Battle Arena FAQ

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  1. The Battle Arena is the guts facility. Each round consists of seven battles, and you're fully healed after each one. It's similar to the Tower, except for three rules: You cannot switch, your Pokemon are sent out in a fixed order, and battles between two Pokemon are decided by judging after the third turn. Your Pokemon are judged on "Mind" (how often they use damaging moves), "Skill" (how effective their moves are) and "Body" (how much damage they took). If they lose, they faint; if they tie, both Pokemon faint.
  3. Difficulty: 6th easiest of 7
  4. - Being unable to switch really hurts. For example, if you lead Latios and the opponent leads Houndoom, you have to risk a critical Crunch, and if you do get crit, you have to send in Metagross to die rather than Swampert.
  6. The Frontier Brain is Greta. You fight her at the end of the fourth round (Silver) and eighth round (Gold). Her Silver team is Heracross, Umbreon and Shedinja (all 20 IVs). Her Gold team is Umbreon, Gengar and Breloom (all 31 IVs). The first fight is nearly impossible to lose, and the second fight is actually impossible to lose.
  8. IV notes: See the chart at the bottom of the general FAQ.
  10. RNG manipulation: None. It's possible to manip every single battle, which is worth it in later rounds, but the mechanics are not fully understood and the manips would take hundreds of hours to make.
  12. Order of Pokemon: Latios, Metagross, Swampert for rounds 1-6; Metagross, Latios, Swampert for rounds 7-8
  14. General strategy: Nearly all Pokemon take 1-3 turns to kill, so judging can be ignored. For Pokemon that can take 4 or more turns, make sure you get in an attack or two so you win "Body"; don't use 2 Calm Minds and then risk missing Psychic because of Brightpowder, Double Team, Confuse Ray, etc
  16. In rounds 7-8, lead Metagross and change the held items -- Quick Claw to Metagross, Choice Band to Swampert -- because it's safer, and dying is too costly. Leading Metagross is safer because in many situations where it dies to the opponent's lead, Latios can set up, turning a 2v3 into an advantageous situation. And Choice Band is more effective on Swampert because, as your final Pokemon, it can't switch out anyway (Metagross would be a good final Pokemon if not for Explosion). Keeping Choice Band on Metagross as the lead can create some awful situations; for example, you Earthquake the opponent's lead, and then they send out a Gyarados that sets up with Dragon Dance.
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