Dec 30th, 2021
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  1. You receive nods and determined looks from everyone present, and you lead your group quickly out of the castle, just in time to see the humanoid figure of Yamata-no-Orochi take a step on to Tamamo's bounded fields and be bombarded by all sorts of curses and magical explosions. Explosions of flame, ice and electricity happening in quick succession as Orochi just continues to walk towards the castle, unhindered by the powerful explosions of magic.
  3. "Each of those blasts is capable of killing a Servant!" Tamamo shouts in surprise as Orochi casually ignores the damage. "He... He's not got any sort of Magic Resistance, either! He's just... not affected by them!" Well, you knew that this wasn't going to be easy, but Tamamo's defensive perimeter being completely useless wasn't something you were really expecting to happen. Eventually, Orochi clearly gets annoyed by the continuous bombardment of autonomous magical attacks, so he brings his foot up before stomping it down hard. The impact of the blow causing cracks and fissures to appear around him, destabilizing the bounded fields that Tamamo had set up in a single moment by destroying the alignment of the magical focuses. Oh, Orochi seems to be using Zolgen's magical knowledge quite a bit more effectively than you had first imagined he would.
  5. Part 20
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