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The Playdate

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  1. >Be Anon, the man turned filly.
  2. >It's a warm summery day and you're humming a tune to yourself as you trot along the dirt pathway out to your new friend's house.
  3. >You're genuinely happy about one of your friends for once, Careful Twine may not have been one of the foals Twilight pushed you into a playdate with, but she was alright with you visiting her all the same.
  4. >"Now Anon, I need you to be nice. If you're served something and it isn't tendies or macaroni, at least [i]try it[/i] before you say you don't like it."
  5. "A-alright mom..."
  6. >"That's my good little filly."
  7. >She ruffles your mane.
  8. >You always pretend to hate it, but secretly you think it feels really nice.
  9. >The two of you share a slight chuckle as she picks up the knocker and does a 'shave and a haircut.'
  10. >You're glad some of the films are the same here.
  11. >A tan mare with a red mane opens the door.
  12. >"Oh, I had no idea Twine's little playmate was the Princess's daughter! Please, come on in Ms. Sparkle. Would you like a cup of tea?"
  13. >"Well if you're offering I wouldn't be the type to turn it down."
  14. >As the two mares chat, you see a shy face poking out from behind the mare's leg.
  15. >"H-hi Anon..."
  16. "Hey Twine, what do ya wanna play?"
  17. >"How about 'Appleoosans and Buffalo?'"
  18. "Sounds fun to me!"
  19. >The two of you run off to grab some toy guns before heading outside.
  20. >Be Twilight
  21. >Wildflower is a lot of fun, you might invite her to one of your book club meetings soon.
  22. >Oh who are you kidding, she'll decline just like all the rest.
  23. >Still worth a shot.
  24. >"I'm so glad Anon was able to break the ice with Twine, she hasn't opened up to anypony but me after her last foster home..."
  25. >"You adopted her? She's the spitting image of you."
  26. >"Yeah, my husband and I have been trying for ages, but we recently found out he's sterile."
  27. >"Ah, that's a shame... I adopted mine too."
  28. >"So that would explain the green coat and black mane! I didn't want to be rude and ask..."
  29. >"No worries, most ponies don't. But yeah, my little bundle of joy has been in my care almost six years now. I adopted her when she was just a foal."
  30. >"She must've been an adorable little thing."
  31. >You unzip your purse, grinning.
  32. >"Still is, but I have pictures!"
  33. >Be Anon.
  34. >You and Twine are absolutely wiped out.
  35. >You lie down in a pile of leaves next to her, the both of you giggling softly.
  36. >"Aha- Anon, I'm sorry."
  37. "Heh- what for? You've done the best Chief Firewater impression I've ever heard, you're a crackshot with that plastic bow, and you kicked my butt! Don't be sorry for being a worthy adversary."
  38. >She beams with pride, but then her expression falls.
  39. >"No, I'm not sorry about that... I..."
  40. "Twine, you can tell me anything. I can keep a secret better than anypony in this town."
  41. >"No, it's silly. You'll laugh..."
  42. >You put a foreleg around her whither.
  43. "I promise I won't. Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye."
  44. >"O-okay... I... I really want a baby Anon."
  45. >You daww a bit internally, but keep your mouth shut. You don't want to upset your new friend.
  46. "There's nothing wrong with that, I'm sure you'll make a great parent. In fact, if you want our next game to involve babies, that's alright."
  47. >"R-really? You're on board?"
  48. "Of course, Twine. You're my best and only friend."
  49. >"A-alright, here goes nothing..."
  50. >You watch in confusion as her face visibly reddens.
  51. >Is she trying to poop?
  52. >Soon your confusion turns to horror as her tail starts to flow like a liquid, elongating itself and forming a pattern of ridges on itself.
  53. >"T-this is my first time, I'm sorry if I do it wrong..."
  54. >You lie there speechless as Twine's tail increases in length, taking pieces of her mass with it as it wraps around all four of your legs and finally holds up your dock.
  55. >"W-which hole is the one for babies?"
  56. >You're terrified, but even more terrified about what she might do to you if you don't answer her correctly.
  57. "T-the bottom one."
  58. >She gives you that same sweet grin, free of all malice as she plunges her tentacle deep into your ponut.
  59. >You cry out in pain as the tight structure is all at once pushed apart beyond its capacity.
  60. "N-no, my bottom."
  61. >"S-sorry...
  62. >You watch, petrified as even more mass comes off from her body.
  63. >Soon you feel something else poking at the entrance to your foal hole.
  64. "C-can't you just use the one?"
  65. >"I have to guarantee my baby survives. I don't get more than three shots, and two of them are worth it on you!"
  66. >That would almost be sweet if she weren't raping you currently.
  67. >You prepare for the worst as the second tentacle plunges into your vagina.
  68. >Despite yourself, you find yourself moaning in pleasure as the hundreds of tiny ridges stimulate you.
  69. >While the tentacle in your vagina maintains steady rhythmic thrusts, the one in your ass is doing something else.
  70. >It seems significantly shorter than it was before, which you don't take as that great of a sign.
  71. >Sure enough, soon it stops moving at all and you see a lump passing through towards your butt.
  72. >It's truly massive, you have no idea how it'll fit.
  73. "C-can you make it smaller?"
  74. >She looks at you with sadness.
  75. >"That would give it lower chances of survival..."
  76. >You shut up and prepare for the worst.
  77. >The object is in a similar shape as an egg, so the first part isn't much more than a mild discomfort at this point
  78. >Soon though your eyes widen as it's clear that something has to give.
  79. >The egg doesn't give.
  80. >You bite your tongue to keep from screaming as your little anus is completely torn to shreds.
  81. >You whimper as you feel blood run down your crotch and drip onto the ground.
  82. >"S-sorry..."
  83. >You just stare silently into the trees.
  84. >Some liquid splurts into your ruined anus, but you take barely any notice.
  85. >The tentacle slides out.
  86. >The tempo of the thing in your vag's thrusts increases.
  87. >You eventually cry out in pain and pleasure as the second tentacle pushes its egg through your entrance, pushing your folds to the point of tearing and causing you to shoot fluids onto the leaves around you.
  88. >Your first orgasm.
  89. >Twine pulls out of you after that, but not before dripping some more fluid inside of you.
  90. >You look down at the bulge in your abdomen in horror.
  91. >A clear reminder that what you just experienced was not in fact a nightmare.
  92.  >Twine stands over you, back looking like a filly.
  93. >"I'm sorry if that hurt... the fluids I put in afterwards should fix you up nicely."
  94. >She nuzzles your cheek.
  95. >"I'm so happy you were willing to let me have a baby!"
  96. >You spend the rest of the day in a daze, barely even noticing when Twilight comes to take you home; promising Twine and her mother that you'll be back to play soon.
  97. >You're given a bath and tucked in, but after you're sure everyone in the castle is asleep you go into the bathroom and light a lantern.
  98. >Your ponut and foal hole are completely healed at this point, the only remaining evidence of your encounter with Twine being the sizable bulge in your belly.
  99. >It's already gotten bigger.
  100. >You don't know what will happen when it hatches, or matures, but you don't think you want to.
  101. >You climb back into your bed, but no sleep comes.
  102. ~Fin
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