Hunter Anon Part 2 - Dating Ponies

Dec 7th, 2015
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  1. Day 5
  2. >You wake up.
  3. >Apparently you fell asleep on the couch, as did the girls.
  4. >You're covered in a blanket of sleeping soft cuddly ponies, nuzzled up to your sides, your legs, laying over your torso...
  5. >And Pinkie is nestled between your legs.
  6. >Face against your crotch as she slowly breathes in and out.
  7. >Well...
  8. >Lets just hope you didn't grow hard at any point during the night.
  9. >You carefully extract yourself from the sleeping ponies, removing your limbs out of their grips, one at a time, laying them on the couch away from you.
  10. >After six goes at this, you're finally free.
  11. >It's another work day, so you eat, and decide to leave before you have a chance to accidentally wake them.
  12. >Tomorrow will be the day when everything is normal and you won't have conflicting feelings over these adorable sweet ponies.
  13. >Yeah, tomorrow.
  17. >You are Pinkie.
  18. >"Gosh darn, that was the best nights sleep ever." AJ sighs happily.
  19. >"My goodness he's so comfy, better than the beds at Canterlot." Rarity beams.
  20. >"Psh, forget that, he's more comfy than clouds!" Dashies voice cracks halfway through.
  21. >"I know girls, it was heaven. He radiates warmth, and that scent!" Twilight shivers.
  22. "And he was booping me throughout the entire night!"
  23. >You smile wide, you knew you picked the best sleeping spot.
  24. >And if Twilight thinks the scent by his chest was good...
  25. >You shiver in place, tongue lolling out just from the memory.
  26. "Oh yeah that's the good stuff...."
  27. >The others look at you strangely.
  28. >Like they don't know what you're talking about.
  29. >"So, um, what are we going to do? I mean... He's really nice, and kind, and sweet..." Fluttershy blushes.
  30. "And he's got a huge-"
  31. >"And them kisses? I thought ah could only feel like that when ahm in heat!" Applejack starts to fan herself with her hat.
  32. "And he's got a massive-"
  33. >"And so handsome! I never thought I could look at someone that wasn't a pony and feel so... I mean... What a hunk right?!" Rarity exclaims brightly.
  34. >The others all nod their heads and smile in return.
  35. "And he's got a giant-"
  36. >"So girls, what are we going to do about this? We obviously feel... Something for him. We live with him, he's perfect for us, do you think we should.... Help him get over the species gap between us?" Twilight asks.
  38. >You pant for breath, before looking around to bemused faces.
  39. >"Pinkie darling, this isn't the time for one of your random outbursts. We need to come up with a plan. He just needs a... Little push in the right direction."
  40. >"Who knows girls, we might end up better off than in Equestria, a colt-friend, er, human, man, friend, to give us belly rubs and call us pretty ponies!" Twilight squees and clops her hooves together.
  44. >You are Anon, coming back to your home after having run around like a headless chicken, chasing after and catching Jackalopes all day.
  45. >As you open the door, you see that the lights have been dimmed, but not turned off.
  46. "Girls?"
  47. >You call out. You would think that they'd dimmed the lights to better watch a movie, except you can see the couch and tv right there, no one sat down, tv off.
  48. >"Oh, good evening Anon."
  49. >At that, candles light up around the room, particularly around the kitchen area.
  50. >You don't even own any candles.
  51. >You wonder if you'll end up regretting teaching them of online shopping.
  52. >At least you put all the child safety locks on your laptop.
  53. >And all your porn is hidden in a file called 'Boring documents'.
  54. >The perfect crime.
  55. "Uh, hey girls, you have a good day?"
  56. >With more light you can now easily see Flutters and Dash flying up to you, as Rarity titters.
  57. >"Oh no darling, how was your day? You're the one who had to go out and work so hard for us."
  58. >Flutters and Dash help you out of your jacket, hanging it up, as well as unstrapping gear from you, placing it on a table.
  59. >Gentle pushing moves you more to the others.
  60. "Oh well, you know, same old stuff."
  61. >Applejack lightly pushes you back into a chair.
  62. >It's now you notice....
  63. >Are they wearing dresses?
  64. >And makeup?
  65. >What?
  66. >"Now now shugacube, you don't have to hold back with us. Come on, how was your day?"
  67. >She takes off your right shoe, and Pinkie your left, then taking off your socks.
  68. >Twilight magics a soft lowdown stool you've never seen before beneath your heels.
  69. >The two earth pony girls start to gently massage the soles of your feet.
