Fire and Lightning

Mar 29th, 2015
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  1. >you're driving home from work
  2. >you stop at an intersection, and a flash distracts you
  3. >twilight is now sitting in the passenger seat
  4. >"Hi Ano— Woah! What's going on here?"
  5. "Twilight?!"
  6. >"Uhuh, listen, remember that deal I offered you?"
  7. "Where you said I could turn into a pony and fuck someone?"
  8. >"That's the one. Are you busy tonight? I mean, if you're going out with friends I can come back another time."
  9. >like a steel rod through your heart
  10. "N-no, I'm not busy tonight..."
  11. >"Great! Well, when you finish whatever you're doing here, I'll come back and get you all set up. Just wash up and lie down in your bed. Okay?"
  12. "Alright..."
  13. >"See you soon!"
  14. >she blinks out and you snap back to reality
  15. >the car behind you is hanmering on his horn
  16. >you decide to pull forward just as the light turns red, leaving him at the intersection
  17. >douche
  18. >you pull into the garage and walk up to your apartment
  19. >you undress and wash up, like Tei instructed
  20. >putting on some underwear, you get into bed
  21. >after a couple minutes a flash of purple light brightens the dark room
  22. >"Ready?"
  23. "Ready when you are."
  24. >your body starts to warm up, and your brain feels...
  25. >it feels like you're getting pushed out of your head
  26. >like something else is taking up space
  27. >this strange feeling continues until your vision goes dark, like someone unplugged a television
  29. >you wake up on a bed of clouds
  30. >it's incredibly comfortable
  31. >it molds to your curves, and has a kind of airy feel
  32. >in your arms is a sleeping Lightning Dust
  33. >fucking god damnit Twi
  34. >she made you a human
  35. >then you look down, and see a pair of yellow hooves wrapper around her
  36. >your hooves
  37. >Spitfire
  38. >awshit
  39. >Dust opens her eyes and does a double take, clearly having the same response you did
  40. >then, she looks at you, butes her lip a little, and kisses you
  41. >"Well... Are you..."
  42. "An Anon? Yup, what do you think happened?"
  43. >"Maybe Twi just got mixed up and put two ponies together instead of just one pony and one anon."
  44. "We might as well make the most of it."
  45. Do you all prefer if I write Anons as at least slightly socially adept?
  47. >"Might as well..."
  48. >Lightning pulls you close and snakes her hoof down your back, pushing into your privates
  49. >you yelp a bit as she begins rubbing, a little wetness covers you
  50. >you do the same, gliding your hand over her nethers
  51. >she moans a slight bit, much more wetness slickening your hoof
  52. "My, you're eager..."
  53. >she responds by biting her lip and moaning
  54. >your hooves glide in sync, both of you twitching
  55. >your mouths up above begin to explore one other
  56. >kissing and licking, you each wet each other's lips, and explore a little deeper
  57. >your tongues interlock and you suck a little spit from her mouth
  58. >coming up for air, the sound of a door swinging open startles both of you
  59. >into the room walks a human anon
  60. >he sees the two of you blushing, and smiles
  61. >"Starting without me? Now that's just rude... I will say, I wasn't expecting two of you, but I guess that's the surprise."
  62. >he slides into the bed, and lightning begins unbuttoning his shirt
  63. >you however, begin unbuttoning his pants, and pull them off
  64. >his dick lies floppy, a matter the two of you seem eager to resolve
  65. >the two of you slide next to his cock, rubbing it up and down your faces
  66. >is this gay?
  67. >nah...
  68. >maybe a little
  69. >Anon expands to his full size and the two of you give it a long look
  70. >with unspoken agreement, the two of you both take one side of his dick and lick to the top, like a popsicle
  71. >next, you tease his tip, then alternating to Lightning
  72. >then, then, you two go back to the bottom, licking to the top once again
  73. >this time, you take him a little deeper, and Dust does the same
  74. >your Anon is looking down at you both, right hand moving from pony to pony as you dance on his cock
  75. >you continue this little alternation until you both are deepthroating his whole cock every stroke
  76. >you start to bounce a little when you reach the bottom, pushing him just past your gag point
  78. >he's tensing up and both of you see it
  79. >you both lick the aides of his dick, and as you reach the top, he thrusts a little
  80. >cum shoots from his cock, covering your faces and his dick with cum
  81. >you both take a minute to clean his cock, licking cum off and swallowing it as he watches in shock
  82. >next you look Lightning straight in the eye and tell her
  83. "You're a dirty little pony Ms. Dust... Let me help you clean up."
