Preliminary GS EU TM17 Setup.

Oct 7th, 2017
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  1. ===Getting TM17 in EU versions===
  2. Credits:
  3. - luckytyphlosion, for the initial setup.
  4. - gifvex, for finding a much safer and consistent setup.
  5. - entrpntr, for moral support.
  7. Save requirements:
  8. - There must be at least one box which has not had 20 Pokémon at one point. If the only boxes that fulfil this requirement have Pokémon in them, either move or release the Pokémon until the box is empty
  9. - Either the Daycare Man or Lady must not have a Pokémon (Lady is preferred)
  10. - At least $200
  12. Pre-cloning setup:
  13. - Catch a Bellsprout. This will be used as the base Pokémon for cloning.
  14. - Fly to Goldenrod and go to the Daycare.
  15. - Deposit/Move all Pokémon in the party except Bellsprout and a spare Pokémon (the spare Pokémon can be anything). The target box should not be the box that will be used for cloning (the box with the requirements above).
  16. - Switch boxes to the box used for cloning. If you are already on this box, save the game (preferably through Move Pkmn w/o Mail)
  18. Bellsprout Cloning:
  19. Clone #1:
  20. 1. Deposit Bellsprout.
  21. 2. In the Change Box menu, choose a box that isn't the current box.
  22. 3. After going through the 2 "Yes/No" boxes, HARD RESET (via Touch Screen) anywhere between the S of the "SAVING" message and before the "SAVING" message has finished printing.
  23. 4. To check if you cloned Bellsprout, use "Withdraw Pkmn" to check if Bellsprout is in the box. If it isn't, repeat the cloning process until it is. If you ended up in the Box you switched to (reset too late), change back to the Cloning Box, withdraw the Bellsprout, save and try again.
  24. 5. Otherwise, withdraw Bellsprout and save the game using "Move Pkmn W/O Mail". Back out of the menu and move on to the "Clone #2" instructions.
  26. Clone #2:
  27. 1. Deposit the two Bellsprouts.
  28. 2. Clone the two Bellsprouts by using the method above.
  29. 3. If you cloned the Bellsprouts, withdraw them and use "Move Pkmn W/O mail" to save. Otherwise, try again.
  30. 4. Move on to "Clone #3"
  32. Clone #3:
  33. 1. Deposit another two Bellsprouts this time.
  34. 2. Clone the two Bellsprouts.
  35. 3. If you cloned the Bellsprouts, withdraw one and use "Move Pkmn W/O mail" to save. Otherwise, try again.
  36. 4. Move on to "Clone #4-6"
  38. Clone #4-6
  39. 1. Clone four Bellsprouts.
  40. 2. Clone five Bellsprouts.
  41. 3. Clone five Bellsprouts.
  42. 4. Move on to "Bad Clone"
  44. Bad Clone:
  45. - To get a Bad Clone, attempt to clone four Bellsprouts as normal except a few moments after the YES/NO dialogue disappears, hard reset the game.
  46. - Upon reloading, open the withdraw menu and scroll down to the bottom of the PC list to check for the Bad Clone.
  47. - The following qualities must be met for a Pokémon to be a bad clone.
  48. - It must have an empty name.
  49. - It must be level 0.
  50. - It must be female (NOT OPPOSITE GENDER).
  51. - It must show "No. 000" when viewing the status screen in the box
  52. - Note that Bellsprouts with empty names but without any of the other qualities mentioned above are not Bad Clones and cannot be used for the setup.
  53. - If you reset too late (i.e. regular clone), release any four Bellsprouts and try again.
  54. - Once you confirm you have a bad clone, move on to "Getting two Mystery Eggs"
  56. Getting two Mystery Eggs:
  57. - Deposit the spare Pokémon used for cloning.
  58. - Withdraw the Bad Clone.
  59. - The following glitches might be intimidating. If you are unsure, then clone the Bad Clone a few times as a backup.
  60. - Otherwise, exit the PC Menu.
  62. - Talk to the Daycare Lady and give the Daycare Lady the Bad Clone.
  63. - Immediately take back the Bad Clone from the Daycare Lady.
  64. - Ensure that your party consists of the following Pokémon, in the following order: Bellsprout x5, Bad Clone
  65. - Open the PC menu and enter the Move Pkmn W/O Mail menu.
  66. - BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN DOING THIS SETUP. If you make a mistake during the setup, try to finish through with the setup anyway to (hopefully) increase your chances of being able to retry.
  67. - Move a Bellsprout Clone from the Cloning Box to the 2nd slot of the Party (Here:
  68. - Note that the Bellsprout names will change to [blank] or your Trainer Name. This is a side effect of the setup and does not have any negative effects.
  69. - Move the first Bellsprout to the third party Slot (Move to here:
  70. - Move the first Bellsprout in place (Press A when the move cursor is shown)
  71. - Move the fourth Bellsprout to the first party slot (Move to here:
  72. - Move the first Bellsprout in place (Press A when the move cursor is shown)
  73. - Move the first Bellsprout to the fourth party Slot (Move to here:
  74. - Move the first Bellsprout in place.
  75. - Move the first Bellsprout in place, again.
  76. - Move the second Bellsprout to the third party slot (Move to here:
  77. - Move the first Bellsprout in place.
  78. - Move the first Bellsprout in place, again.
  79. - Exit the Move Pkmn W/O Mail menu.
  80. - Go to the Deposit Menu.
  81. - Release the first Bellsprout.
  82. - Exit the PC.
  83. - Open the Party Menu.
  84. - If you did this correctly, the first and second Bellsprouts should have Mystery Eggs. Otherwise, (TODO for messing up)
  85. - Take off the Mystery Eggs on the first and second Bellsprouts.
  86. - Talk to the Daycare Lady and give the Bad Clone to her.
  87. - Immediately take back the Bad Clone from the Daycare Lady.
  88. - Release the first five Pokémon in the Party.
  90. Getting TM17:
  91. - Deposit any Poké Balls you want to keep into your PC.
  92. - Obtain Great Ball x1 and Poké Ball x2, either through a mart or by withdrawing from the PC, and have them in this order in the Balls Pocket
  93. - Go to any Pokémon Center or location with a PC.
  94. - Withdraw any Key Items stored in the PC.
  95. - Move the Mystery Eggs in the Key Items Pocket so that they are the last items in the Pocket (do not swap them together yet, this is required in the next step)
  96. - Swap the first Mystery Egg with the second Mystery Egg. (order is important!)
  97. - Move to the Balls Pocket. The Great Ball x1 and Poké Ball x2 should have turned into a Master Ball x5 and Ultra Ball x255 respectively (255 is indicated by a [tile]5).
  98. - Toss 47 Ultra Balls from the Ultra Ball x255 stack.
  99. - Swap the Master Ball x5 with the Ultra Ball x208.
  100. - Deposit the Mystery Egg in the Key Items Pocket into the Player's PC.
  101. - Withdraw the Mystery Egg from the Player's PC.
  102. - The Ultra Ball x208 and Master Ball x5 should now have turned into a TM17 x1 and Poké Ball x255. This TM17 will execute ACE as it is in the Balls Pocket.
  103. - To clean up, toss 255 (all) from the Poké Ball x255 stack.
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