George does things!

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  1. $name : George does things!
  2. $author : TacoCat1717
  3. $description : George goes on an adventure!
  4. $amount : 5
  6. $event1
  7. [event1a] {50%}
  8. ate [some food|a cat|a taco|his children|everything|his homework|himself]
  9. [drove a car|sailed a boat|piloted a submarine|flew a plane|launched a rocket|crashed his car|crashed his plane]
  10. went [spelunking|bungee jumping]
  11. stood up[| to bullying| for himself| extremely slowly]
  12. discovered [a lost city|an ancient civilization|a new planet|a new element|the skeletal remains of [a cat|a dinosaur]]
  13. lost his [wallet|sanity|dignity|money]
  14. went to [China|America|Africa]
  15. learned how to say "[excuse me|why|what the heck|how's it going|oh my god|where's the bathroom|I really need to use the bathroom]" in [Mandarin|English|Spanish|French|Greek|sign language|morse code|braille|closed captioning]
  16. [learned|spoke fluently in|tried to speak|forgot how to speak] [Mandarin|English|Spanish|French|Greek|sign language|morse code|braille|closed captioning]
  17. started [a civil war|a world war|World War [1-30]]
  18. chugged [15-25] [capri-suns|chocolate milks|bottles of blood]
  19. assaulted [a taxi|everyone|his closest friends|the President|a random man]
  20. wrote [a book|an autobiography|a biography about [his mother|his father|Kim Jong Un|his gerbil|literally everyone]]
  21. assassinated [the president|his entire family]
  22. slaughtered [50-90] [pigs|cows|chickens|sheep|horses|farm animals|innocent children]
  23. sang [the alphabet|Twinkle Twinkle Little Star]
  24. farted [|loudly|quietly|extremely loudly]
  25. talked about [cheese|his love life|nothing in particular|the weather|his adventures]
  26. slapped [a policeman|his mother|his grandson|a poor child]
  27. rated a restaurant [2-5] stars
  28. got a pet [dog|cat|gerbil|fish|rock]
  29. got trapped in a [cage|box|deep hole]
  30. converted to [Christianity|Islam|Judaism|Atheism]
  31. stopped [racism|sexism]
  32. played [Fortnite|Minecraft]
  33. broke [a bone|[2-50] bones|all of his bones]
  34. attended his grand[mother|father]'s [74-80]th birthday party
  35. became the leader of [the Central African Republic|of a communist regime|of Russia|of North Korea]
  36. had [an idea|a great idea|a terrible idea]
  37. invented [common decency|cars|the lightbulb|teeth|the Bee Movie]
  38. [befriended Kim Jong Un|asked out Kim Jong Un|proposed to Kim Jong Un|had a baby with Kim Jong Un]
  39. set an alarm for [1-12]:00 [AM|PM]
  40. had a dream that he [event1]
  41. had a nightmare that he [event1]
  42. adopted a [cat|dog|child|gerbil|highway]
  43. woke up in [a hospital|an insane asylum|someone else's room|the sky]
  44. accidentally [event1]
  45. drove from [Sweden|Australia|Japan|Mars] to [Nepal|the Sun|Canada|Paris, France|New York City|Hawaii]
  46. declared himself [king|Supreme Overlord|God]
  47. wrote a [1-12],000 page fan-fiction
  48. [didn't like his happy meal|threw his happy meal across the room]
  49. invited [everyone he knew|some people|literally nobody|literally everyone|his pet [gerbil|cat|dog|fish] to a party]
  50. [exploded|imploded]
  51. [peed|pooped] his pants
  52. said [heck|shoot|frick|dang|ow|oh no|why oh why|"Why, God, must you do this to me?!?!"]