  84. >"Well Ms. Spitfire, I can say the same about you..."
  85. "Of course you can."
  86. >you two lean on his chest, licking cum off each others faces, swallowing every drop he shot
  87. >finally, after both of you are satisfied, Lightning looks you in the eye and says
  88. >"Delicious, but I think our friend needs to try something else now... Hm?"
  89. "Of course, we wouldn't want him to get bored."
  90. >you move, and plop yourself on his face, leaving your pussy inches from his mouth
  91. >you shake it a little, dripping juice onto his lips as Dust situates herself on his cock, the shoves it down her hole
  92. >the two of you lock lips as he locks onto your second pair
  93. >Lightning bounces on his dick, making it rather hard to keep a lock on her
  94. >you push her down, and keep her from bouncing
  95. >she... or is it he? You really haven't considered what to call her...
  96. >let's go with she, it sounds gay otherwise
  97. >she seems to take the hint, moving from the intense bounces she was giving into sliding her body up and down
  98. >the Anon below you lets out a little moan into your vagina, and you decide to let out one in response
  99. >Lightning remains silent, eyes closed, lips locked on yours
  100. >her breathing is incredibly steady, while yours moves in and out at awkward intervals
  101. >suddenly her eyes flip open again, and her lips pull off yours
  102. >she lets out a cry, and pushes herself harder down onto the Anon below
  103. >"M-more... M-more!"
  105. >she locks onto your lips with renowned intensity, sucking the air out of your lungs
  106. >bouncing harder than she was before, Anon groans into you and thrusts himself, hard, intk Dust and you see a little goo leak from her nethers
  107. >both of you pull off, and Lightning, with a deep and breathy voice, looks at you and says
  108. >"You want this... Don't you Spitfire?"
  109. >licking her lips, you delve into her nethers, cleaning every crevice your tounge could reach of semen
  110. >sitting up, you open your mouth and show your collection proudly, before swallowing it down
  111. >the Anon below you chuckles
  112. >"I always knew you were a little whore, in fact, both of you."
  113. >kissing Anon on the lips, you look back into Dust's eyes
  114. >"What now Fire?"
  115. "Hmm..."
  116. >you step off the bed and walk around the room, throwing open drawers
  117. >hopefully what you're looking for is there, or you'll look like a complete idiot
  118. >throwing open the bottom of the cabinet, you find what you're looking for
  119. >a horsecock
  120. >what were you thinking, of course Spitfire would have a toy or two
  121. >picking it up, you walk back over to Lightning, who's eyeing the toy with a but of fear
  122. >"S-spitfire? W-what are yo—"
  123. >you quickly pick up her hind quarters and shove the dick into her
  124. >it only gets about 3/4 of the way in on the first shove, but with a little hammering, it fits
  125. >Dust's mouth hangs open, tounge lolling lazily in the open air
  126. >she lets out a gutteral moan, as you start to thrust it in and out
  127. >suddenly, a pair of hands grabs you, and places you over a cock
  128. >you're plopped down, but not onto what your expecting
  129. >no, he shoves himself up into your little ass
  130. >hilting on the first thrust, you yelp in pain
  131. "Oh go— Celestia... Fu-fuck this hurts..."
  132. >"Do you want me to stop?"
  133. >he says, thrusting in and out
  134. "N-no, keep going."
  135. >"That's what I thought"
  136. >Lightning rests on his chest, you still pushing the horsecock into her, while Anon pounds your ass
  138. >hilting, Anon grabs your ass and grinds into you
  139. >it's not the greatest feeling in the world, but there's some pleasure in there
  140. >as your ass moves back and forth, pain blinding you, you focus on thrusting the horsecock in and out of Lightning
  141. >her mouth is still hanging open, though it seems Anon's noticed that, and wants to take advantage of it
  142. >grabbing her chin, he pulls her mouth to his, and kisses her
  143. >a devilish idea hits you
  144. >in between each thrust into your ass, you shove the dildo into her, much harder than you had before
  145. >she lets out little yelps into Anon's mouth, who doesn't let her lips off his
  146. >you hadn't noticed before, but Anon was pushing harder and harder, probably trying to force another orgasm into you
  147. >you oblige him, clenching your ass in time with his thrusts
  148. >he pulls his lips off Lightning's and lets out a moan before pouring into you
  149. >about to push into Lightning, she quickly jumps off
  150. >"Nu-uh, you go wash off first."