  70. "Well... It was kind of tough actually."
  71. >"Oh I bet it was darling, our poor Anon, working so hard, you don't get the respect you deserve."
  75. >Rarity stands on her back hooves, nuzzling into your side lightly.
  76. "Well... Yeah actually. I always bring my A game, always achieve results, but my bosses never even thank me."
  77. >"My poor Anon."
  78. >With you sat down, and her stood on her back hooves and leaning against you, she's tall enough to kiss your cheek.
  79. >This is actually kind of nice.
  80. >Fluttershy rests her head against your thigh, looking up at you, her mane hanging across your legs.
  81. >"Dinner will be ready soon honey, you just relax."
  82. >H-honey?
  83. >Pinkie and AJ smile up to you as well as they massage your feet, Pinkie quietly giggling at feeling your toes.
  84. >Dash hovers behind you, hooves massaging around the top of your shoulders and neck.
  85. >"Damn Anon, you're real muscular you know that? Our big strong man."
  86. "Th-thanks."
  87. >Fluttershy gently flaps her way to the oven, and with you feeling thoroughly more relaxed, your dinner is plated and set in front of you on the table. Your chair is tucked in while you're still sat down, and soon you have six cute mares sat mostly across from you, a few candles between you.
  88. >You all eat as they ocassionally ask you questions about your day, you compliment Shy for the dinner, and their eyes seem to sparkle as they look.... Genuinely interested in your thoughts and feelings.
  89. >After dinner, you find yourself on the couch with six mares, lightly hugging them, petting them, hearing soft coos coming from their lips.
  90. >You don't even have the tv on.
  91. >As the evening winds down to night, they start to stand.
  92. >"Thank you for the wonderful evening Anon." Rarity smiles, kissing your cheek, catching the corner of your lips.
  93. "Y-you too."
  94. >One by one, they each give you a soft kiss on your cheeks, just barely brushing against your lips.
  95. >They each blush after the action, Pinkie says 'boop' as she kisses your nose as well, and one after the other they trot to their room, leaving you alone to think on things.
  99. >Oh God.
  100. >That was nice....
  101. >That was really nice...
  102. >That was better than any date, any kind of interaction you've ever even had with a woman.
  103. >You can't do this.
  104. >It's bad for your job.
  105. >And they're little fucking brightly coloured ponies.
  106. >That are incredibly sweet.
  107. >Cute and pretty.
  108. >With big butts.
  109. >No. Bad Anon.
  110. >........
  111. >You're going to fuck them aren't you?
  119. >Day 6
  120. >You wake up, already feeling confused.
  121. >Your brain has switched on straight away, you're highly alert, and remembering all of last night.
  122. >Maybe.... It wasn't as... Romantic, as you thought it was?
  123. >Maybe you were somehow getting the wrong signals from being doted on affectionately the entire evening by girls that had dressed to look their best for you and each kissing you goodnight.
  124. >Yeah, that's probably it.
  125. >You shower and change, stepping out of your bedroom.
  126. >"Hi honey, ready for breakfast?" Fluttershy smiles at you, flapping to get to your height, and pecking your cheek softly.
  127. "Uh... Yes please."
  128. >What's happened.
  129. >A few days ago they were a lot more shy about these things.
  130. >Now the tables have flipped completely.
  131. >You're led out to eat breakfast on the couch, a pony cuddled up either side of you, Pinkie and AJ.
  132. >Twilight trots to you.
  133. >"Here's the paper Anon." She smiles.
  134. "Paper, I... What?"
  135. >"Oh, I took the liberty of using your intercom system to make sure the runners knew to start bringing a newspaper to your door every day."
  136. >You... Didn't even know the facility had these things.
  137. "Ah, thanks Twilight."
  138. >You reach out, petting her, and lightly scratching beneath her ear.
  139. >She steps towards you, resting her head on your thigh, her ears flicking.
  140. >"Mmm, anything for my man..."
  141. >Either you're retarded or these ponies absolutely have a thing for you, and want to make it a reality.
  142. >But still, you might just be retarded.
  143. >Can't forget that option.
  144. "Thanks girls, for all this, this is uh... Amazing of you really."
  145. >You hope that will sate them.
  146. >M-maybe they're just being super friendly?
  150. Day 16
  151. >They're not just being super friendly.
  152. >Every morning and evening has pretty much been the same.
  153. >They show you so much love and affection.
  154. >It would probably be tiring for them, frustrating even, if there weren't six of them to all do their part.