  53. obtained a [nuclear detonator|nuclear bomb|pancake|whole lot of pancakes|crumby biscuit]
  54. had [breakfast|lunch|dinner]
  55. [milked a cow|cut off a horse's head]
  56. adopted [[2-100]|[10-100],000] children
  57. wore [|no] clothes
  58. [pet|fed] his [cat|gerbil|dog|fish]
  60. $event1a
  61. played a mobile game
  62. opened a lemonade stand
  63. made a friendship bracelet
  64. robbed a bank
  65. felt bad
  66. gave his true love a partridge in a pear tree
  67. had a gamer moment
  68. did the Naruto run
  69. did a school presentation
  70. filed a lawsuit
  71. failed a test
  72. had a bad day
  73. bought one new shoe
  74. founded a company
  75. made a comic
  76. kissed a horse
  77. punched his auntie
  78. asked his gerbil out
  79. felt a strong attraction to his gerbil
  80. ordered fries
  81. forgot his homework
  82. churned butter
  83. went on a waterslide
  84. found an easter egg
  85. started a crusade
  86. had a really really fun time
  87. took a world tour
  88. did a vlog
  89. literally died
  90. had a different opinion
  91. went on a rollercoaster
  92. became famous
  93. donated his earnings to charity
  94. biked to work
  95. went in the mines
  96. built a house
  97. corrupted a government
  98. changed his name to Fred and promptly changed it back
  99. assassinated his grandmother
  100. made things awkward
  101. went scuba diving
  102. thouroughly enjoyed himself
  103. jumped off a cliff
  104. built a robot
  105. established communism
  106. lit himself on fire
  107. played a board game
  108. fainted
  109. ran really fast
  110. rage quitted
  111. broke his mouse
  112. hosted a party
  113. pressed F to pay respects
  114. made a joke
  115. got a tattoo
  116. donated all of his savings to McDonald's
  117. bought an in-app purchase
  118. squished a spider
  119. caused a scene
  120. typed loudly
  121. gave birth
  122. looked on the bright side of things
  123. crossed a bridge when he came to it
  124. succumbed to hypothermia
  125. started a revolution
  126. nuked North Korea
  127. played truth or dare
  128. made himself a bagel
  129. checked his watch
  130. lost his phone
  131. posted a selfie
  132. went to a job interview
  133. beat a random person to death
  134. invaded Russia
  135. sang in a barbershop quartet
  136. watched cartoons
  137. had a big surprise
  138. payed his taxes
  139. committed tax fraud
  140. kidnapped his entire family
  141. pouted
  142. had an aneurysm
  143. ate some cereal
  144. lost his job
  145. summoned a demon
  146. started a self-sustaining community
  147. binge-watched Netflix
  148. sleepwalked
  149. threw some shade
  150. stalked his friend's father
  151. did some off-road biking
  152. became life-threateningly obese
  153. got diabetes
  154. forgot how to speak
  155. discovered fire
  156. forgot how to walk
  157. forgot how to read
  158. forgot how to write
  159. went on an adventure
  160. murdered his girlfriend
  161. ate a tortilla chip vertically
  162. jumped off a pier
  163. prevented World War 3
  164. adopted a baby version of himself
  165. shut down his computer
  166. woke up
  167. had explosive diarrhea
  168. found Nemo
  169. became a werewolf
  171. $event2
  172. for literally no reason
  173. with his eyes closed
  174. telepathically
  175. because he felt bad for himself
  176. while underwater the whole time
  177. on easter Island
  178. with his bare hands
  179. with gloves on
  180. with his feet
  181. during his anniversary
  182. in the [early|late] [13-19]00s
  183. in [1800-2100]
  184. in the '[5-9]0s
  185. during a presidential speech
  186. on [election day|Christmas Day|Halloween night|the first day of school|Valentine's Day|the last day of school|his birthday|the first day of Christmas|Easter|New Year's Eve]
  187. in the [dead of night|evening|early morning|afternoon|morning]
  188. with a stuffy nose
  189. in a fancy restaurant
  190. and no one liked it
  191. and immediately got overthrown
  192. because it was part of his quest
  193. to win a bet
  194. and got paid $[10-50].00
  195. and made a meme about it
  196. without a permit
  197. while on a waterslide
  198. with his mother
  199. in broad daylight
  200. without realizing
  201. in his sleep
  202. in the middle of the street
  203. in Sweden
  204. in an abandoned building
  205. at [1-12]:[10-59] [AM|PM]
  206. during a wedding
  207. during a funeral