  151. >with a little disappointed look, Anon slumps over to the bathroom to wash his dick
  152. >while he's gone, she looks into your eyes, pulling out the dildo still loged inside her
  153. >"Well... How the tables turn..."
  154. >she says with a smirk
  155. >before you can react, she forces you onto your back and shoves the dildo halfway into you
  156. >next, she covers your mouth with a hoof, and presses into it
  157. >you try to cry out, but all that comes out is a muffled
  158. "Mmgh!!!"
  159. >she starts working the dildo into you
  160. >oh god it's large
  161. >when you were pushing it into her, you really didn't have an idea of the size of it
  162. >now you had firsthand experience of it
  163. >Spitfire probably didn't go down more than halfway on it, but Dust was forcing the whole thing into you
  164. >suddenly, you feel the tip tap against something inside you
  165. >it's painful and pleasurable at the same time
  166. >Dust sees you shift uncomfortably and a grin passes over her
  168. >she switches from a slow grind to quick thrusts
  169. >your cheeks billow, pain and pleasure growing
  170. >you realize you can't get air, her hoof's covering your nose
  171. >thoughts begin to cloud, your mind becomes a swirl of pleasure and pain
  172. >your vision begins to gray out around the edges, and thoughts begin to lose their edges
  173. >everything muddles as the grey halo around your vision begins to close in
  174. >suddenly, your body begins to to twitch uncontrollably and ecstasy rushes through your veins
  175. >the hoof is lifted from your nose and face and you take a sharp intake of breath
  176. >shuddering from pleasure, you fall into a coughing fit, lungs on fire
  177. >your thoughts snap back into clarity, and you struggle to speak
  178. "W—*cough*—W-what the f-fu-fuck did you do to m-me? I couldn't breathe!"
  179. >she leans down into you, stretching your legs out and leaning close
  180. >"Oxygen depravation, makes for some amazing orgasms, what did you think?"
  181. "You nearly killed me you asshole!"
  182. >"Nah, you still had about a minute. I didn't even take you close. Anyway, back to how it was..."
  183. >you couldn't deny it, you were still shuddering from pleasure
  184. >probably lost more than a few brain cells, but what the hell
  185. "Can't fault you there. It was pretty great... I guess it's fine..."
  186. >"That's what I thought."
  187. >the bathroom door opens, and out walks Anon again
  188. >he sits back down, and sees you shuddering
  189. >"You ok there Fire?"
  190. >before you can respond, Lightning interrupts you
  191. >"Oh, she's fine, I just had a little fun with her while you were gone... She seemed to really enjoy it."
  192. >Dust pulled the dildo out of you with a small sucking noise and threw it to the side of the bed
  193. >"Well... What do we do now?"
  194. >Dust says, eyes alternating between the two of you
  195. >"Maybe I could get Soarin and you two could spitroast us, alternating."
  196. >she says looking at you
  197. "That sounds like fun, need some help looking for him?"
  198. >"Let's go!"
  200. >the door swings outward into a dormitory
  201. >a single word escapes Dust's mouth
  202. >"Fuck"
  203. >the halls are busy with people, a couple of them eyeing your room
  204. >trying to ignore their looks, you continue out into the hall
  205. >looking down the hall, it seems to be in alphabetical order, by first name
  206. >Shine, Soarin, Spitfire
  207. >laughably easy
  208. >pulling open the door, you find Soarin asleep on his bed
  209. >the two of you sneak up on either side of his bed
  210. >"Hello sleepyhead."
  211. >he wakes witha start, flinging his extremities around in a panic
  212. >"WHO'S THERE!"
  213. >he sees the two of you, and his eyes narrow as you both laugh
  214. "Get up."
  215. >"Why... My bed is warm."
  216. >"Jesus christ, just listen to her, come on!"
  217. >he steps out of his bed, and follows you two back to your room
  218. >Lightning waves a quick goodbye to the people staring in awe as the door shuts
  219. >as soon as Soarin enters the room, he sees a naked Anon on your bed
  220. >"Care to explain what exactly is going on to me here?"
