Regarding ETA and tracking

Apr 20th, 2016
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  1. For every order, I reply with a confirmation/ETA message that lays out the normal "about one week, guaranteed" window for arrival, and a list of tips for safe use.
  3. I need to clarify that the first line of that message, "you will receive the product in about one week, guaranteed", IS the ETA. I am clarifying this because even though it's the first line, I get a handful of emails every day that reply right back to that message and ask me, "What's the ETA on this?" and "when will it arrive?", etc. Yeah, the ETA is literally the first thing you read in my confirmation email, but people still skip even reading that far in to ask me the question that's answered in the very message they just replied to, to ask it.
  5. Now, I can understand this somewhat because I don't routinely email back the specific tracking numbers on every order; I give the one-week ETA, and that's standard. There's a reason I don't automatically just send tracking out to every person though, so let me try to explain.
  7. For one thing, I'm one of the last few legit sources left. It's me, a couple of other good guys, and a SWARM of scammers who are picking off victims like flies. Word has spread that scammers are everywhere, and Dinitro is dependable with good quality. What that means is that I'm pretty much swamped! I've absorbed so much of the market as other legit suppliers have retired that I'm working frantically just to keep up now. Seriously, I am pulling all-nighters over and over to stay on schedule, in addition to working my regular job, raising a family (including a special needs child), not to mention having to spend hours actually making my product, packing it, handling the payment errands, and getting it all packaged and shipped. Folks, I need about 3 more people helping me, but it's just me.
  9. Now, if I were to type in the 22 digits of each tracking number for every package, that would add so much time just doing that, that I wouldn't be able to stay on schedule with the ACTUAL product manufacture/shipping tasks you all depend on me to do! I can either stay quick with my turnaround, or I can spend forever sitting at my computer doing emails one at a time, all night (this is in addition to me handling a 50-message daily inbox influx, each of which needs a reply).
  10. The other reason is that some of ya'll still don't know how to take simple steps to stay safe on the internet. Sending out every single tracking number to all the people who still use gmails, hotmails, yahoos, and cell phones to contact someone like me for something like this is a security nightmare for me! So yeah, I'm REALLY reluctant to send out tracking numbers that verify my location and specific time and place of mailing for every customer I have. That's like weaving my own noose out of data. It's a liability on my safety to acknowledge that I am the personal source of every package that was shipped at 3:23 PM yesterday at post office number 38901 (or whatever), all of which contain my merchandise.
  12. So here's what I do, since I try to be dependable and helpful. My ETA is pretty much spot-on. If the "about one week" timeframe has passed without delivery, people are quick to let me know (and by "quick" I mean "it's been one week down to the minute, so here's my email to ask about it"), and at THAT point I can check that specific tracking. 75% of the time when I do that, I find it's out for delivery that very day, or was just delivered and they hadn't checked their mail before emailing me. 20% of the time, it's en route as promised, and will arrive at any moment. 5% of the time, the USPS has lost the package, and I cheerfully send a replacement right away, no fuss and no hassle.
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