  155. >It looks like they're not having to put any effort into the things they do for you.
  156. >They're just that wonderful.
  157. >And luckily they're more than sated by the touch of your hands.
  158. >Still, that's not all you do now.
  159. >At some point, the kisses on your cheek, just catching your lips, before they went to bed, migrated further, until they were just full on kissing you.
  160. >You kissed back.
  161. >You then started to give them the two second long kisses that left them looking completely blissful.
  162. >And then, from their encouragement, the kisses lasted longer.
  163. >For the past three nights, you've been kissing them each for around ten seconds long.
  164. >You can't even kid yourself any more.
  165. >This isn't for them.
  166. >This is for you.
  167. >You want to kiss them and take their breath away.
  168. >And now it's the morning of your sixteenth day with them.
  169. >Pinkie taps her hooves together, looking nervous as she tries to come up with some sort of explanation.
  170. >"I just think, in the interest of group morale, as well as to uh, keep our lips well exercised.... We should probably start kissing in the morning too. Not just because I want to, b-but because-"
  171. "Okay."
  172. >Your fingers sink into the fur covered warm flesh of her rump, squeezing softly as you lift her up, bringing her close to you.
  173. >Her eyelids sink to close as her front hooves touch your chest.
  177. >Your lips press against hers as you begin kissing, lightly sucking.
  178. >She tastes like cotton candy, of course, but without any of the stickyness.
  179. >She kisses back as she leans into you, soft cute moans vibrating over your lips.
  180. >Her big curly frizzy mane rubs against your forehead as you deepen the kiss.
  181. >While you want to continue it, you don't know where you'd stop.
  182. >And you're still pretty hung up about the whole bestiality thing.
  183. >You break the kiss, and you see her lower lip tremble.
  184. >Her eyes flutter to open, before she slowly stumbles away from you, then collapses onto her back on the couch, whimpering slightly, left back hoof twitching.
  185. >"Darling... It isn't polite to keep a lady waiting."
  186. >Of course.
  187. >Your arms wrap around her.
  188. >She prefers being surrounded by your muscle.
  189. >She barely lets out a "Oh you brute" before you start to kiss her deeply.
  190. >Your tongue parts her lips and slides inside, playing with her own.
  191. >She presses herself as close to you as she can as you hold the back of her head.
  192. >When you release her from the kiss, a strand of saliva connects your lips.
  193. >"Only you can touch my mane darling... Only you..." Her voice fades away as her body slides down next to Pinkies.
  194. >You see a very needy looking Twilight.
  195. >Your hands lift her just under her... Shoulders?
  196. >Either way this is how she likes it best.
  197. >You kiss her softly, for a second, before backing off.
  198. >She tries to gaze into your eyes for as long as she can.
  199. >You move back in for a two second kiss, before breaking it again.
  200. >She keeps trying to gaze back, eyelids falling while her eyes try rolling back.
  201. >You move forwards again, kissing her hard, and deliberately grunting into her mouth.
  202. >That's it.
  203. >She's draped against your body as her back hooves give out, and as she slides down, you lean over more and more, kissing and pecking her lips again and again before you're hunched over.
  207. >Twilight almost falls to the floor before you hold her again, lifting her like a child, and placing her completely out of it form on the couch.
  208. >Applejack climbs up into your lap.
  209. >"Yah, yah don't mind do ya?"
  210. >You smile back assuringly.
  211. "Go ahead."
  212. >You actually find this the hottest.
  213. >She leans right up close to you, both of your mouths open.
  214. >As she breathes in, you breathe out. Sharing breath. She shivers, but tries to stay as still as she can.
  215. >You keep breathing each others breath as her head draws closer and closer.
  216. >With your mouth open, she pushes forwards, and her lips connect.
  217. >With your tongue.
  218. >She sucks your tongue deeper into her mouth, playing with your tongue with her own, while your hands start to squeeze and knead her big booty.
  219. >She makes lewd sounds from her suckling, and moaning.
  220. >You then crash your lips against hers, kissing her hungrily with your tongue in her mouth.
  221. >And she's out.
  222. >You lay her next to you, drool running down her cheeks and chin.
  223. >Dash lays on the floor, looking helpless.
  224. >You know what she likes.
  225. >You lift her up, cradling her in your arms effortlessly.
  226. >As you hold her up, you kiss her delicately.
  227. >Your lips only part enough to whisper.
  228. "You're such a girly pony."
  229. "So pretty."
  230. "You'd look beautiful in a dress."
  231. >Between each compliment your lips lightly suckle against hers, soft smacking sounds adding to the scene.
