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Training Roulette bonus perks

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Mar 8th, 2015
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  1. Add to the bottom of DCG.ini
  3. RandomPerks=ePerk_BulletSwarm
  4. RandomPerks=ePerk_DoubleTap
  5. RandomPerks=ePerk_InTheZone
  6. RandomPerks=ePerk_RapidReaction
  7. RandomPerks=ePerk_SmokeandMirrors
  8. RandomPerks=ePerk_RapidFire
  9. RandomPerks=ePerk_SmokeBomb
  10. RandomPerks=ePerk_HEATAmmo
  11. RandomPerks=ePerk_Sentinel
  12. RandomPerks=ePerk_Revive
  13. RandomPerks=ePerk_Savior
  14. RandomPerks=ePerk_Bombard
  15. RandomPerks=ePerk_CloseAndPersonal
  16. RandomPerks=ePerk_PlatformStability
  17. RandomPerks=ePerk_AutoThreatAssessment
  18. RandomPerks=ePerk_AdvancedFireControl
  19. RandomPerks=ePerk_AbsorptionFields
  20. RandomPerks=ePerk_BodyShield
  21. RandomPerks=ePerk_ReactiveTargetingSensors
  22. RandomPerks=ePerk_Barrage
  23. RandomPerks=ePerk_ShockAbsorbentArmor
  24. RandomPerks=ePerk_ReinforcedArmor
  25. RandomPerks=ePerk_GeneMod_MimeticSkin
  27. Don't take ITZ and DoubleTap on the same solider.
  28. You can add the class-specific starting perks, but if you roll that skill on a class that has it already, it is automatically selected and you basically lose that level.
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