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  1. .
  2. ./Physics
  3. ./Physics/Landau-Lifschitz
  4. ./Physics/Landau-Lifschitz/Landau, Lifschitz. Vol. 5. Statistical physics part 1(T)(562s).djvu
  5. ./Physics/Landau-Lifschitz/Landau, Lifschitz. Vol. 2. The classical theory of fields(193s)(T).djvu
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  7. ./Physics/Landau-Lifschitz/Landau, Lifschitz. Vol. 6. Fluid mechanics (2ed, 1987)(T)(551s).djvu
  8. ./Physics/Landau-Lifschitz/Landau, Lifschitz. Vol. 2. The classical theory of fields(T).djvu
  9. ./Physics/Landau-Lifschitz/Landau, Lifschitz. Vol. 1. Mechanics 3Rd Edition Eng (197s)(T).djvu
  10. ./Physics/Landau-Lifschitz/Landau, Lifschitz. Vol. 9. Statistical physics part 2(T)(397s).djvu
  11. ./Physics/Landau-Lifschitz/Landau, Lifschitz. Vol. 3. Quantum mechanics Nonrelativistic theory 3ed 1977(T).djvu
  12. ./Physics/Electrodynamics
  13. ./Physics/Electrodynamics/Jackson J D Classical Electrodynamics (Wiley, 1962)(T)(656S).djvu
  14. ./Physics/Electrodynamics/Greiner. Classical electrodynamics (Springer, 1998)(400dpi)(T)(569s).djvu
  15. ./Physics/Condensed Matter
  16. ./Physics/Condensed Matter/Galperin Y M Introduction To Modern Solid State Physics(476S)(T).djvu
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  27. ./Physics/Condensed Matter/Chaikin P M , Lubensky T C Principles Of Condensed Matter Physics (Cup, 1995)(K)(T)(719S).djvu
  28. ./Physics/Nuclear
  29. ./Physics/Nuclear/Greiner W., Maruhn J. - Nuclear Models (Springer,1996)(ISBN 354059180X)(600dpi)(T)(399s)(K)_PQft_.djvu
  30. ./Physics/Classical Machanics
  31. ./Physics/Classical Machanics/Goldstein, Poole, Safko. Classical mechanics (3ed., AW, 2000)(T)(C)(636s)(T).djvu
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  39. ./Physics/Classical Machanics/Heinbockel J.H. Introduction to tensor calculus and continuum mechanics (lecture notes, 1996)(T)(373s).djvu
  40. ./Physics/String Theory
  41. ./Physics/String Theory/Polchinski J. String theory vol. 1 (CUP, 1998)(L)(T)(215s).djvu
  42. ./Physics/String Theory/Polchinski J. String theory vol. 2 (CUP, 1998)(K)(T)(534s).djvu
  43. ./Physics/String Theory/Nakahara M. Geometry, topology and physics(T)(497s).djvu
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  46. ./Physics/String Theory/Szabo R. Busstepp lectures on string theory.djvu
  47. ./Physics/Library.readme.txt
  48. ./Physics/Quantum Mechanics
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  58. ./Physics/Quantum Mechanics/Feynman - Quantum Mechanics(T).djvu
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  76. ./Physics/Quantum Mechanics/Sakurai.Modern Quantum Mechanics(T).djvu
  77. ./Physics/Basic Physics
  78. ./Physics/Basic Physics/Wells D.A., H.S.Slusher, M.BrownePhysics, For Engineering and Science(Schaum's Outline)(T).djvu
  79. ./Physics/General Relativity
  80. ./Physics/General Relativity/Carrol, Sean - Lecture Notes on General Relativity(238s)(T).djvu
  81. ./Physics/General Relativity/Einstein, Albert - Relativity - The Special And General Theory(163s)(T).djvu
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  90. ./Physics/General Relativity/
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  113. ./Physics/Cosmology
  114. ./Physics/Cosmology/Bonometto (ed). Modern cosmology 2001 (compilation)(482s)(T).djvu
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  119. ./Physics/Quantum Field Theory
  120. ./Physics/Quantum Field Theory/Peskin, Schroesder - An introduction To Quantum Field Theory(T).djvu
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  131. ./Physics/Quantum Field Theory/Weinberg
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  155. ./Physics/Quantum Gravity
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  163. ./Physics/Fluid Mechanics
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  174. ./Physics/Statistical Mechanics
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  205. ./Physics/Modern physics
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  219. ./Mathematics
  220. ./Mathematics/Differential Geometry
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