Walnut-Mothed & Bee'd

Jan 3rd, 2014
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  1. >She was reckless on her expedition with Hexferry to steal honey from those dreaded Bee Ponies, and as punishment she was caught by them while Hexferry escaped.
  2. >Being brought inside a uncomfortable prison cell in their crystal hive, Cejire knew what was to come next. She was either to be treated as a slave to collect honey or be beaten up & dragged off to a far location where she would have to make it back to her home.
  3. >Clapping her hooves together in her cell Cejire let her mind drift to the thought of Anon, and his expression after hearing about her being capture. Then breaking her train of thought Cejire heard several hoof steps approach her cell with the sound of buzzing.
  4. >Stopping in front of her cell was a young looking king bee pony with a gold mane, yellow & black coat, crystal blue eyes, and a long white cape that covered his wings with two fully armored bee guards in black & red trimming armor in spears.
  5. "Well, well, well what do we have hear?" the king asked glaring at Cejire with a look of superiority. Looking away from him Cejire wasn't going to talk to the bee.
  6. >Opening up the cell door the king bee stepped in looking at Cejire. "Hey look over at me moth." He commanded at her, yet Cejire ignored him. Angered he raised up his right hoof to Cejire's cheek making her face him.
  7. >Slapping down his hoof of her face & yelling "Get your darn dirty hoof off me bee." the kings bee's guards trotted into the cell, but were stopped by the king who raised up his hoof.
  8. >Responding to Cejire the King spoke in angry voice saying "How dare you talk to me like that you thief. I am King Aludeminze "Honey" of the 125th Hive of Beeponies, and one of the 13th in line to the Grand Hive.". Then glancing up & Down Cejires body he let out a little "mmm's." before trying to reach out for her shoulder with her slapping down his hoof, and his guards taking more steps in but halting as Aldeminze looked at them.
  9. >Asking what the hell he was doing, Aludeminze simply said in a chalant voice "I'm about to consort with my newest property in my kingdom which made Cejire snap at him by saying "You are entitled to nothing. Being born and called king gives you nothing as it's the one below who give your power stupid bee.", but in response to her Aludeminze said "I am entitled to you for coming to my kingdom. If you didn't want to be owned by me you should have never came here. Especially when trying to steal from me.".
  10. >Pausing Cejire looked away from him, and stated she wasn't going to consort with him which Aludeminze responded by saying "I don't care if you want to you." before telling his guards to wait outside, and him knocking Cejire to the ground.
  11. >Telling him to get off her Aludeminze didn't listen as he begun holding down her hooves with his, and slowly started kissing her neck putting his face in her fur. Struggling to get him off her Cejire opened her mouth saying "I already have love so get off of me." before Aludeminze stopped & said "So do I, but what doesn't kill them won't kill us before." before he went back to kissing Cejires neck, and started moving down her slender frame.
  12. >Trying to close her legs as Aludeminze got closer to her vagina he ordered her in a commanding voice to open them or else. Ignoring his orders Cejire squeezed her legs tighter as he then tried to pry them open using his hooves. Then yelling in pure anger to do it or he would have the guards kill her. Cejire thought about the choices to either die, or give herself up.
  13. >Thinking about it as fast as possible, & the thinking the faster she got this over with Aludeminze the most likely she would be freed for following his orders, and sent back home with Hexferry, Actias, Anon, & the others. Putting on a frown, letting out a whimpers, and tears starting to stream down her eyes Cejire opened up her legs revealing herself to Aludeminze.
  14. >Biting his lips Aludeminze then said to Cejire in a sultry voice "There be my good girl." before he leaned in, and started licking Cejire who face became red with pleasure. Licking her slowly Cejire didn't like it as she knew she was being raped by a bee pony king, but her body didn't care as she let out moans of pleasure.
  15. >Finally stopping licking her with Cejire body twitching Aludeminze then started to rub his erect penis up against Cejire's vagina with her continuing to weep. Opening his mouth Aludeminze simply said "Wow...I have never became this more aroused than I have ever before moth.." before he made lustful eye contact with Cejire & penetrated her.
  16. >It was painful for Cejire as the kind slid his shaft deep into her, and when he was fully in he leaned himself forward back towards her neck and begun kissing her again before thrusting.
  17. >Aludeminze in & out Cejire was met with the feeling of both pain & pleasure something that she has never felt before when having sex, and her body was enjoying it & she was hating it as her tears poured down and Aldeminze telling her not to cry.
  18. >Going deeper in deeper into Cejire with Aldeminze thrusting being harder her moans soon escaped, and begun to echo outside her cell and into the hallway where the two guards stood not once peering in on the act the king was committing on Cejire.
  19. >Then finally after a few more thrusts inside Cejire, Aludeminze unloaded himself into Cejire with her screaming out in pleasure "I don't want to get pregnant with a bee ponies child!", and Aludeminze replying"No turning back now.". Pulling out Cejire, Aludeminze then said in an exhausted voice "....I've taken a liking to you moth. I think I will make you my queen until I get bored with you." before getting up off the ground he did Cejire on and trotted to the cell door with his guards standing there.
  20. >Opening his mouth Aludeminze said "Guards escort me to my quarters. And once I'm done being escorted escort my queen to her chambers, & have the maids clean her up, and redress her so she can greet the hive.". Then one of the guards opened their mouth to ask Aludeminze a question saying "Sire what about the old queen?", and him replying in a non caring voice "I don't care about that hag. She has been lately getting on my case about suspecting me of cheating, but I never cheated on her till now. So dispatch of her by throwing her out into the wilds, or having her made a maid.".
  21. >Then another one of the guards asking him a question by saying "And what of your children with her?", Aludeminze replied "They have done nothing to earn my love. Same with them.", and with that they then left.
  22. >Laying on the floor Cejire couldn't move after hearing everything he said, and after everything he did. Breaking down and crying some more with the thought of her never seeing Anon again, and her to be Aludeminze Queen & mother of his children.
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