Highschool DxD Power Rankings

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  1. Rias
  3. -Uses Destruction magic
  4. -If mastered she can be at Sirzech's level probably won't happen but this is hypothetically
  5. -Has 1 shot KO move that she hasn't used but apparently its power surpasses the retire system in the Rating Games
  6. -Her tits recharges Issei's energy
  8. Akeno
  10. -She's a Queen so she has the traits of Bishop, Knight and Rook
  11. -Uses Holy Lightning
  12. -Fallen Angel mode increases her powers
  13. -Her lightning can form into a dragon able to move on its own and destroy large fragments of rocks
  14. -Possibly in the future she can make a full bodied dragon out of lightning that can shoot fire/lightning?
  16. Kiba
  18. -Fast as shit
  19. -Has Sword Birth which can make an infinite amount of swords
  20. -Uses Holy-Demonic swords
  21. -Blade Blacksmith can summon an army of Dragon Knights (Still has yet to perfect it)
  22. -Has the strongest Demonic Dragon slaying sword Gram
  24. Xenovia (probably the most broken)
  26. -Also fast as shit
  27. -Has Ex-Durandal (combination of all the Excaliburs and Durandal Jesus fuck)
  28. -She has only mastered Excalibur Destruction, Mimic, Transparency and Rapidly
  29. -If she masters Nightmare and Ruler she wins
  31. Koneko
  32. -Rook so huge amounts of physical strength
  33. -Uses Senjutsu so she can detect enemies and apparently mastering Senjutsu the user can control space and time
  34. -Uses Youjustu which creates illusions? Not much known about this yet
  35. -Uses Touki which boosts defense, endurance and offense
  37. Rossweisse
  38. -Also Rook so high offense and defense
  39. -Norse magic user using long range and bombarding attacks
  40. -Uses ice, fire, water, lightning, wind, thunder, light, summoning, and explosive based magic.
  41. -Learning defense magic which right now is strong enough to shield against balance breakers
  43. Gasper
  44. -Can turn into a fucking bat
  45. -Can stop time (only after drinking Issei's blood)
  46. -Is good at human based magic
  47. -Broken Gasper can create shadows that devour everything, generate monsters and stop time for multiple opponents
  54. Asia
  55. -Can heal
  56. -Can also use bow and arrow heal but it's weaker than direct touch
  57. -Can summon Fafnir the pantsu loving Dragon King
  58. -Ophis granted her a bond with dragons (hinting at a later bond with Tiamat?)
  59. -May be able to summon more than 1 monster at a time?
  61. Issei
  62. -He's a pawn so he can turn into a Bishop, Knight, Rook or Queen
  63. -Uses mutation pieces so he can do it any time he wants
  64. -Boosted Gear has the power to kill fucking Jesus Christ once mastered
  65. -Can transfer his power to other people
  66. -Has one of Vali's jewels so he can use Divine Dividing. He can't use it yet since it will most likely kill him but Azazel said he might be eventually to use it
  67. -Dress Break
  68. -Bilingual
  69. -Rias' tits give him a recharge on energy
  70. -Can breathe fire
  71. -Also has a high resistance to fire
  72. -Can turn parts of his body into a dragon
  73. -He can use the Dragon Slaying sword Ascalon in his Balance Breaker punches
  74. -Has a fucking flying ship
  75. -Can double his power anytime he wants in Balance Breaker form as long as his body can handle it
  76. -Illegal Move Trident allows him to transform in a Bishop with huge cannons, a Knight with godlike speed and a Rook with huge amounts of defense and offense
  77. -Also has True Queen form which is an alternative of Juggernaut Drive so he won't die. It incorporates all 3 pieces and is the most balanced
  78. -Hasn't mastered Bishop and Knight so his Queen form isn't perfected
  79. -Boosted Gear apparently has more abilities that are unknown right now
  80. -He's MC so he's going to be the strongest and making this whole list was pointless
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