  232. >A hand meanwhile lightly plays with the fluff on her chest.
  233. >As she struggles to take more, you lower her to the couch.
  234. "What a pretty Princess..."
  235. >That did it.
  239. >And now for Fluttershy.
  240. >She hovers up to you, and you pretend you have your hands tied behind your back.
  241. >"Th-that's right, take it."
  242. >She kisses your nose.
  243. >"Take it all, you, you handsome man."
  244. >Her kisses migrate around your face, her body seeming to grow heavier as her wings struggle more and more to keep her up.
  245. >Her soft, slightly wet lips pucker up as they kiss across your cheeks, temples, forehead, eyelids, jawline, and nose.
  246. >As her lips land on yours, you hold the back of her head and kiss her back passionately.
  247. >As she squeels and soon goes limp, you stand, and place her body where you were sat.
  248. >Some of their requests are a little odd, but it's not like you don't kiss them more normally as well.
  249. >As you strap some equipment to yourself and throw on your jacket, you look to them. One by one starting to regain control of their senses.
  250. >You can't keep this up.
  251. >It's wrong....
  252. >You'll talk to them tonight about it.
  253. >And you won't get distracted by those big pony asses, or those dazzling expressive eyes and plump pouty lips.
  254. >Nope.
  265. The evening of day 16
  266. "If there's somethin strange! Doo doo, In ya neighbourhood. Doo doo."
  267. >You lightly kick your legs forward with each step.
  268. "Who ya gonna call?.."
  269. >Your head bobs back and forth, your torso gyrating side to side.
  270. "Ghost Bus-"
  271. >A fat balding see-through green glowing man with slashes down his chest and face, the upper half of his patients gown torn to ribbons lunges at you.
  272. >Your boom stick booms out as you send a load of rock salt smashing through his body. He evaporates into thin air with a wailing howl of torment.
  273. >You pump the shotgun, expending a round to clink onto the floor.
  274. >.......
  275. "Busters doo be doo ba doo."
  276. >You continue singing and dance walking as you travel down the hallway, always on the lookout.
  277. >Now this is what you love.
  278. >Poltergeists.
  279. >Can't catch them.
  280. >They're never endangered.
  281. >And everyone hates them.
  282. >There's none of that 'Oh, can you try and safely bring back this fast as fuck creature that's used to killing gun wielding humans?'
  283. >Nope.
  284. >Whenever you're told to go to a closed run down asylum, hospital, orphanage, or any of the cliches, you know you're gonna be in for a fun night of uncensored killing.
  285. >Helps take your mind off how you're going to broach the subject of 'I should probably stop playing tongue twister with the six of you ponies' too.
  286. >You trudge up and down the hallways, searching every room...
  287. >Alas, all good things come to an end.
  288. >You open up your bible and shout out loudly, voice echoing down the halls as you perform an exorcism.
  292. >You are Nick Jackof.
  293. >Your superiors didn't understand why you wanted to be moved from your regular section.
  294. >After all, it was the quietest area on the books.
  295. >Or off the books really. There's never anything to report.
  296. >But with all you've done for the city, they still tried to find another place you could be stationed at.
  297. >Your partner is sick again, the fucking weakling.
  298. >Back in your day, you'd be thankful to get sick, it would take your mind off of all you had to do in 'Nam.
  299. >You haven't missed a day of police work in... Ever.
  300. >Oh well, more of Mildreds' apple pie for you.
  301. >You open the box, when you hear strange booming sounds coming from the old abandoned Asylum that's sat on the top of the hill.
  302. >You're already parked at the outskirts of the city, no one ever drives up here, it's a single road.
  303. >Darn kids.
  304. >Might as well check it out.
  305. >As you drive passed the gates... Weren't those supposed to be locked? You look over the fire blackened walls of the Asylum, trying to see if you can see any flashlights inside.
  306. >You park the car near the front doors, just before the window above them bursts out.
  307. >Two men land in front of you, on the hood of your car, making the back end jump.
  308. >You then notice that one of them is more than just a man.
  309. >He's a towering brute, wearing little more than rags, allowing you to see his mismatched body, like he was sewn together.
  310. >It roars out, the third arm that comes out of its side strangling the normal looking man beneath him, its other two mismatched arms beating down on him.
  311. >The guy below punches up, a clanging echo sounding out.
  312. >The creature falls back, and the man rolls on top of it, brutally punching its face in, blood splattering outwards as the face and skull is caved in by the golden knuckle dusters he wears.
