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Mar 3rd, 2012
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  1. This could mean something to someone.
  2. Tuesday, April 4, 2006
  4. [[Page D328]]
  6. Daily Digest
  8. Senate
  11. Chamber Action
  12. Routine Proceedings, pages S2759-S2847
  13. Measures Introduced: Ten bills and four resolutions were introduced, as
  14. follows: S. 2498-2507, S. Res. 421-423, and S. Con. Res. 85.
  15. Pages S2799-S2800
  16. Measures Reported:
  17. S. 2012, to authorize appropriations to the Secretary of Commerce for
  18. the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act for fiscal
  19. years 2006 through 2012, with an amendment in the nature of a
  20. substitute. (S. Rept. No. 109-229)
  21. Page S2799
  22. Measures Passed:
  23. Religious Freedom in Afghanistan: Senate agreed to S. Res. 421,
  24. calling on the Government of Afghanistan to uphold freedom of religion
  25. and urging the Government of the United States to promote religious
  26. freedom in Afghanistan.
  27. Pages S2842-43
  28. National and Global Youth Service Day: Senate agreed to S. Res. 422,
  29. designating April 21, 2006, as National and Global Youth Service Day.
  30. Pages S2843-44
  31. National Cushing's Syndrome Awareness Day: Senate agreed to S. Res.
  32. 423, designating April 8, 2006, as ``National Cushing's Syndrome
  33. Awareness Day.''
  34. Pages S2844-45
  35. Honoring Former President Eisenhower: Senate passed S.J. Res. 28,
  36. approving the location of the commemorative work in the District of
  37. Columbia honoring former President Dwight D. Eisenhower.
  38. Pages S2845-46
  39. America's National Negro Leagues Baseball Museum: Senate agreed to S.
  40. Con. Res. 60, designating the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas
  41. City, Missouri, as America's National Negro Leagues Baseball Museum,
  42. after agreeing to the committee amendment.
  43. Pages S2846-47
  44. Securing America's Borders Act: Senate continued consideration of S.
  45. 2454, to amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to provide for
  46. comprehensive reform, taking action on the following amendments
  47. proposed thereto:
  48. Pages S2763-95
  49. Pending:
  50. Specter/Leahy Amendment No. 3192, in the nature of a substitute.
  51. Page S2763
  52. Kyl/Cornyn Amendment No. 3206 (to Amendment No. 3192), to make
  53. certain aliens ineligible for conditional nonimmigrant work
  54. authorization and status. (By a unanimous vote of 99 nays (Vote No.
  55. 87), Senate failed to table the amendment.)
  56. Pages S2763, S2785-91
  57. Cornyn Amendment No. 3207 (to Amendment No. 3206), to establish an
  58. enactment date.
  59. Page S2763
  60. Isakson Amendment No. 3215 (to Amendment No. 3192), to demonstrate
  61. respect for legal immigration by prohibiting the implementation of a
  62. new alien guest worker program until the Secretary of Homeland Security
  63. certifies to the President and the Congress that the borders of the
  64. United States are reasonably sealed and secured.
  65. Page S2763
  66. Dorgan Amendment No. 3223 (to Amendment No. 3192), to allow United
  67. States citizens under 18 years of age to travel to Canada without a
  68. passport, to develop a system to enable United States citizens to take
  69. 24-hour excursions to Canada without a passport, and to limit the cost
  70. of passport cards or similar alternatives to passports to $20.
  71. Page S2763
  72. Mikulski/Warner Amendment No. 3217 (to Amendment No. 3192), to extend
  73. the termination date for the exemption of returning workers from the
  74. numerical limitations for temporary workers.
  75. Page S2763
  76. A motion was entered to close further debate on Specter/Leahy
  77. Amendment No. 3192 (listed above) and, pursuant to the provisions of
  78. rule XXII of the Standing Rules of the Senate, a cloture vote will
  79. occur on Thursday, April 6, 2006.
  80. Pages S2793-95
  81. A unanimous-consent agreement was reached providing for further
  82. consideration of the bill at 9:30 a.m., on Wednesday, April 5, 2006.
