Country Punishment by Anon (Guard/RD)

Feb 17th, 2016
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  1. Country Punishment by Anon
  3. ---
  5. >be anon
  6. >walking through the streets of Ponyville
  7. >You're not from around here
  8. >You're a Manehattan stallion
  9. >Visiting some family in town
  11. >You turn around a corner, and you encounter a crowd of ponies
  12. >They are all grouping up around something in the middle of Ponyville main square
  13. >There's some commotion going on
  14. >You decide to see what it is
  16. >You bump your way through the crowd
  17. >Trying to see what's going on
  18. >Then you see what everypony is gathering around
  19. >Oh, now you get it
  21. >In Manehattan, things like this haven't been around for a long time
  22. >They aren't illegal in Equestria, they just don't really exist in big cities
  23. >but Ponyville is in the country
  24. >In the country, police are fewer and jails are small
  25. >Because of this, you still find public spanking racks getting used
  27. >Today, the pony that has to face the rack is standing between a pair of guard ponies
  28. >She's a pegasus with a cyan blue coat and a very unusual rainbow colored mane and tail
  29. >You know she is the one who is meant for the rack
  30. >A thick rope is tied around her wings
  31. >Everypony around you goes quiet when a mare at the podium, a mare with a grayish white haired mane and a scroll for a cutie mark, speaks out to the crowd
  33. "Rainbow Dash, for the repeated crimes of property destruction, reckless endangerment and evading arrest, has been sentenced to receive the standard 2 strokes, 1 per side, of the riding crop on the unprotected rump for every 20 bits of damage caused, plus an additional 50 strokes for attempting to evade arrest. This will total 161 strokes."
  35. >The whole crowd of ponies gasps and mutters amongst themselves
  36. >Your jaw drops when the number is read out
  37. >You've heard stories about how seriously ponies in Ponyville take corporal punishment
  38. >They also have one of the the lowest crime rates in Equestria
  39. >You get why, now
  41. >The blue pegasus pony has her head held high
  42. >but you can plainly see that she is scared
  43. >anypony would be
  45. >the pony, who looks like she is the mayor, is not done
  47. "This penalty will be given with the guilty party being restrained in the stocks. A guardspony will administer the punishment."
  49. >As she is saying this the two guards brings Rainbow Dash to the rack
  50. >or the stocks, whatever the mayor called them
  51. >You see how they are used before she is even put in them
  53. >One stock has only one, big hole in it when it is closed
  54. >the hole has padding in it
  55. >There is also a little block under the hold where the pony's hooves stand
  56. >There are three metal cuffs on the stock, two close together below for the legs, and one above the hole for the tail
  57. >On the other side of the stock is another big block of wood with padding on the top
  58. >It's where the victim's body lies over it in support
  59. >There is a strap that wraps around the body meant to keep the pony still
  60. >And on the bottom of the block on the other side, two more metal cuffs are placed for the pony's front legs
  62. >Rainbow Dash is put into the scary looking device and fastened down
  63. >She doesn't struggle for somepony convicted of trying to get away from the police
  64. >The guards close the stock, leaving only her butt hanging out the other end
  65. >One of them snaps the metal cuffs around her back hooves and the same for her tail
  66. >The other one ties Rainbow Dash's body down and restrains her front hooves
  68. >Now they have her ready
  69. >The guard walks to a bench in front of Rainbow Dash and picks up a big, brown leather riding crop
  70. >The cyan pegasus's tail flicks in the metal cuff on the back of the spanking rack
  71. >The guard walks behind her, and the other one goes to watch the proceedings from the side
  73. >You are looking at the whole thing diagonally
  74. >You can see everything
  75. >You pushed your way to a good spot to see this
  77. >The guard delivers the first stroke of the riding crop, one per each side
  78. >no stop between the strokes
  79. >Fwap, fwap!
  80. "One!"
  81. >The blue pegasus in the stocks squeals
  82. >Not like a scream or a cry, a yip of pain
  83. >Like a puppy
  85. >Fwap, fwap!
  86. "Two!"
  87. >Fwap, fwap!
  88. "Three!"
  90. >You think about the number of these whips the mayor said
  91. >161 strokes
  92. >Each stroke was really 2 strokes, 1 per side
  93. >Rainbow Dash was on 3
  95. >four, five, six, seven, eight went by
  96. >There was already redness, lots of it
  97. >Rainbow Dash was already beginning to crack apart
  98. >She was crying
  99. >whines of pain coming out of her mouth
  101. >Fwap, fwap!
  102. "15!"
  104. >You watched the event unfolding quietly but fascinated
  105. >You've heard stories, but you've never witnessed it up close
  106. >Everypony talked in lowered tones around you
  107. >talking about the number of strokes the mayor had said at the beginning
  108. >so many
  109. >How would she get through it, they wondered?
  111. >Fwap, Fwap!