  221. >"You'll find out soon enough"
  222. >Lightning props him up on the bed, facing away from the head of it
  223. >she grabs his cock and slides it into her mouth and he says
  224. >"Yep, I see what's going on here. And I'm perfectly fine with it."
  225. >Anon stands up and rounds the bed, pushing into her from behind
  226. >she lets out a little moan into Soarin's now erect cock
  227. >feeling a little left out, you try to find a way to help
  228. >after some time passes, you decide there really is now way to 'help,' so you relagate yourself to sitting on the floor
  229. >just as you ger situated, Dust pulls herself off Soarin's cock and calls to you
  230. >"Switch!"
  231. >Anon pulls off her, and you step in to take her place
  232. "Here we g—"
  233. >Soarin shoved his cock into your mouth, and pushed your head all whe way onto it
  234. >it's signifigantly bigger and thicker than Anon's and your muzzle can't save you this time
  235. >each time he pushes in, you gag, retching into his dick
  237. >on the back end, Anon is absolutely drilling you
  238. >it's like a jackhammer, hammering in and out as you clench around him
  239. >spit and precum leaks from your front, and from your back, juice runs down your legs, dripping onto the floor
  240. >you feel the both of them getting close, so you force yourself off them and walk over to Lightning
  241. "Who do you want to take?"
  242. >"I'll take Anon, you take Soarin."
  243. "Alright."
  244. >the two of you walk back over to them and Lightning begins to work Anon's cock
  245. >looking up into Soarin's eyes, you wrap your lips around him, and you tease the flat lip of his cock
  246. >you weren't able to do this before, you were too busy managing both dicks
  247. >you pull off and run your mouth over his balls, causing him to gasp a little
  248. >you work the two of them around in your mouth
  249. >it's strange, but not unexpected
  250. >it's like moving little fleshy balls around your mouth, not the most difficult feat in the world
  251. >however, he seems to be loving it, yelping a little as you nibble his scrotum
  252. >you relinquish your mouth from hus balls and lick back to his top
  253. >he begins to aid you, pushing your head to the deepest he could, the tip of your muzzle crushing against his groin
  254. >with one final thrust, you feel your mouth fill with cum
  255. >Soarin's is actually slightly sweet, a completely different taste that Anon's
  256. >you pull off and see Lightning waiting behind you a load of cum sitting plainly in her open mouth
  257. >she grabs you, and takes you to the floor with a kiss
  258. >the two of you dribble cum on each other's faces and lick it off
  259. >just a quick reminder that it isn't gay
  260. >after a small while of this sharing, you both look up at your men and swallow
  261. >"Well that was exciting..." Says Anon
  262. >"Fuck yeah it was, though I thiught you said you didn't want this Spit." Soarin says
  263. "Eeh, I changed my mind, at least for today. Don't go telling everyone, or don't expect any more. Got it?"
  264. >"Alright, alright..."
  265. >"So I guess we're done here?" Dust says, looking at you
  266. "Guess so."
  268. >Soarin and Anon leave, a few minutes apart, hopefully to dispel any suspicion.
  269. >before Lightning leaves, she pushes you to the floor once again, kisses you and says
  270. >"You've been fun."
  271. >before walking out the room
  272. >you walk over toyour bed and lie down, staring at the ceiling as your vision begins to ripple into your real ceiling at home
  273. >you sit up in bed, back in your normal body, and see twilight sitting in the corner of your room
  274. >her pussy is completely wet, dampening the carpeting
  275. >she's rubbing herself, though when the ripple fully fades, her eyes shoot open
  276. >"Oh, A-anon! I, uh, Did you like it?"
  277. "Yeah, and by the looks of it, you did too."
  278. >"Sh-shut up..."
  279. >she says with a blush, before getting up to leave
  280. >you get out of bed, grab her, and bring her into a big hug
  281. >you whisper into her ear
  282. "Thanks for letting me be the little mare Twi. I do have to ask... Why were there three of us?"
  283. >"Oh, the two of you were paired be mistake, I quickly had to find a third to add. Turned out pretty interesting in my opinion."
  284. "Thanks again Twilight."
  285. >she turns to leave, a grin on her face
  286. >"No problem Anon... No problem at all."
  287. >the door shuts, and she leaves you to think
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