Zombie Shenenigans in Equestria : It begins

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  1. >You are Applejack, and you just finished breakfast and headed out to start work.
  2. >The sun is just rising as you trot out to begin applebucking.
  3. *WHUMP!*
  4. "Huh? Big Mac shouldn't be out this early, he was supposed ta take Applebloom ta school"
  5. *WHUMP!*
  6. >Strolling to where the sound is comming from, you find a strange thing striking a tree.
  7. "Pardon me partn'r but ya shouldn't be out here."
  8. *WHUMP!*
  10. >Looking around, you see all the apples have been knocked from several trees, including the one it was hitting.
  11. "Ah must say, your pretty good at that, ya ever consider it as a job? we could always use an extra hoof down here"
  12. >It shuffles over to another tree, before bumping into it.
  14. >IT swats it, and all the apples fall around the tree.
  15. "Ah'll take that as a yes. Lemme just set up some baskets, and you can get tah work right away."
  16. >"GRRUHHHHH!"
  17. >Running back to the barn, you pull out your wagon and fill it with baskets.
  18. >By the time you get back, it has knocked the apples out of a dozen more trees, and is shuffling towards a new one.
  19. "Gimme a moment ta get some baskets set up, aright?"
  20. >"GRUGH!!"
  21. >It stops a moment, and turns to you.
  22. >Setting down the baskets, you nod to it, and it just starts shuffling back to the tree.
  23. >It bumps into the tree, lets out another wierd groany noise, and swings its forlimbs and smacks it.
  24. >The apples all fall into the baskets, and you start setting up more baskets.
  25. >Soon enough Big Mac gets back, and you meet him at the gate.
  26. >BM"Who's that?"
  27. "Ah Dunno, Ah can't understand it, but it is one good worker. It don't even need ta buck to knock all the apples out of a tree."
  28. >"That so."
  29. *WHUMP!*
  30. >Big mac raises his eyebrows as he watches it clear another tree.
  31. *WHUMP!*"
  32. "It don't quite get that ya only gotta smack it once though. Must be tha whole can't understand eachother thing."
  33. *WHUMP!*
  35. >It moves on towards another tree, and you head to gather the filled baskets.
  36. >Lunch rolls around, and it has yet to stop or slow down, though it has gone after empty tree's once in a while.
  37. "HEY! Lunch time!"
  38. >It doesn't show any sort of reaction, and keeps working.
  39. "Hey? You comming to eat?"
  41. "Suit yerself, just be sure not ta overwork yerself."
  42. >It simply shuffles to another tree.
  43. >Sitting at your outside table, you dig in to luch, when you hear Twilight call out from the road
  44. >TS"Hey Applejack, hows it going? Not working to hard with this years harvest?"
  45. "Nah, we actually got a helper. Ya'll might be interested in meetin it. Maybe you can make sense of its talk."
  46. >Twilight comes over, and sits next to you.
  47. >TS"What do you mean it? Cant is it not a pony or something?"
  48. "Yeah, its looks lahk a monkey sorta, but its  kinda... Ah dunno, ya'll best just see em fer yerself."
  49. >Getting up, you escort Twilight to the trees where it was working.
  50. >Not seeing it, you begin searching a wider are with Twilight, untill you come upon what seems to be a path  of deappled trees.
  51. "Hey Twah, it looks like it headed this way. Right into the Everfree forest!"
  52. >"Oh no! we better hurr before it gets hurt."
  55. >You are Fluttershy, and you are trying to Find Angel Bunny after he ran off this morning.
  56. >Much to your dismay, he ran off into the Everfree forest.
  57. "Angel bunny, come here... its not safe."
  58. >*Crack*
  59. >The sound of a twig snapping sends you running into the nearest bush and you begin cowering there.
  60. "No! I must be brave. For Angel bunny."
  61. >Climbing out, you head in the direction that you heard the sound.
  62. >The trees start to open up a bit, and you hear a shrill squeal of terror.
  63. "ANGEL BUNNY! DON'T WORRY, I'm Comming!"
  64. >Moving as fast as you can in the direction of the sound, you soon see a clearing up ahead.
  65. >Several growls and some snapping is heard and you slow down.
  66. >Peering in, you se astrange thing being surrounded by timber wolves, and Angel bunny has climbed on it, and you can see he is hurt.
  67. >Two Wolves jump at it and you yell out "Watch out"
  68. >It turns and moves towards you, and the wolfs miss, instead colliding in mid air.
  69. >Both make a whining sound, and the ting turns back to them, and steps forward, its foot landing on one of their tails.
  70. >The tail is jerked away, and it falls over to land on a wolf that was sneaking up behind it.
  71. >The wolf underneath it squirms out and runs off, and it makes wierd flailing motions with its forelimbs as it tries to right itself, striking several more wolfs in the process.
  72. >Having suffered enough from this new thing, the pack runs off, and you run into the clearing.
  73. >Angel bunny immediately hops over to you, and you hug him tightly.
  74. >Looking at the thing, you notice it has righted itself, and is now standing up on its rear limbs again.
  75. >"UURRGGHH"
  76. "Umm..... Thank you.... For rescuing Angel that is...."
  77. >It doesnt respond, and just starts shuffling along, untill it walks into a tree.
  79. >It lashes out at the tree, and a couple leaves start falling, along with a strange stone ball.
  80. "That kind of looks like..."
  82. "Oh my, Is that you Applejack?"
  83. >Applejack and Twilight come into view, and they see you, angel bunny and the strange thing.
  84. >TS"Fluttershy, are you okay? what are you doing out here?"
  85. "Oh... Umm I was... Just looking for Angel bunny after he had run off."
  86. >AJ" Hey, Ya'll shouldn't be wanderin out here all alone, its dangerous."
  87. "I know, but... I just couldn't leave Angel out here alone. And besides, this kind fellow here help me by rescuing Angel from a bunch of mean Timber Wolves."
  88. >AJ"That right. This feller is strong thats fer sure but Timber wolves, he must be something else, raght Twahlite?"
  89. >Twilight wasn't paying attention to you or Applejack and instead was focusing on the stone ball that fell from the tree.
  90. >TS"It couldn't be..."
  91. "Ummm... Whats wrong Twilight?"
  92. >TS"There should only be six elements, yet this is definetaly one as well. We must contact Celestia immediately. We should also report this strange creature as well."
  93. >She levitates it into a saddlebag she was wearing and turns back to you and Applejack.
  94. >AJ"Well we best catch up to it, cuz their headed back to town it looks like."
  95. >You all turn to it, and see it has begin its slow shuffling walk in the direction of town.
  96. >The group of you make your way after it, when you notice something fell off of it.
  97. >Picking it up, you see it is some kind of name pin, but cant read what it says.
  98. "Twilight, do you think you can read this?"
  99. >She levitates the pin over, and stares intently at it.
  100. >TS"Its difficult to make out, but this looks like Ancient Human. It reads P__i_Nt ZE_O : Anonymous. I guess thats its name, Anonymous."
  101. >AJ"Sounds lahk a strange name tah me, but hay, our names are probably strange to it."
  102. >The three of you resume your following of the strange being, Anonymous.
  103. >Little did any of you suspect, this was the start of a strange new chapter in your lives.
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