  83. Page S2847
  84. Native Hawaiian Low-Income Housing Assistance Agreement: A unanimous-
  85. consent agreement was reached providing that S. 598, to reauthorize
  87. [[Page D329]]
  89. provisions in the Native American Housing Assistance and Self-
  90. Determination Act of 1996 relating to Native Hawaiian low-income
  91. housing and Federal loan guarantees for Native Hawaiian housing, be
  92. referred to the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, and
  93. then immediately discharged from further consideration by the committee
  94. and placed on the calendar.
  95. Page S2842
  96. Removal of Injunction of Secrecy: The injunction of secrecy was removed
  97. from the following treaty:
  98. Investment Treaty with Uruguay (Treaty Doc. No. 109-9).
  99. The treaty was transmitted to the Senate today, considered as having
  100. been read for the first time, and referred, with accompanying papers,
  101. to the Committee on Foreign Relations and ordered to be printed.
  102. Page S2845
  103. Nominations Confirmed: Senate confirmed the following nomination:
  104. By unanimous vote of 98 yeas (Vote No. Ex. 86), Michael A. Chagares,
  105. of New Jersey, to be United States Circuit Judge for the Third Circuit.
  106. Pages S2760-62, S2847
  107. Messages From the House:
  108. Page S2798
  109. Measures Placed on Calendar:
  110. Page S2798
  111. Petitions and Memorials:
  112. Pages S2798-99
  113. Additional Cosponsors:
  114. Pages S2800-01
  115. Statements on Introduced Bills/Resolutions:
  116. Pages S2801-07
  117. Additional Statements:
  118. Pages S2796-98
  119. Amendments Submitted:
  120. Pages S2807-41
  121. Notices of Hearings/Meetings:
  122. Page S2841
  123. Authorities for Committees to Meet:
  124. Page S2842
  125. Privileges of the Floor:
  126. Page S2842
  127. Record Votes: Two record votes were taken today. (Total-87)
  128. Pages S2762, S2791
  129. Adjournment: Senate convened at 9:45 a.m., and adjourned at 7:29 p.m.,
  130. until 9:30 a.m., on Wednesday, April 5, 2006. (For Senate's program,
  131. see the remarks of the Acting Majority Leader in today's Record on page
  132. S2847.)
  134. Committee Meetings
  135. (Committees not listed did not meet)
  137. Committee on Appropriations: Committee ordered favorably reported H.R.
  138. 4939, making emergency supplemental appropriations for the fiscal year
  139. ending September 30, 2006, with amendments.
  141. Committee on Armed Services: Subcommittee on Strategic Forces concluded
  142. a hearing to examine the proposed defense authorization request for
  143. fiscal year 2007, focusing on missile defense programs, after receiving
  144. testimony from Peter C.W. Flory, Assistant Secretary for International
  145. Security Policy, and David W. Duma, Acting Director, Operational Test
  146. and Evaluation, both of the Department of Defense; Lieutenant General
  147. Larry J. Dodgen, USA, Commander, U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense
  148. Command, U.S. Army Forces Strategic Command; and Lieutenant General
  149. Henry A. Obering, III, USAF, Director, Missile Defense Agency.
  151. Committee on Armed Services: Subcommittee on Personnel concluded a
  152. hearing to examine the proposed defense authorization request for
  153. fiscal year 2007, focusing on health benefits and programs, after
  154. receiving testimony from David S.C. Chu, Under Secretary for Personnel
  155. and Readiness, and William Winkenwerder, Jr., Assistant Secretary for
  156. Health Affairs, both of the Department of Defense; General Richard A.
  157. Cody, USA, Vice Chief of Staff, United States Army; Admiral Robert F.
  158. Willard, USN, Vice Chief of Naval Operations, United States Navy;
  159. General Robert Magnus, USMC, Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps,
  160. United States Marine Corps; and General John D.W. Corley, USAF, Vice
  161. Chief of Staff, United States Air Force.
  163. Committee on Armed Services: Subcommittee on SeaPower concluded a
  164. hearing to examine the proposed defense authorization request for
  165. fiscal year 2007 and the future years defense program, focusing on the
  166. posture of the United States Transportation Command, after receiving
  167. testimony from General Norton A. Schwartz, USAF, Commander, U.S.