  313. >All on the hood of your car.
  317. >You can hear him pant as he drags the body off, letting it fall in a crippled heap on the floor.
  318. >The body glows from the centre, and a dozen green glowing see-through people fly out, soaring upwards, where a brilliant white crack opens up in the sky, swallowing them before closing.
  319. >The man looks to you, and while your windows are closed you still hear him say ".... This isn't what it looks like."
  320. >You slowly reverse, and reverse, and reverse, back the way you came.
  321. >Mildred's getting beaten tonight.
  323. >Fucking thing.
  324. >Had to be Frankenstein-esque experiments didn't it.
  325. >No wonder all those apparitions were pissed.
  326. >.....
  327. >You just realise you've killed one of the very few examples of a being that has been brought back to life via scientific means.
  328. >Eh. Wasn't in the report so they don't know.
  329. >And if they don't know, you don't have to care.
  330. >You drag it by its giant feet, back into the asylum.
  331. >You then go back to your van, starting to whistle a happy tune as you grab what you need, then walk back inside, dousing as much of the place as you can with what you can carry in the two fuckhuge jerrycans.
  332. >You place the two now empty, significantly lighter jerrycans back in the van, and you grab a cigarette, lighting it up.
  333. >You don't actually smoke.
  334. >It just looks cool.
  335. >You stand before the trail of liquid that glimmers.
  336. >And flick the cigarette.
  337. >And miss.
  338. >You try another two times, but it's okay, because in that time you thought of a badass line.
  339. "Smoking'll kill ya."
  340. >It connects, and the trail lights up, racing towards the Asylum
  341. "See you in hell."
  342. >You hold back a giggle and a little jump, wanting to remain badass, before you get back into your van and drive away, every once in a while checking your mirror to see the raging inferno.
  343. "Looks like I brought the heat."
  344. >Okay that's enough
  348. >Arriving home, you go through your new routine.
  349. >Namely, whatever the girls are willing to do for you.
  350. >You're laying back on the couch as six mares dote on you while asking about your day.
  351. >As you get to the part where you fly out the window, they let out a collective gasp.
  352. >"Darling no! Are you alright? Are you hurt?"
  353. "I'm fine Rarity, like all the other times, it's just part of the job."
  354. >As you go on though...
  355. >"That's it mister, you obviously must be hurt, and we're going to make you feel better, right girls?" Assertive Fluttershy is hot.
  356. >In a cute non sexual way you mean.
  357. >You feel mouths nipping at you as they slowly try and reveal your torso.
  358. >You lean up on your elbows, helping them.
  359. >As you soon lay back, upper body fully on display, you can see their cheeks redden.
  360. >However the bruises on your chest still worry them.
  361. >Can't exactly stitch a bruise, they'll probably get you an ice pack or...
  362. >Oh.
  363. >Kissing your booboos will probably help.
  364. >You gulp as they kiss your muscled torso, sucking slightly with each kiss.
  365. >They're obviously not just focusing on the bruised areas.
  366. >Fuck... You must be part God, or magic, or something, to have stopped your cock from bursting through your pants by now.
  367. >You grunt slightly.
  368. >"W-will you promise to be, um, more careful in the future?" Fluttershy asks.
  369. >"Are you kidding?! Look at him, he doesn't need to be careful, he could fight his way out of anything." Dash smiles, her hooves lightly pressing into and roaming around your bicep.
  370. >You can't help it, you raise and flex your arms, and tighten your stomach.
  371. >"Oh sweet Celestia...."
  372. >They all have similar reactions, eyes trying to take in as much of you as they can.
  376. >"You're simply divine darling."
  377. >"Could punch straight through an apple tree."
  378. >"Anon you're just so sexy."
  379. >You know you have a good body.
  380. >You're satisfied with your life.
  381. >You're happy with your job.
  382. >But this...
  383. >It's like nothing you've ever had before.
  384. >They bury themselves into you, cuddling, feeling, and lightly kissing as much of your torso as possible while you pet and caress them in return.
  385. >You know you're going to regret this but... If anyone found out about this.... You're done.
  386. >No more working here, possibility of disappearing off the face of the Earth, no more ponies... Ponies would be split up... Bad news for everyone.
  387. >The regret is already seeping in as you let out a sigh.
  388. "Girls?"
  389. >At your tone of voice they move back, looking to you, ready to hear what you have to say.
  390. "This has all been... Honestly, just amazing... But, I think we need to talk about... This." You gesture with your hands to what's going on.
