2020.01.25 Page 1092 - Old Plans Reawakened

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  1. **Maren:** Table! I order you to make me a red wine… er, actually make that whiskey… a whole bottle!
  2. **Maren:** …Hello?
  3. **Sythe:** You actually have to put your hand on it first.
  4. **Maren:** Oh.
  5. **Maren:** Okay? Whiskey!
  6. **Evil Trace:** _**.  .  .  !**_
  7. **Evil Trace:** It’s… her!
  8. **Evil Trace:** She’s here?
  9. **Evil Trace:** Maren.
  10. **Evil Trace:** She’s finally here! It took long enough.
  11. **Evil Trace:** She really _**does**_ look like her.
  12. **Evil Trace:** Good. At last, we finally have **the body.**
  13. **Maren:** Uh…
  14. **Maren:** Did I do it wrong?
  15. **Maren:** _**Ah!**_ Is that supposed to be happening?
  16. **Sythe:** _Huh?!_
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