  168. Transportation Command; and General Duncan J. McNabb, USAF, Commander,
  169. Air Mobility Command.
  171. Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs: Committee concluded a
  172. hearing to examine a current assessment of money laundering and
  173. terrorist financing threats and countermeasures, after receiving
  174. testimony from Stuart Levey, Under Secretary of the Treasury for
  175. Terrorism and Financial Intelligence; E. Anthony Wayne, Assistant
  176. Secretary of State for Economic and Business Affairs; Michael F.A.
  177. Morehart, Chief, Terrorist Financing Operations Section,
  179. [[Page D330]]
  181. Counterterrorism Division, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department
  182. of Justice; and Kevin Delli-Colli, Deputy Assistant Director, Financial
  183. and Trade Investigations Division, Office of Investigations, U.S.
  184. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Department of Homeland Security.
  186. Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs: Subcommittee on
  187. Housing and Transportation concluded a hearing to examine S. 2123, to
  188. modernize the manufactured housing loan insurance program under title I
  189. of the National Housing Act, after receiving testimony from Brian D.
  190. Montgomery, Assistant Secretary for Housing, Federal Housing
  191. Commissioner, and Michael J. Frenz, Vice President and Chief Operating
  192. Officer, Government National Mortgage Association (Ginnie Mae), both of
  193. the Department of Housing and Urban Development; Kevin Clayton, Clayton
  194. Homes, Inc., Maryville, Tennessee, on behalf of the Manufactured
  195. Housing Institute and the Manufactured Housing Association for
  196. Regulatory Reform; and Kevin Jewell, Manufactured Housing Project,
  197. Austin, Texas, on behalf of Consumers Union.
  199. Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation: Committee concluded
  200. a hearing to examine the responsibilities, operations, and priorities
  201. of Transportation Security Administration in airline passenger and
  202. baggage screening, after receiving testimony from Edmund ``Kip''
  203. Hawley, Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for Transportation
  204. Security; Cathleen Berrick, Director, Homeland Security and Justice,
  205. Government Accountability Office; and Gregory O. Principato, Airports
  206. Council International-North America, Washington, D.C., on behalf of the
  207. American Association of Airport Executives.
  209. Committee on Energy and Natural Resources: Committee concluded hearings
  210. to examine design elements of a mandatory market-based greenhouse gas
  211. regulatory system in the United States, including trading and
  212. international competitiveness, after receiving testimony from sundry
  213. witnesses.
  215. Committee on Finance: Committee held a hearing to examine the quality
  216. and costs of paid federal income tax return preparers, focusing on
  217. enrolled agents--those who are approved by the Internal Revenue Service
  218. (IRS) after passing an examination on tax matters or demonstrating past
  219. IRS employment experience, receiving testimony from Michael Brostek,
  220. Director, Strategic Issues, Government Accountability Office; Bert
  221. Dumars, Director, Electronic Tax Administration, and Nina E. Olson,
  222. National Taxpayer Advocate, Taxpayer Advocate Service, both of the
  223. Internal Revenue Service, Department of the Treasury; and Robert A.
  224. Weinberger, H&R Block, on behalf of the Free File Alliance, LLC,
  225. Francis X. Degen, National Association of Enrolled Agents, and Harley
  226. T. Duncan, Federation of Tax Administrators, all of Washington, D.C.
  227. Hearing recessed subject to the call.
  229. Committee on Foreign Relations: Subcommittee on International
  230. Operations and Terrorism met in closed session to receive a briefing
  231. regarding counterterrorism priorities from Henry A. Crumpton,
  232. Coordinator for Counterterrorism, Office of the Coordinator for
  233. Counterterrorism, Department of State.
  235. Select Committee on Intelligence: Committee held closed hearings on
  236. intelligence matters, receiving testimony from officials of the
  237. intelligence community.
  238. Committee recessed subject to the call.
  245. House of Representatives
  248. Chamber Action
  249. Public Bills and Resolutions Introduced: 16 public bills, H.R. 5074-
  250. 5081; 1 private bill, H.R. 5090; and 10 resolutions, H.J. Res. 83; H.