  391. >Twilight sighs as well. "I know this had to come up at some point and... It's okay, of course we have to talk about it. We can't just keep going as we have and pretend that everything's okay."
  392. >Damn... In the back of your mind you were hoping they'd just tell you to shut up or something.
  393. >"This situation isn't fair, to any of us. We don't want to just play with your feelings, or have ours in turn being played with, so.... We need to stop with how we've been acting. We can't just kiss and be held by you, and dote on you, it needs to stop."
  397. >"We need to make it clear that we love you and want you with us as much as possible. And we need to set some rules between us so we won't end up fighting over you or end up jealous of each other."
  398. >"So, what do you say, want to start a real relationship with us, and be our Special Somepony?"
  399. >"Manfriend."
  400. >"Thanks Pinkie. Manfriend?"
  401. >Six pairs of hopeful bright eyes gaze back at you, and you can feel their tails lightly brushing against you as they slowly trail back and forth.
  402. ......
  403. "Yes."
  411. Day 17
  412. >You wake up, feeling slightly nervous, but happy, over the brief conversation you had last night.
  413. >The girls wanted to talk with eachother in private after that. So you decided to go to bed.
  414. >After giving each of them a more prolonged, deep kiss.
  415. >You feel like a King with how dreamy eyed you left them, panting on the couch.
  416. >As you start to go through your morning routine, you wonder what they might have talked about.
  420. >You are Pinkie Pie.
  421. >Once all the girls are sufficiently alert, after those yummy, mouth watering, knee trembling.... Mmmm... Kisses... Twilight begins to speak.
  422. >"So, I think we all know what we need to talk about... If this relationship is going to advance, at some point we need to talk about..." She blushes. "Sexual relations."
  423. "Dibs on the dick!"
  424. >"Pinkie! This is supposed to help us to NOT get jealous of one another."
  425. "Dibs, dibs, dibs on the dick!"
  426. >Fluttershy lightly trots to you.
  427. >"Umm, if it's not too much uh, trouble, Pinkie, uh, if you wouldn't mind, could you please um, back the fuck up?"
  428. >"Come on girls." Twilight groans. "As you can see, I've drawn up some charts. Now I think as humans tend to use weeks, as you can see on this chart, we should each have a separate day where each of us can uh, go all the way with him.... The others will be free to ah, watch if they wish, kiss and cuddle, but the act of penis in vagina goes solely to the mare whos day it's on."
  429. >She looks very happy with how her presentation is going so far.
  430. >"So, unless there are any particular days you'd prefer, lets just go by alphabetical order, so, Monday = Applejack, Tuesday = Dash, Wednesday = Fluttershy, Thursday = Pinkie, Friday = Rarity, and Weekend will be for me, Twilight!"
  431. >She beams. "Now onto the business of-"
  432. >"Uh, shugacube? Aint these human week things seven days long?"
  433. >Twilight stops in her tracks for a moment.
  434. >"Oh, uh, are they? Ah ha, silly me, I must have counted the weekend as being one day, uh... So Saturday will be for me, and Sunday will be on a rotation, and can also be given up to any other if that pony wishes."
  435. "I'll never give up the dick!"
  439. >"And, well, that's your right Pinkie. Soo anyway. Next up, snuggle time. I think we can all agree that's he's been very generous with his hands, hasn't left any of us out, and he's big enough that we can all cuddle him at once right?"
  440. >There are nods and 'mhmms' all around.
  441. "Big enough? You don't know the half of it Twi."
  442. >You raise your eyebrows up and down, wink, and nudge the ponies either side of you.
  443. >"Darling, are you having a stroke?"
  444. "Urgh come on, I'm trying to tell you that he has a massive-"
  445. >"Pinkie please, can you stop interrupting?" Twilight sighs as you sit on your flank, pout, and cross your hooves.
  446. >"Now I think it's fair to say that he smells, and tastes, absolutely wonderful?"
  447. >Again, nodding aplenty as you grumble.
  448. "Not as good as his dick..."
  449. >"Well I've been looking up things on the internet to see if we can make him even tastier to the senses... If you can even imagine. Now his diet is great already, and unfortunately I couldn't get all the information I wanted due to some locked content, but I've placed orders for different things we should give to him for the..."
  450. >She taps her hoof on her chin.
  451. >"I think it was the holy grail of taste or something? I couldn't get to the more detailed images due to the locks. But still, L-Arginine, Soya Lecithin Granules, and Zinc with added Selenium. We'll also give him some more veggies like Celery, fruits like pineapple, and make sure to give him lots of water."