  208. without his parent's signature
  209. out of spite
  210. for a dare
  211. while everyone watched
  212. on the farm
  213. and immediately apologized
  214. during a field trip
  215. with only one hand
  216. while downing a root beer
  217. while filing for divorce
  218. in Iowa
  219. in the middle of Russia
  220. during the winter
  221. during the summer
  222. on the hottest day of the year
  223. in Alabama
  224. on the continent of Australia
  225. next to a kangaroo
  226. while running for his life
  227. in the boy's locker room
  228. in the girl's locker room
  229. in exchange for his soul
  230. to earn back computer privileges
  231. when no one was looking
  232. but nobody saw it
  233. and only one person noticed
  234. and took a picture of it
  235. at the beach
  236. [1-10],000,000 feet underground
  237. at a fair
  238. because he's stupid
  239. after he finished his homework
  240. in his spare time
  241. in his free time
  242. and recorded it for YouTube
  243. for the first time in his life
  244. as part of his daily routine
  245. for the first time in [25-40] years
  246. on his [74-80]th birthday
  247. on his 23rd birthday
  248. and livestreamed the whole thing
  249. as a surprise birthday gift
  250. and wrote a book about it
  251. in an infinite white void
  252. while falling into a bottomless pit
  253. and made a documentary of it
  254. to show off
  255. because someone paid him $[2-9].00 to do it
  256. due to peer pressure
  257. and decided to sue
  258. because he was bored
  259. because he had no other choice
  260. just because
  261. and boy was that lucky
  262. and then everyone clapped
  263. and posted it on Reddit
  264. and instantly regretted it
  265. with a sword in his hand
  266. because he just had to
  267. but didn't mean to
  268. because he really had to pee
  269. somewhere on Mars
  270. and ate a cookie
  271. and lit himself on fire
  272. but didn't like it very much
  273. which caused the apocalypse
  274. at school
  275. while on a reality show
  276. and got arrested
  277. and got sentenced for life
  278. and still remembers it today
  279. and tells everyone about it to this day
  280. and still brags about it
  281. and still can't live it down
  282. while naked
  283. and would definitely do it again
  284. and is never doing that again
  285. and has the entire thing memorized
  286. and took notes on it
  287. and immediately started panicking
  288. but realized it was just a dream
  289. and the whole thing was just a mess
  290. in Utah
  291. in Southeast Asia
  292. while in a wheelchair
  293. from the comfort of his own bed
  294. in just one day
  295. over the course of a year
  296. over the course of his lifetime
  297. and then just kept on doing it
  298. in a boat
  299. in a submarine
  300. and immediately got addicted
  301. for a logical reason that's difficult to explain
  302. and got put in the time-out chair for it
  303. and was subsequently grounded
  304. and was immediately suspended
  305. for a school project
  306. while humming a little tune
  307. to the beat of a song
  308. while doing a dance move
  309. while wearing airpods
  310. for attention
  311. to impress his crush
  312. because he needed money
  313. as a compliment to the chef
  314. passive-aggresively
  315. very reluctantly
  316. while giggling gleefully the whole time
  317. without a care in the world
  318. inside the FBI headquarters
  319. and lost his eye
  320. and lost his arm
  321. and lost his life
  322. with a runny nose
  323. while holding his baby
  324. at a baby shower
  325. at a family reunion
  326. at a court hearing
  327. in a jail cell
  328. right next to his wife
  329. at his own wedding
  330. to reach enlightment
  331. instead of going to work
  332. but it was just a prank
  333. as a prank
  334. for part of his evil plan
  335. to win a contest
  336. because he needed to practice
  337. because he needed experience doing it
  338. in a spaceship
  339. in an airplane
  341. $main
  342. George [event1] [event2]!
  343. George [event1] and then [event1]! {30%}
  344. George [event1] [event2] [event2]! {30%}
  345. George [event1] and [event1] because of it! {10%}
  346. George [event1] and [event1] and even [event1]! {10%}
  347. George Washington was the 1st President of the United States! {0.5%}
  348. George died. {0.01%}
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