  251. Con. Res. 377; and H. Res. 753-754, 756-761 were introduced.
  252. Pages H1451-52
  253. Additional Cosponsors:
  254. Pages H1452-54
  255. Reports Filed: Reports were filed today as follows:
  256. H.R. 4916, to authorize United States participation in, and
  257. appropriations for, the United States contribution to the first
  258. replenishment of the resources of the Enterprise for the Americas
  259. Multilateral Investment Fund (H. Rept. 109-403); and
  261. [[Page D331]]
  264. H. Res. 755, providing for consideration of H.R. 513, to amend the
  265. Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 to clarify when organizations
  266. described in section 527 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 must
  267. register as political committees (H. Rept. 109-404).
  268. Page H1451
  269. Speaker: Read a letter from the Speaker wherein he appointed
  270. Representative Murphy to act as Speaker pro tempore for today.
  271. Page H1397
  272. Recess: The House recessed at 12:55 p.m. and reconvened at 2 p.m.
  273. Pages H1399-H1400
  274. Suspensions: The House agreed to suspend the rules and pass the
  275. following measures:
  276. Providing for the appointment of Phillip Frost as a citizen regent of
  277. the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution: H.J. Res. 81, to
  278. provide for the appointment of Phillip Frost as a citizen regent of the
  279. Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution, by a yea and nay vote
  280. of 406 yeas with none voting ``nay'', Roll No. 82;
  281. Pages H1401-02
  282. Providing for the reappointment of Alan G. Spoon as a citizen regent
  283. of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution: H.J. Res. 82,
  284. to provide for the reappointment of Alan G. Spoon as a citizen regent
  285. of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution;
  286. Pages H1402-03, H1418
  287. Recognizing the 20th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster
  288. and supporting continued efforts to control radiation and mitigate the
  289. adverse health consequences related to the Chernobyl nuclear power
  290. plant: H. Res. 703, to recognize the 20th anniversary of the Chernobyl
  291. nuclear disaster and supporting continued efforts to control radiation
  292. and mitigate the adverse health consequences related to the Chernobyl
  293. nuclear power plant, by a yea and nay vote of 402 yeas to 1 nay, Roll
  294. No. 83;
  295. Pages H1403-07, H1418-19
  296. Expressing support for the Good Friday Agreement of 1998 as the
  297. blueprint for lasting peace in Northern Ireland and support for
  298. continued police reform in Northern Ireland as a critical element in
  299. the peace process: H. Res. 744, to express support for the Good Friday
  300. Agreement of 1998 as the blueprint for lasting peace in Northern
  301. Ireland and support for continued police reform in Northern Ireland as
  302. a critical element in the peace process, by a yea and nay vote of 399
  303. yeas with none voting ``nay'', Roll No. 84; and
  304. Pages H1407-11, H1419-20
  305. Recognizing the benefits and importance of school-based music
  306. education: H. Con. Res. 355, amended, to recognize the benefits and
  307. importance of school-based music education.
  308. Pages H1415-17
  309. Recess: The House recessed at 3:27 p.m. and reconvened at 6:30 p.m.
  310. Page H1417
  311. Suspensions--Proceedings Postponed: The House completed debate on the
  312. following measure under suspension of the rules. Further consideration
  313. of the measure will resume tomorrow, April 5th:
  314. Commending the people of the Republic of the Marshall Islands for the
  315. contributions and sacrifices they made to the United States nuclear
  316. testing program in the Marshall Islands, solemnly acknowledging the
  317. first detonation of a hydrogen bomb by the United States on March 1,
  318. 1954, on the Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands, and remembering that
  319. 60 years ago the United States began its nuclear testing program in the
  320. Marshall Islands: H. Res. 692, amended, to commend the people of the
  321. Republic of the Marshall Islands for the contributions and sacrifices
  322. they made to the United States nuclear testing program in the Marshall
  323. Islands, solemnly acknowledging the first detonation of a hydrogen bomb
  324. by the United States on March 1, 1954, on the Bikini Atoll in the
  325. Marshall Islands, and remembering that 60 years ago the United States
  326. began its nuclear testing program in the Marshall Islands.