  452. >"Gee Twi, you think of everythin." AJ smiles and Twilight blushes at the compliment.
  453. "Hey um, Twilight, can I use the laptop more?"
  454. >She shrugs, "Well of course Pinkie, you don't have to ask me for permission."
  455. >"Now, lets continue with..." She shivers in place and smiles. "Belly rubs."
  459. >You are Anon once more.
  460. >The girls fed you as usual, and at their insistence, you kissed them one after another while they layed back, and you rubbed and tickled their bellies.
  461. >You can't help but feel like a sex God as you have to do so little to satisfy them so much.
  462. >As you left for work Pinkie was muttering something about 'The D' while her hind legs kicked, and her tongue hung out of her mouth.
  463. >According to your reports, a cargo train is leaving a station, and on it are a host of mythical creatures.
  464. >No reports as to what those will actually be.
  465. >No accurate data as to which train it is.
  466. >Even with detection devices. So the creatures can't have any magical, radioactive, or thermal signatures.
  467. >And you can't just open the doors and let whatever's held inside storm out while there's a tonne of people on the platforms.
  468. >So different high level agents will be going after different trains.
  469. >Which means you're currently sat on a motorbike, on the city outskirts, behind some bushes. Waiting.
  470. >With a huge pair of warm fleshy juggs squashing against your back.
  471. >Cassie's here too.
  472. >You let out a breath of air.
  473. >You've been waiting like this for ten minutes.
  474. >Her arms around your waist.
  475. >She doesn't want to be caught unaware, always ready to go.
  476. >It probably helps that she no longer thinks you've been kissing ponies.
  477. >You can feel her juggs press against you a little more, and pulling back just slightly, with each breath she takes.
  478. >You glance at the small mirror on the bike.
  479. >You definately didn't position it so you can see her huge round shelf of a booty.
  480. >Nope.
  481. >Jesus, control yourself man.
  482. >..........
  483. >Looking never hurt.
  484. >You can hear the piston like rumbling of a train approaching.
  488. >As the train rattles passed, and ahead of you, you rev up the engine and accelerate, starting to follow.
  489. >After a brief minute of following, you accelerate faster, catching up to the train and then getting alongside it. You move further and further alongside it, and you feel those massive udders squash hard against your back.
  490. "You ready?!"
  491. >You shout over the wind.
  492. >Her body heat leaves you as she stands, hands on your shoulder and head for more balance as she stands on top of the bike seat, then leaps to the side of the train.
  493. >The push of her feet causes you to drift away from the train slightly.
  494. >Her hands grip onto the side, before she pulls herself on top.
  495. >She looks at you expectantly as her hair whips around in the wind.
  496. >You draw the bike up to the side of the train, and slowly, shakily stand, while keeping your hands on the bars, accelerating and keeping it steady.
  497. >Fuck, this is a lot more difficult than what she had to do.
  498. >The fear of having your head crack into rocks at 50 miles an hour keeps you and the bike steady.
  499. >Well, here goes.
  500. >You launch yourself to the train.
  501. >Immediately the bike falls, and starts to flip.
  502. >It seemingly disintegrates more and more with each flip, slamming into the hard rocky ground, bits of metal flying as it's wrecked.
  503. >You don't actually see this however as you get a face full of train, slamming into the side of it.
  504. >Your hands managed to catch onto the top, and so you haul yourself up.
  505. >You look behind at the dust cloud that's formed from the shattered bike, before turning.
  506. >You and Cassie both crouch walk over the cargo holds, moving towards the front of the train and the two carriages for human travellers.
  507. >As you walk across, your feet feel like they're on fire, your mind swirls with thoughts of suicide, your stomach lurches, and the skies fade to black.
  508. >Oh yeah, this is the right train.
  509. >As you step onto the passenger carriage all thoughts, feelings, and visions drift away.
  513. >The two of you stand above a hatch, both taking a deep breath.
  514. >You burst through.
  515. >Your booted foot kicks into a mans face, making a crunching sound as you break his nose.
  516. >You lunge towards the next, sending your left fist into his solar plexus, before you land a hook with your right.
  517. >Cassie jumps down as well, promptly sprinting in the other direction, engaging the men on that side.
  518. >The two of you swiftly clear the first carriage, before running to the next.
  519. >By the time you get to the engine room your knuckles ache so good.
  520. >You elbow the driver in the temple, knocking him out, before setting the trains speed to about 30.
  521. >Time to check on the goods.
