up in Anon's old room. Left as it was, and then reappeared near town hall through his old portal door. You both then went back to the manor.
  212. >AJ asked to let him go in first to get Anon. Fearing what would happen should his mother finds out he was out at night.
  213. >Being the ever patient and understanding Aunt. You let him do what he needed to do. You didn't want to cause him any trouble. But you would discuss with Anon how SOMETHING had to be done.
  214. >After some time. AJ and Anon stepped out. Anon was wearing a drink hat while he had some sort of odd device on his back. It looked like a Telescope.
  215. >"Junior, you sure that's your aunt? That really looks like Applebloom to me." Anon looked around "This isn't a joke, right?"
  216. >"N-no, that's really her. I accidentally changed her into Applebloom" AJ explained as he walked to your side.
  217. >"Cool" Anon looked closely at you.
  218. > didn't like this at all.
  219. >"Anon, ya'll serious? Yer son came to visit in the middle of the night without telling anypony! Used his horn irresponsibly even though it was kinda mah fault for lettin' him try somethin. But still, all ya have to say about that is "Cool?". How could ya even say that?!"
  220. >Anon shrugged "I mean..yeah. I'll talk to him about it, sure. But, it's the middle of the night. And Junior tends to forget things when you tell him while he's tired."
  221. >You look down at AJ, who was yawning. ugh...fine
  222. "Ok then. Fine, I guess. What about changin' me back. Can ya do it?"
  224. >"Oh no, totally could. But" Anon chuckles "It's kinda funny to see you like this Starlight. And I sorta always wanted to try something with Applejack or Applebloom but never got the chance. See, I'm playing Super Scope right now in the study. But I could pop in Symphony of the Night, show you the intro dialogue. And then I could record you saying Dracula's lines. Wouldn't that be awesome?" He snickered "It'd be hilarious"
  225. >You narrowed your eyes at him
  226. "one, ah have no idea what yer talkin' about. But ah don't like it. And two, ah ain't doin nothing like that, not no way, not no how. Ah want mah body back. And if ya think it's so funny, maybe we should get yer wife in on the joke"
  227. >Anon's eyes went wide when you said that "WOAH! Woah! Ok ok, relax. I'm sorry, I'm just a little tipsy. Ok? Woo, you have no idea. If Diamond found out about any of this. She's take my horn away, and I don't mean the one I put on my head"
  228. >"What other horn do you mean, Dad? I thought you only had one" AJ asked, naive to what his father meant.
  229. >You look down to AJ, and put your hoof on his shoulder
  230. "AJ, don't worry about it alright. Your father is just doing and saying things he shouldn't."
  231. >"Oh." AJ then looks to his father "I think I remember Mom saying you shouldn't be staying up playing human games Dad, she says it has a bad influence on you and us."
  232. >Anon sighs. "Son, I...c'mon, I rarely get to do-"
  233. >But you cut him off
  234. "He's right ya know. You're better than this Anon, ya shouldn't be doin' things like this. Also, those cups ain't got what I think they got. Ya know you can't be drinking like that"
  235. >"It's not. It's soda, I'm just tipsy because I'm up so late and......ok, I guess that sets a bad example for Junior. Huh?"
  236. >You nod
  237. "Yep"
  238. >"Ok, fine. I get it, I'm sorry. We still on for the family picnic tomorrow?" Anon asked
  240. "Ah guess, it's gonna have to be a little later though. I'm plum tuckered out. So make with the magic already"
  241. >And Anon did so.It was a simple task for him to cause chaos on Anon Jr.Chaos to change you back to normal by cancelling his magic out.
  242. >Afterwards. Anon decided it'd probably be a good idea to resign himself to bed. While also contemplating on how he should lecture his son tomorrow.
  243. >You asked if you could talk to AJ before sending him to bed. Giving him a little bit of your ole GlimGlam stare to scare him a little into it.
  244. >When you were alone.AJ looked up at you, worried. "Are you mad at Dad, Aunt Starlight?"
  245. "Yes, because he was being irresponsible. He should have noticed you had taken his old map and left . It sets a precedent that you can do whatever you want. When in truth, nopony can do that. As it could end up hurting other ponies..or themselves."
  246. >"I guess that makes sense...I just didn't want to bother him is all. He looked like he was having fun. He doesn't usually get to play by himself unless it's really late. And even then, he only does it a couple of times a month while Mom is asleep....Is my Dad a bad Dad."
  247. >.......
  248. >You lean down and put a hoof on AJ's shoulder, and give him a soft smile
  249. "You're father is a great stallion AJ. He's heroic, and tries to help ponies, and he's loving. It's just sometimes he gets selfish and..other things. There's a lot of things AJ, but I figure I shouldn't say them. I don't want to give a bad impression or anything. Because when your father's heart is in it. He really does amazing things"
  250. >"I know, Dad is the one who told me that I should use my horn to help anypony in need. Mom says I should try to do it without it. But Dad thinks I should master my horn. Because sometimes, my hooves alone can help anypony. But I only get one charge, so I'm always working to make myself faster or stronger if I can"
  251. >Anon...
  253. "And their both right AJ. If somepony is in trouble. Say a friend or your family or classmates. Then you should do anything you can to help them. With or without the horn. AJ, listen to me. Don't worry about tonight. Alright? Just remember what I told you. And please...please...try to keep this kind of thing to a minimum, alright? Applebloom is always going to be there, so try to take things slow. I mean, who knows. Maybe you'll find that she really isn't your type after all. Maybe you'll find a cute little filly to play with and protect."
  254. >"I dunno...maybe. But...nah, Applebloom will always be my number one. And sooner or later, I'll figure out the secret of dating so I can win her heart. But, erm..considering all that's happened tonight. I could take it a lot slower. I don't want to seem like one of those creepy stalkers or anything"
  255. >That was good enough
  256. "We'll start with that, and work our way up. Now come give your Aunt Starlight a hug and kiss"
  257. >And so he did, apologizing again for what he did. And then headed inside to go to bed.
  258. >Overall, this wasn't the best night you ever had.
  259. >Anon could have used a slap. But that's alright.
  260. >AJ though? He'd be alright, he was still young and rather naive. He'd realize sooner or later that he's just too young.
  261. >You yawn and start feeling up your body for a way back to your house.
  262. >Of course, you realized. That the only way, portal wise, to get to and from your town was through Anon's portal and the one in your basement.
  263. >Or to use the one in Anon's old room that you had no access to.
  264. >And at this point. No doubt Anon went back to bed to avoid angering his wife.
  265. >You were too tired for this. So you fell to your side. Onto the grass.
  266. >This was fine. You'd sleep here. It'll be ok....
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