  327. Pages H1411-15
  328. Committee Election: The House agreed to H. Res. 754, electing the
  329. following member to the following standing committee: Committee on
  330. Science: Representative Neugebauer to rank after Representatives
  331. Feeney, and Diaz-Balart, Mario, of Florida.
  332. Page H1420
  333. Senate Message: Message received from the Senate today appear on page
  334. H1429.
  335. Senate Referrals: S. Con. Res. 60 was referred to the Committe on
  336. Resouces and S.J. Res. 28 was held at the desk.
  337. Page H1450
  338. Quorum Calls--Votes: Three yea-and-nay votes developed during the
  339. proceedings of today and appear on pages H1418, H1418-19, H1419. There
  340. were no quorum calls.
  341. Adjournment: The House met at 12:30 p.m. and adjourned at 11:59 p.m.
  343. Committee Meetings
  346. Committee on Appropriations: Subcommittee on Departments of
  347. Transportation, Treasury, and Housing and Urban Development, the
  348. Judiciary, District of Columbia, and Independent Agencies held a
  349. hearing on
  351. [[Page D332]]
  353. the Supreme Court. Testimony was heard from the following Associate
  354. Justices of the Supreme Court: Anthony M. Kennedy; and Clarence Thomas.
  357. Committee on Appropriations: Subcommittee on Foreign Operations, Export
  358. Financing, and Related Programs held a hearing on Secretary of State,
  359. Foreign Assistance Programs. Testimony was heard from Condoleezza Rice,
  360. Secretary of State.
  363. Committee on Appropriations: Subcommittee on Military Quality of Life
  364. and Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies held a hearing on the
  365. Defense Health Program. Testimony was heard from the following Surgeon
  366. Generals, Department of Defense: LTG Kevin Kiley, U.S. Army Medical
  367. Command; VADM Donald C. Arthur, U.S. Navy; and LTG George P. Taylor,
  368. U.S. Marine Corps.
  371. Committee on Appropriations: Subcommittee on Science, the Departments
  372. of State, Justice, and Commerce, and Related Agencies held a hearing on
  373. Office of Science and Technology Policy. Testimony was heard from John
  374. H. Marburger, III, Director, Office of Science and Technology Policy.
  376. Committee on Armed Services: Held a hearing on improving interagency
  377. coordination for the Global War on Terror and beyond. Testimony was
  378. heard from ADM Edmund P. Giambastiani, USN, Vice-Chairman, Joint Chiefs
  379. of Staff, Department of Defense; Ambassador Henry A. Crumpton,
  380. Coordinator for Counterterrorism, Department of State; VADM John Scot
  381. Redd, USN (Ret.), Director, National Counterterrorism Center, Office of
  382. the National Intelligence Director; and Thomas W. O'Connell, Assistant
  383. Secretary, Special Operations and Low-Intensity Conflict, Department of
  384. Defense.
  387. Committee on Armed Services: Subcommittee on Tactical Air and Land
  388. Forces held a hearing on the Fiscal Year 2007 National Defense
  389. Authorization budget request--Future Combat Systems, Modularity, and
  390. Force Protection Initiatives. Testimony was heard from the following
  391. officials of the GAO: Paul L. Francis, Director, Acquisition and
  392. Sourcing Management; and Janet St. Laurent, Director, Defense
  393. Capabilities and Management; Mike Gilmore, Assistant Director, National
  394. Security, CBO; the following officials of the Department of the Army:
  395. Claude M. Bolton, Assistant Secretary (Acquisition, Logistics and
  396. Technology); LTG David F. Melcher, USA, Deputy Chief of Staff, Army G8
  397. (Programming, Material Integration and Management); and LTG James J.
  398. Lovelace, USA, Deputy Chief of Staff, Army G3/5/7 (Operations and
  399. Requirements); LTG James N. Mattis, USMC, Commanding General, Marine
  400. Corps Combat Development Command; and MG William D. Catto, USMC,
  401. Commander, Marine Corps Systems Command, both with the Department of
  402. the Navy.