  522. >You walk through carriages, stepping out into open air and over the connectors for each one, before you get to the first cargo hold.
  523. >You open up the bolted from the outside metal door, and you and Cassie peak in.
  524. >You stare into the abyss.
  525. >And it glares back.
  526. >Eldritch horrors meet your gaze, the writhing mess of abominations wrapped with chains used to anchor the biggest of ships.
  527. >You see the chains and shackles glow slightly, from the runes etched and then painted into the metal.
  528. >At least you don't have to worry about them escaping.
  529. >These powerful spells can only be disrupted if the link between them and the casters have been cut, like if they were extremely far away, or if you had knocked them out.
  530. >........
  531. >Oh.
  532. >The groaning of metal, as thick as your wrist, being pulled on, stretched, and slowly broken, sounds out.
  533. >Cassie is already on her ear piece. Whilst you've been staring, she's been frantically telling them the situation.
  534. >"Please advise." She finishes, wondering what the hell could possibly be done to not unleash a constantly growing with power, growing with size, growing with wrath, unit of terrifying unworldly physics defying monsters.
  535. >Her eyes open wide as she sees you, arm cocked back, a split second from throwing.
  536. >Looped belt of pipe bombs in your hand.
  540. >As the munitions leave your hand, you slam the door closed, and pull a shocked Cassie back.
  541. >You need to be fucking quick.
  542. >You yank out the connector from the cargo hold to the carriage, the cargo starting to drift behind.
  543. >You grip Cassies wrist, and sprint.
  544. >You soon burst into the engine room, and slam the controls back up to the max limit of fifty miles an hour.
  545. >And then you wait.
  546. >There's a gargantuan explosion, and looking out the doorway you see the back carriage that's still connected, get ripped up from the tracks and thrown back to the explosive vortex that's forming.
  547. >And then the one right next to you is torn in half.
  548. >It's a lot easier to view now as you see the cargo holds blow up in a fiery inferno, electricity striking up into the sky, more and more explosions rumbling out, the train tracks being bent upwards and torn from the ground.
  549. >All air and sound is sucked away, and the rest of the carriage you're looking through is crunched flat. And then half of the engine room that you're stood in.
  550. >All at once, seemingly everything that's in front of you explodes in a ball of fire and rage.
  551. >Screaming faces swirl around trying to escape from the ball of energy, before it burns away, and everything seems to stop.
  552. >The engine has failed, and you're starting to slow down.
  553. >You stare into the abyss....
  554. >And it doesn't stare back.
  555. >You're now looking into the biggest crater you've ever seen, perfectly cut, like God just decided to take a big scoop out of the Earth, with no regards to anything else that might have been in the way.
  556. >Your hair has been blown back.
  557. >You shakily turn towards Cassie.
  558. >Time to impress her with a badass line.
  559. ........
  560. "I think I just pissed myself."
  564. >She stands there, eyes wide, looking at you, before slightly shaking her head.
  565. >"Well then... We should get you out of those wet clothes."
  566. >What?
  567. >She steps towards you, lips parted as she breathes, her great heaving juggs squashing against you.
  568. "Uh, uhh..."
  569. >You want this.
  570. >Or rather, you did want this.
  571. >But this wouldn't be fair to the girls waiting for you at home.
  572. >Her hands slowly grip your ass.
  573. >You can see the delight in her eyes as she breathes heavier, before they slowly close. She stands on her tiptoes, leaning up towards you, big thick lips trembling slightly.
  574. ......
  575. "I can't."
  576. >Her eyes snap open.
  577. >"What?"
  578. "I... I can't."
  579. >She takes a small step back from you.
  580. >"And why's that?"
  581. >Fuck, she wants an actual reason? ....Ah hell, you need to make it a good one, she might suddenly remember the pony kissing story and think it's that.
  582. "Well... I'm in a relationship."
  583. >"With who?" She asks, an eyebrow raised.
  584. >Fuck, okay, who could you possibly be in a relationship with?
  585. ......
  586. "The Directors gay son."
  587. >Why?
  588. >"Oh... So you're gay."
  589. "Well, no actually, I'm not gay, I mean, he used to just be a bit feminine, now, I mean, he looks like a really girly girl."
  590. >"He still has a dick Anon. That's gay."
  591. "That's........ How I like my girls."
  592. >The train finally slows to a stop.
  593. >She turns from you wordlessly and sits on the edge of the half destroyed engine room.
  594. >So now you just have to wait, with her, to be picked up by someone.
  595. >Great.
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