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  1. Gumiho
  2. @Shinjo Kurosawa Hey there cool cat!
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  4. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  5. Sup dog how you been
  6. You'll never believe what I want from you today
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  8. Gumiho  
  9. I'm excited! What are we up to?
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  11. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  12. Daidoji Fubuku(?) And her tea shop, in the ongoing journey to find Kairi a husbando
  13. I think that was her name
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  15. Gumiho  
  16. OH GRANNY.
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  18. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  19. If that gets wrapped up too fast, I'd also like to see how I could get my hands on some horse barding
  20. I actually got Kairi to give me poems the absolute madwoman, I can post them here or via PM along with her roll
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  22. Gumiho  
  23. WOOT!
  24. Okay, so, let's first begin with Fubuku in her shop, steadily preparing tea for people who pass by. It's really remarkably well maintained; polished woods and fine carving and she is putting on a kettle to boil as Kurosawa arrives.
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  26. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  27. There's no horse today, just Kurosawa. The man woukd duck into the shop and announce himself promptly: "I, Shinjo Kurosawa of the Unicorn clan, have returned as requested." Maybe a bit louder than acceptable in a small shop, but he would also bow deeply at the Crane as she kettles about.
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  29. Gumiho  
  30. "A good, Shinjo-san. My eyesight is going and if he keeps bellowing about in that fashion I will soon be deaf to join it." Fubuku poured tea for him first and then herself, making her way over to take a seat near him.
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  32. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  33. Five seconds in and he was already tripping. "My apologies." Guess not every old person turned deaf like his grandfather. He bowed his head again. "Thank you again for the tea leaves from before, Oba-san. I have been practicing making tea since you showed me their true value before." He would pause, hands fumbling together awkwardly. Should he bring out the poems now, or was it impolite to being it up so quickly? Now he could make the tea, but the ceremony part he presumably still sucked at.
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  35. Gumiho  
  36. "Tell me about the flavors in that tea? What did I use to make it?" She gestured to the cup and then for him to drink it.
  37. (( Can you make me either a Perception OR Intelligence + Investigation roll? ))
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  39. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  40. ((unskilled intelligence it will be))
  41. ((14!))
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  43. Gumiho  
  44. (( He can taste some floral notes. There's a sweetness. ))
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  46. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  47. The Unicorn paused after a small sip, and then another sip. "It's... flowery. Not like most teas. And..." Sip, "sweet?" His face was lost in thought for a second. "Did you sweeten it with honey..?" An idea he might have had but he was still mostly firing blind.
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  49. Gumiho  
  50. "Honeysuckle nectar. You have a child's sense of taste, what do they feed you back at your home or do you just gulp it down before you can tell? From what I've heard that might be for the best." She took a sip from her drink. "There are different herbs in there along with tea leaves. It's good for the digestion." She explained. "Now, I gave you a homework assignment before."
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  52. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  53. Augh. Way off. He decided to not inform her that yes, he often did just gulp it down prior to his meeting her. The only part he got right was the 'honey' but not actual bee honey. Fubuku's words whipped almost as hard as Mako, but he took it more gracefully than a bokken to the chest. But he would remember, for next time: herbs, like Kairi used on his face. Except they were also delicious. He slowly drained the rest of his cup and set it down gently, before reaching into his travellers pack and withdrawing twin scrolls made on nice parchment(?) and handing them to her. Inside Kairi's scroll was: Lying, listening, Wind carries thoughts from the heart Waiting to be found (Rolled a 20) And inside Kurosawa's was: Still, dark, silent night morning bird's song and light masked Never to return (31 with void earlier today) ((If you want I can also roll calligraphy for laughs))
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  55. Gumiho  
  56. The woman studied both scrolls quietly, nodding to herself as she read them each. "Did you write these together or seperately?"
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  58. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  59. "Seperately." Aw shit. "Were we supposed to write them together?" He raised an eyebrow at that. "If it helps," he began, "she was granted, from a Nakodo to marry whomever. So if you have someone worthy, it should not be a problem, yes?" He clasped his hands together nervously. So long as the candidate didn't suck, everything would be just fine.
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  61. Gumiho  
  62. "There are similarities. She must have been special to you." Fubuku said. "This Kairi-san has been alone for some time much like you?"
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  64. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  65. "Well..." he paused. It'd only been five years for him since... his homecoming. His nervous expression turned into a sad line. "Kairi-sama has been too busy all her life, she said, to find a husband." He nodded slowly. "Confident, kind, strong and assertive. Fond of children. And a visionary." As for him, well. "I too, met with the nakodo, but I do not believe myself worthy. Maybe in time." He murmured and looked away from Fubuku.
