perfect love game chap 2

frankm Dec 11th, 2018 (edited) 200 Never
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  1. shitty gist.....felicia ask mc if he wants to leave, mc says, only if you want too.....they decide to leave early and eat at the nearest restaurant...(FIVE GUYS) DONT ASK, if you dont know......they eat and leave, mc ask if felicia if she wants to go home or can they can stay out a little later, especially cause the they left the movie early.....she says why? mc says u know why,(she smirks cause she knows what up....MC AINT FUCK HER IN A WEEK).....THEY FUCK IN THEIR PARENTS cums twice, and fmc is amazed on the says to her that she left him hanging, and she replied, sorry didnt know i did...they laugh about it and mc takes her home, next day, (its saturday) mc still has to work for a company called TALK.COM for 12 hours.......he is working his shift, but because he is so fit, he has alot of BIRDS looking at him......he dont entertain them, but boss askes him to work late in the (saving department) its the last line of defense before a customer quits there is inclinded because he has the best STATS............but he has two BIRD IN WAITING anticipating his actions....he only just got back from wendy's and will soon be surprised......tbc
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