  404. Committee on Energy and Commerce: Subcommittee on Oversight and
  405. Investigations held a hearing entitled ``Sexual Exploitation of
  406. Children Over the Internet: What Parents, Kids, and Congress Need To
  407. Know About Child Predators.'' Testimony was heard from public
  408. witnesses.
  409. In refusing to give testimony at this hearing, Ken Gourlay invoked
  410. Fifth Amendment privileges.
  411. Hearings continue April 6.
  413. Committee on Government Reform: Held a hearing entitled ``The Impact of
  414. Visa Processing Delays on the Arts, Education, and American
  415. Innovation.'' Testimony was heard from Tony Edson, Deputy Assistant
  416. Secretary, Visa Services, Department of State; Jess T. Ford, Director,
  417. International Affairs and Trade, GAO; and public witnesses.
  419. Committee on Government Reform: Subcommittee on Federal Workforce and
  420. Agency Organization held a hearing entitled ``Travel vs. Terrorism:
  421. Federal Workforce Issues in Managing Airport Security.'' Testimony was
  422. heard from Cathleen Berrick, Director, Homeland Security and Justice,
  423. GAO; Robert Jamison, Deputy Secretary, Operations, Transportation
  424. Security Administration, Department of Homeland Security; Kathy
  425. Dillaman, Deputy Associate Director, Center for Federal Investigative
  426. Services, OPM; and a public witness.
  428. Committee on Government Reform: Subcommittee on National Security,
  429. Emerging Threats and International Relations held a hearing entitled
  430. ``Nuclear Security: Has the NRC Strengthened Facility Standards Since
  431. 9/11?'' Testimony was heard from Jim
  433. [[Page D333]]
  435. Wells, Director, Natural Resources and Environment, GAO; Nils Diaz,
  436. Chairman, NRC; Richard Blumenthal, Attorney General, State of
  437. Connecticut; and public witnesses.
  439. Committee on Homeland Security: Held a hearing on H.R. 4954, SAFE Port
  440. Act. Testimony was heard from Michael P. Jackson, Deputy Secretary,
  441. Department of Homeland Security; Bethann Rooney, Manager of Port
  442. Security, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey; and public
  443. witnesses.
  445. Committee on the Judiciary: Subcommittee on Commercial and
  446. Administrative Law and the Subcommittee on Constitution held a joint
  447. oversight hearing entitled ``Personal Information Acquired by the
  448. Government From Information Resellers: Is There Need for Improvement?''
  449. Testimony was heard from Linda D. Koontz, Director, Information
  450. Management Issues, GAO; Maureen Cooney, Acting Chief Privacy Officer,
  451. Department of Homeland Security; and public witnesses.
  453. Committee on the Judiciary: Subcommittee on the Constitution held a
  454. hearing on H.R. 4975, Lobbying Accountability and Transparency Act of
  455. 2006. Testimony was heard from public witnesses.
  457. Committee on Rules: H. Con. Res. 376, Establishing the congressional
  458. budget for the United States Government for fiscal year 2007 and
  459. setting forth appropriate budgetary levels for fiscal years 2008
  460. through 2011.
  461. Testimony was heard from Chairman Nussle and Representatives Spratt,
  462. Cooper, Scott of Virginia, and Jackson-Lee of Texas; action deferred.
  463. 527 REFORM ACT OF 2005
  464. Committee on Rules: granted, by a vote of 9 to 3, a closed rule
  465. providing one hour of debate in the House on H.R. 513, 527 Reform Act
  466. of 2005, equally divided and controlled by the chairman and ranking
  467. minority member of the Committee on House Administration. The rule
  468. waives all points of order against consideration of the bill. The rule
  469. provides that the amendment in the nature of a substitute recommended
  470. by the Committee on House Administration now printed in the bill,
  471. modified by the amendment printed in the Rules Committee report
  472. accompanying the resolution, shall be considered as adopted. The rule
  473. waives all points of order against the bill as amended. Finally, the
  474. rule provides one motion to recommit with or without instructions.