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  67. Gumiho  
  68. "And why is that, samurai? If he is not worthy to himself then why should anyone ever listen to his thoughts on others?" Came the retort.
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  70. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  71. Ah, wow now that really stung. He was terrible but not his cousin. He sharply turned to meet her gaze. "It is different," the white haired man insisted. Internally he struggled. He couldn't just reveal why he believed himself unworthy. "She is wonderful, kind, smart, beautiful." Lotsa things. "And I am foolish. And my heart belonged to another." He actually admitted it, sort of. He turned his gaze downwards, fully expecting a get out or perhaps something more severe.
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  73. Gumiho  
  74. His tea cup was poured again. "There's more." She insistent patiently. "Plenty of samurai have hearts that belong to others and some handle it with discretion and some without. But you... you wear your face too openly. You wouldn't carry on an affair even if a pretty conceit was allowed, would you? No." Her cup was poured next. "That would make you upset, perhaps. But... not unworthy. So continue."
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  76. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  77. He had gone this far, and the Daidoji seemed like she wouldn't hesitate to continue to draw from his well. His pale face tinged with red at the thought of an affair, from anger or embarrassment, just a volatile cocktail of emotions. "Never, I would never. A samurai is loyal..." Said the worst samurai. He fidgeted more like an ant burning under a magnifying glass. Well, someone had to learn his secret someday. He took the tea into his hands, the comforting warmth doing little for his soul. "The only person I loved was..." The words caught in his throat, as if they did not want to escape. Once this was out there was no taking it back. "Killed. In an accident." That wasn't quite all of it. "I killed her." He would take a deep slow swig of the tea, trying to drown his feelings with it's heat.
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  79. Gumiho  
  80. She stared. Watching him as he spoke. "His unworthiness comes from his not feeling worthy to have done such a thing... or because he has done such a thing?" The woman's typically sharp voice softened as she eyed him thoughtfully.
  81. ________________________________________
  82. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  83. There was a lot more, but the baggage limit would be reached today. He finished the tea and set it down, mind racing. "I cannot give my heart away; it is dead and buried in the sand with it's true owner many miles away. And one who committed such an atrocity, should not be permitted to wed anyways." Wait he was supposed to be here on business was for Kairi not himself.
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  85. Gumiho  
  86. "Oh, you poor stupid child." Despite her words there was a warmer tone to them as she sat near him. "Look at me in the eye and say after me 'I did not do the right thing when I killed that woman'. Don't look away, I want to see your face."
  87. ________________________________________
  88. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  89. "Girl. We were barely sixteen years." Why did that matter? His eyes were magnetized to the intricate wood table, how elegant carved and beautiful it was. How it desperately- no, he desperately wanted to look at it, at anything, other than the woman. He had done the right thing, to kill Li. Unless she was surprising his grandfather with some midnight tea while dressed to kill. His grey eyes pulled up at last like an octopus being yanked out of anything and levelled them at the Daidoji. "I... did not do the right thing when I killed... that woman." His voice wavered slightly but was otherwise clear.
  90. ((oh wow sorry I realized I've gone over your time, forgive me))
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  92. Gumiho  
  93. (( I was late starting so I was adding a little more ))
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  95. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  96. ((someday I'll get Saturday off and devote this time properly))
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  98. Gumiho  
  99. She stared at him as he spoke. "I don't believe you." She went behind the counter to pick up a small wrapped bundle to hand to Kurosawa. "Tell it to this person once a day for a week. Then, come talk to me."
  100. ________________________________________
  101. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  102. He took the bundle carefully, feeling it carefully as if trying to discern what was inside. A hard swallow and he looked away from her in shame. Even she knew he was guilty, as he believed all these years, obviously. "I will. Thank you for the tea and this, Oba-san." Oh man were they gonna play 3 refusals right now? She'd have to be offended if they were supposed to since he was not thinking straight. He turned to make his exit, shoulders slumped before straightening up as he prepared to go out into the city. "Please do not forget my cousin." His voice was soft and almost hard to hear, in contrast from when he first arrived. "She deserves happiness, and I would sacrifice much to bring it to her." With that, unless she had more business, he would duck out into the street and to wherever he was needed next.
  103. ((what's in the bag, by the by? I have an idea but..))
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  105. Gumiho  
  106. (( It is a mirror. ))
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  108. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  109. ((heh. Thank you Gumi for putting up with my slow posting))
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  111. Gumiho  
  112. (( I had fun! ))
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