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  1. <color=red>Welcome To Kiwi Servers Please Enjoy Your Stay And Join The Discord :D
  2. This Is New Zealand Hosted server So Have Fun :)</color>
  3. <color=orange>Discord: </color>
  5. <color=yellow>Rules:
  6. 1. Don't Bully, Be Racist or Toxic, You will be brought and possibly Temp-Ban
  7. 2. You Can Mic Spam Just Don't Be Excessive Or Play Pornographic Material (you will be muted)
  8. 3. Treating To DDoS The Server Or Network Will Result To Harsh Punishments
  9. 4. Cheating Or Exploiting Is Prohibited
  10. 5. Don't Dis The Server, The Whole Point Of It Is For Fun And For The Community</color>
  12. <color=#add8e6ff> SMOD2 Plugins Don't Work With MP2, as soon as the new version comes out I'm adding it</color>
  14. <color=red>Why Was This Made: Because I Wanna Get To Know The Community More And Also Have A Vanilla Server With Some Plugins That's Fun And... Also Isnt Laggy For All Other Players (Aussies Have Horrible Internet And The NZ Host Is A Bit More Useful For Both Sides)</color>
  15. <color=orange>Contact: ShadowKamokezi#4793 On Discord </color>
  17. <color=green>[Powered By GNZServers]</color>
  19. <color=#add8e6ff>Donating 2$ will give you priority access to queue, No More Waiting Get Playing
  21. (this links directly to PayPal Donations)</color>
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