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Jan 17th, 2020
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  2. John Polson
  3. 7:07 PM (39 minutes ago)
  4. to me
  6. Thank you so much for sharing! It was fun but hard. I was in two different rooms after the save spot where enemies seem to keep coming (blue bubbles on each side) and died :(. I wasn't sure if they stopped or I sucked, but that's how far I got... which isn't too far.
  8. I liked how a mid air dash and/or air comboing allowed the player to reach far places. There was no explanation when i hit the area with pegs (where the brown vines are) or something that allowed me to jump on them in mid air, so I didn't know it took a well timed mid air tap of the jump button :) I found the purple piece to get rid of the vines, but I'm not sure I understood what damage the vines were causing in the first place...
  10. The melee felt somewhat satisfying. Her attacks looked kind of good and were pronounced. I think the magical attacks could use a lot more visual flare and potentially have elemental effects (like the snow storm one freezes enemies). I wonder if the act of juggling could have more gameplay implications/uses than just killing the enemy. A combo meter that when built lets you do special things for a limited time?
  12. I'm not sure what the overworld map GIF is trying to convey in the Pitch (does the ship stumble upon a secret warp point?)
  14. Our game flynn has a dark world as well. It would be good to know more how these games differ, though thankfully Flynn releases much sooner.
  15. Do you have any cool/unique abilities planned?
  16. Why does your hair turn pink? Is her pink her part of an elevated SUPER SAIYAN like form? :)
  18. Putting in a command so people can play the demo full screen would be useful I think for the Kickstarter too.
  20. I say, impress the heck out of players with a smaller heavily polished section (visually and with some unique mechanics), instead of giving them a huge area with un-finished assets.
  22. Overall, I look forward to the full demo and supporting your kickstarter! I think the next steps you said is that you wanted to wait until you complete your kickstarter, correct?
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