Cheer Up Brother in Law !!! - 14

Jul 31st, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

Cheer Up Brother in Law !!! --- Publisher Link

Notable Characters:

Name / Nickname Situation Family Tie Relationship
Kim Jung Hoon (MC) CEO JH Construction Kim's Sister X-BiL Divorced
Kim Jiwoo (Ex-wife) [N/A] Eldest Sister Divorced
Kim Jiyoung (Blue) [N/A] Second Sister Single
Kim Jimin (Pink) [N/A] Third Sister Single
Kim Jisoo (Darky) [N/A] Youngest Sister Single
Kim Jimin (Bro) MC's Personal Assistant MC's Best Friend [N/A]

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Chapter - 14

Kim's House - Darky's Bedroom Darky x Pink

Pink starts to feel that she played with the wrong guy and after hearing all the story she's saying to her little sis how can it be possible.. Darky warns her and tells her how it's because of that she told the truth to Blue because she doesn't know what MC can do if he learns the truth someday..
She continues saying how she doesn't know what will happen when MC will be aware of the whole scheming against him.

Kim's Residence - Garden MC

MC is alone looking at his phone ringing.. It's his Urologist ("탑비뇨기과" => "Top Urology")


Kim's Residence - Garden MC

He looks at the caller thinking how he felt something was strange from the beginning..

Flash Back

Kim's Residence - Living Room Pink x Ex-Wife x MC

MC is dispirited learning about his erectile dysfunction and wonders what to do, Pink's siting next to him trying to comfort him. Ex-Wife is silent looking at them from the kitchen.

He narrates how Pink introduced him to an urologist as if she knew from the beginning what was his "problem".

She told him how this place was reputed to be the best in South Korea and she already looked at it for him.

After visiting this "expert" he took the same medicine for 6 whole months and the diagnostics were always the same without any improvement, and after some times he received the paper asking for a one-sided divorce..

JH Construction Head - CEO's Office MC x Bro

Bro asks MC how this demand of divorce doesn't make any sense, MC looks at the paper and mutters Sec name.
(TLN: '김비서' => Secretary Kim, I don't know if he's blood related to MC but there is a lot of people named 'Kim' in this toon..)

Bro says how before asking for a divorce he'll sue the hospital because their treatment didn't work, he adds how this hospital sounded suspicious from the beginning and doesn't understand why his sisters-in-law are so against him consulting another specialist. (Well they're blood related, adopted or gang brotherhood, he calls MC's Wife sister-in-law).
MC's angry and hit his desk with his fist telling him to not speak nonsense about his wife and family, Bro bows toward MC and apologizes. MC narrates how he wanted to believe in them, he corrects himself saying he couldn't help to but to believe in them..

He looks at his crotch narrating how one day, his bro came to the office really angry because the judgement fell and MC lost a lot of money in his divorce.

JH Construction Head - CEO's Office MC x Bro
(Still a Flashback but it's just after Pink left his office with the rape charge)

Bro is really pissed saying how it doesn't make any sense, he asks him how he can be so calm because what he need to pay to his Ex-Wife is a straight 'robbery' the same with the rape accusation and tells him he was sure of it and there is something fishy.
MC looks at him saying how he'll meet his sister-in-law tonight and he'll know more at that time. MC warns his brother to not involve himself in this case.. Bro is annoyed and asks him if it's still important now that he was already robbed.

(TLN: Pink will fill a complaint against MC for rape if he doesn't agree to marry her..)

Bro can't take it anymore, he scratches his head saying 'Boss', he changes his way to address to his older bro and calls MC by his name surprising him. He moves closer to him and puts his hand on MC's shoulder, he tells him how he's aware how the word 'Family' is important for him so it's why he did the same as MC and trusted his 'Family' for 6 whole months and asks him what's the result? How it's too much, his sudden impotence, wife cheating, divorce and now rape charge. He tells him how he didn't recognize him anymore and tells him to wake up and he'll not let him leave his office until he acknowledges that something his wrong with his 'in-law family', he says he doesn't talk to him as his Right Hand Man / Secretary but as his best friend. (Gang Brotherhood and not blood related then..)

MC takes his pack of medicine and tells him to investigate this and to not pay the bill with his business card, he asks him to find the ingredients that compose this thing and to make him a report when it's done. Bro picks up the medicine and looks at it while smiling because he can finally investigate what sounded fishy for him since long ago.

JH Construction Head - Parking Bro

Bro is wearing black clothes and a black hood, concealing his identity, he's in his car and thinks about what was said in MC's office before leaving it.

Bro asks him what MC will do tonight with his sister-in-law, MC tells him how it's him on the video and he'll take responsibility for what he did to Pink.

Bro is driving is car saying 'That's what you should have done from the beginning Boss'.

JH Construction Head - CEO's Office MC

MC thinks about what to do tonight and asks himself if he really can forcefully erase it, he makes up is mind saying how he can't do any more mistakes.


Kim's Residence - Garden MC x Bro

MC answers the call and asks if it's Secretary Kim, the caller tells him yes and how he analysed the ingredients of his medicines, he tells him he found numerous strains of SSRI (TLN: Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors, [SSRIs] are a class of drugs that are typically used as antidepressants in the treatment of major depressive disorders and anxiety disorders.)

MC is startled by Bro's report and asks him what's SSRI, he tells him it's a medicine used as an antidepressants and says one of the major side effects is the reduction of sexual desire and the suppression of the erectile function.
MC's face darkened hearing this, Bro continues saying how it's this drugs who caused his impotence, he finally adds how this treatment wasn't meant to cure him.

MC's whole body is shaking understanding that he was played since the beginning..

He thinks about what happened before and says how it was Pink who introduced him this establishment and when he wanted to change of specialist Blue told him how it would be the same in another hospital, he narrates how Blue always expressed her opposition to this idea.. There is a panel showing Blue telling him how this establishment was introduced to him by her and Pink and she asks if he didn't trust her.

MC narrates how the only thing he wanted to believe.. The reality caught him and shattered all this..
He hangs up and enters in the Kim's House.

Kim's House - Living Room Blue x Darky x Pink x MC

Pink hears the sound of the closing door and run toward MC, she tells to Darky how they'll talk about this later. She bumps into MC in the stairs, she's surprised to see him waiting her here, she looks at his expression thinking how the situation is too disadvantageous for her right now she'll think about a mean to arrange it later but right now she firstly needs to apologizes, she goes down the stair with her face full of fake tears, she apologizes to MC saying how she was wrong.. Blue look at the whole scene thinking that only Pink can act like this.. She looks away thinking how her sister already burnt all her chance to have MC for herself and she's happy about that.

There is a screams from Pink 'Oh my gosh', MC puts her in his embrace and apologizes to her, he says how he didn't know she'll go this far for him and tells her how he won't turn a blind eye to her feeling anymore. This sudden confession is making her blushes, she says MC's name (Kim Jung Hoon-ssi and not brother-in-law like always)
Blue is fucking pissed seeing her sis winning MC and asks herself what's the fuck is this..

MC makes a fucking scary face while hugging Pink..

To be continued..
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