MGE Side III VIP Rooms

Sep 18th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Nhii❤ Fuu❤ Haa... Haa...❤
  2. After the first round, we went at it like beasts, mmm❤
  3. With your dick still inside, onii-san carried me off in his arms...❤ When we got to our room, we did it more... and more... nfufufu...❤
  4. Nhyu❤ Onii-san, if you want to ask for it, don’t just stick your dick in, use your mouth properly... haan❤
  5. Uuun❤ Listen, we’re heading to our own room, but the “VIP Rooms” in this area are casino prizes, so I’m sorry to say onii-san can’t go in.
  7. I’ve never gone in one either, but there are rumors saying things like they're packed full of Dé Ryúa’s lewd magics and techniques, that they're connected to various places around the monster realms, or that with the help of the Fallen God’s power, the flow of time inside has stopped...
  8. I don’t know if they’re true or not, but I’ve also heard that no one that enters this room, whether man or woman, wants to ever leave a room where you can spend an eternity doing lewd things.
  9. Hyaa❤ I told you to use your mouth... Yaa❤
  10. That door doesn’t have a doorknob on it because it’s in use...❤
  11. It can only ever be opened by the people using it❤
  12. I’ve heard the second person from that old story, who also came from Diana and created the prison island, “Admiral Imanov”, has been using it for a looong time❤
  13. “Wasn’t he the bad guy”? I wonder~...?
  14. One time, simply by chance as she left this room, I happened to meet a girl that’s probably always doing lewd things with Admiral Imanov, and she told me a story... ummm,
  15. She’s a Nereid now, but at the time of that old story, she said she was one of a pair of tiny twin human girls, the daughters of a laborer working on the prison island.
  16. It seems their father became ill, and since he couldn’t work, and made hardly any money in the first place, they couldn’t afford to buy medicine...
  17. And so, the twins snuck into the headquarters where Admiral Imanov was, knives in hand.
  18. It’s amazing isn’t it? In a childish way, it seems they thought they could save their father if they beat the bad guy.
  19. Of course the twins were discovered, and they were captured and brought before the Admiral. The twins knew people who disobeyed the law were punished severely to make an example, so they were very scared, but even so, it seems they shouted “It’s all your fault father got sick!”
  20. However, the Admiral confiscated their knives without a word, and then ordered the soldiers to escort the twins home.
  21. After being escorted home, the tired twins went to sleep, and when they woke up in the morning, there was a small bag they didn’t recognize lying by their bedside. When they peeked inside, there were just enough gold coins to buy the medicine.
  23. This part is also incredible, but the twins, after gratefully buying the medicine and curing their father, once more set out to the Admiral’s place.
  24. Naturally, they were found and captured again, and handed over to the Admiral, but this time it seems the twins asked the Admiral about the medicine.
  25. The Admiral simply said “I know nothing”, and sent the twins to the soldiers.
  26. However, the twins noticed something. When they had first seen him, the Admiral had glittering gold medals on his chest, and now one of them was gone.
  28. From here on, this isn’t a story I heard from that girl, but one I learned from the old men of the Dark Sea Knights.
  29. After Dé Ryúa was freed, it seems some of the workers marched toward Admiral Imanov, who had been left behind, shouting “We can’t forgive this bastard, let’s execute him!”, but they say two twin girls stood in front of him.
  30. Even though they were young children, the two twins looked at the approaching workers with such incredibly frightening eyes that they dispersed.
  32. After that, Dé Ryúa became the monster realm it is today, and at the same time, the twins also became Nereids. The twins then immediately went to see Admiral Imanov, who had been put into a jail.
  33. And then, now that they’re beautiful Nereids, and thanks to an arrangement made by Onee-sama, it seems the three of them are in that VIP room all the time.
  34. Onee-sama once told me that occasionally there are human girls that must become monsters, as their hearts would break if they remained humans.
  35. I also heard this from those old men, but it seems there were various rumors like the reason the Admiral was changed, and salaries were not being properly paid, was because a decision made by the country of Diana had caused problems, and the amount of money that could be used on Dé Ryúa had to be cut, or that entertainment had been banned not by the Admiral, but by the Order of the Chief God, who were being cautious about monsters...
  36. Even if those rumors were true, it didn’t look like it to the islanders, and because they didn’t know that, Admiral Imanov became the bad guy to all of them.
  38. Hey. Both onii-san and my father are humans, and I love humans. I like the Lord’s church and stained-glass windows made by humans, because they’re so beautiful. But, I don’t really understand who’s superior, who’s inferior, or who’s bad in human society.
  40. But this is Dé Ryúa, so let’s think about feeling good instead of difficult things❤
  41. Hey. I think the third person from that story earlier spends all of his time now connected to one of the twins~❤
  42. We’re the same~❤ Onii-san is always hard, and has connected with me like this more and more❤
  43. Don’t be shy onii-san, do me more❤ Faster❤ Faster~❤
  44. If you want to feel even better, just push me against the floor or a wall like this... Waa❤ You did it so quickly❤
  45. Even though we can see the door to our room from here, you’ve got no patience❤
  46. Nfufu❤ Say, onii-san~❤
  47. You’re so, so much more manly than I thought, you’re so cool❤
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