  112. "47!"
  113. >Fwap, Fwap!
  114. "48!"
  116. >Rainbow Dash was crying truly, now.
  117. >Forced to remain motionless while the crop bit into her smooth, athletic ass
  118. >Vibrating the toned cheeks every time it struck
  119. >Rainbow Dash sobbed
  121. >Fwap, fwap!
  122. "50!"
  124. >OK, now she paid for resisting arrest
  125. >But she was still not even a third of the way done
  126. >And she was already crying loudly, raspily
  127. >The guards did not care about her suffering, though
  128. >They were doing their job, no more
  130. >Fwap, fwap!
  131. "92!"
  133. >OK, now your fascination with witnessing country justice was fading
  134. >You had seen plenty now
  135. >Rainbow Dash was crying and struggling to breathe
  136. >Her light blue butt showed the marks of the riding crop easily
  137. >Stinging red welts all over her rump
  138. >It looked like it hurt beyond imagining
  139. >Rainbow Dash was shaking her head like a madmare
  140. >Pulling at her cuffs on all four sides
  141. >She wasn't weak, but this device was designed to hold anypony down
  143. >Fwap, fwap!
  144. "113!"
  146. >Rainbow Dash was getting more frenzied, now
  147. >The stock framing and holding her butt rattled violently
  149. "Nooo! Please, no more! No moreee!"
  150. >Fwap, fwap!
  151. "114!"
  153. >Some ponies were starting to walk away
  154. >They had seen enough
  155. >Before you came to Ponyville, when you heard about how they used corporal punishment to deal with crimes, you almost thought it was silly
  156. >foalish
  157. >Watching this has changed your mind
  158. >This is a very serious penalty
  159. >Nothing silly about it
  160. >But it's like watching a burning building or a carriage accident
  161. >It's horrible, but you can't look away
  163. >Fwap, fwap!
  164. "129!"
  166. >Rainbow Dash's cries are heartbreaking
  167. >the stock is still rattling like crazy
  168. >The mare's butt is looking like a spotted, welted up mess
  169. >Her back hooves are curling and pulling against the fastening cuffs
  170. >She's helpless
  171. >The guards are stoic and unsympathetic
  172. >they must be used to doing this, you judge
  174. >Fwap, fwap!
  175. >"144!"
  177. >Before, the stocks were rattling
  178. >Now, they aren't
  179. >Rainbow Dash is losing energy
  180. >She is cold sweating everywhere
  181. >The drops of sweat are dripping down her flanks
  182. >and cruelly, over the lashed skin of her rump
  183. >It must sting her like no tomorrow
  185. >More ponies have left the crowd since last you looked
  186. >You think about leaving, too
  187. >But the sentence is almost done
  189. >Fwap, fwap!
  190. "156!"
  192. >Rainbow Dash is huffing and puffing like she's flown around the world
  193. >Judging how athletic and toned her flank is, probably even harder than that
  194. >She senses the end is near
  195. >She's been begging them to stop, even for just a second to give her a break, since around stroke 100
  196. >But now she's just screaming
  198. >Fwap, fwap!
  199. "157!"
  200. >Fwap, fwap!
  201. "158!"
  202. >Fwap, fwap!
  203. "159!"
  204. >Fwap, fwap!
  205. "160!"
  206. >Fwap, fwap!
  207. "And that's 161!"
  209. >The broken cries of a punished pony echo around Ponyville Square
  210. >The ground in front of Rainbow Dash is a puddle of teardrops
  211. >The guard takes away the riding crop and walks up to the front where it was resting before
  212. >Cruelly right in front of the victim pony's face
  214. >You and everypony else take a good long look at her thrashed rear
  216. >It is terrible
  217. >not just marked, but there is visible damage
  218. >Spots of light and dark red and purple make the whole thing swell up
  219. >Glistening red spots where the top of the skin is whipped off
  220. >If you had to choose between jail and this, you'd choose jail
  222. >The mayor, who has been silently watching this whole time, walks back to the podium and addresses the much smaller crowd
  223. "That concludes the sentence. Ponyville considers your debt paid, Rainbow Dash. Free her from the stocks."
  225. >The guards do what she says and start to take off the mare's restraints
  226. >When they uncuff her tail, Rainbow Dash brings it down over her backside
  227. >She is shaking and crying like a little filly
  228. >They do her front hooves next, and then finally her body
  229. >The guards have to help her walk when they leave
  230. >Rainbow Dash is crying just from the effort it takes to move her back thighs
  231. >The guards assist her away
  233. >You stand there in the square
  234. >Everything is still processing
  235. >Eventually though, you walk away some time later
  237. >You learned something, today
  238. >Today, a Manehattan city pony has gotten some new respect for old-fashioned country punishment
  239. >Today is a day you will never forget
  240. >And you know Rainbow Dash won't forget it, either.
  242. >The End
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