  475. Testimony was heard from Chairman Ehlers and Representatives Shays,
  476. Pence, Dent and Jackson-Lee of Texas.
  478. Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure: Subcommittee on
  479. Highways, Transit and Pipelines held an oversight hearing on
  480. Reliability of Highway Trust Fund Revenue Estimates. Testimony was
  481. heard from Robert Carroll, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Tax Analysis,
  482. Department of the Treasury; Donald Marron, Acting Director, CBO; and
  483. Katherine Siggerud, Director, Physical Infrastructure Issues, GAO.
  492. (For last listing of Public Laws, see Daily Digest, p. D 269)
  493. H.R. 4911, to temporarily extend the programs under the Higher
  494. Education Act of 1965. Signed on April 1, 2006. (Public Law 109-212)
  503. APRIL 5, 2006
  505. (Committee meetings are open unless otherwise indicated)
  508. Senate
  510. Committee on Appropriations: Subcommittee on Legislative Branch,
  511. to hold hearings to examine proposed budget estimates for fiscal
  512. year 2007 for Sergeant at Arms, U.S. Capitol Police, and Capitol
  513. Guide Service, 10:30 a.m., SD-18.
  514. Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies,
  515. to hold hearings to examine proposed budget estimates for fiscal
  516. year 2007 for the Department of Justice, 2 p.m., SD-192.
  517. Subcommittee on Energy and Water, to hold hearings to examine
  518. proposed budget estimates for fiscal year 2007 for Army Corps of
  519. Engineers, 2:30 p.m., SD-124.
  520. Committee on Armed Services: Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and
  521. Capabilities, to hold hearings to examine Department of Defense's
  522. role in combating terrorism in review of the defense authorization
  523. request for fiscal year 2007 and the future years defense program;
  524. to be followed by a closed session, 9:30 a.m., SR-222.
  525. Subcommittee on Readiness and Management Support, to hold hearings
  526. to examine improving contractor incentives in review of the defense
  527. authorization request for fiscal year 2007, 3 p.m., SR-222.
  528. Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation: Subcommittee
  529. on Global Climate Change and Impacts, to hold hearings to examine
  530. the current and future role of
  532. [[Page D334]]
  534. science in the Asia Pacific Partnership, 2:30 p.m., SD-562.
  535. Committee on Energy and Natural Resources: Subcommittee on Public
  536. Lands and Forests, to hold hearings to examine the 2005 wildfire
  537. season and the Federal land management agencies' preparations for
  538. the 2006 wildfire season, 2:30 p.m., SD-366.
  539. Committee on Environment and Public Works: to hold hearings to
  540. examine the nominations of Richard Capka, of Pennsylvania, to be
  541. Administrator of the Federal Highway Administration, Department of
  542. Transportation, and James B. Gulliford, of Missouri, to be Assistant
  543. Administrator for Toxic Substances, and William Ludwig Wehrum, Jr.,
  544. of Tennessee, to be an Assistant Administrator, both of the
  545. Environmental Protection Agency, 9:30 a.m., SD-628.
  546. Committee on Finance: to hold hearings to examine the nomination
  547. of W. Ralph Basham, of Virginia, to be Commissioner of Customs,
  548. Department of Homeland Security, 10 a.m., SD-215.
  549. Committee on Foreign Relations: to hold hearings to examine the
  550. Indian separation plan and the administration's related legislative
  551. proposal, relating to U.S.-India atomic energy cooperation, 9:30
  552. a.m., SH-216.
  553. Subcommittee on European Affairs, to hold hearings to examine
  554. Islamist extremism in Europe, 2:30 p.m., SD-419.
  555. Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions: Subcommittee
  556. on Bioterrorism and Public Health Preparedness, to hold hearings to
  557. examine all hazards medical response, 10 a.m., SD-430.
  558. Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs: to hold
  559. hearings to examine S. 2459, to improve cargo security, 10 a.m., SD-
  560. 342.
  561. Subcommittee on Federal Financial Management, Government
  562. Information, and International Security, to hold hearings to examine
  563. various avenues of Federal funding for museums including authorized
  564. programs, grantmaking agencies and earmarks, 2:30 p.m., SD-342.
  565. Committee on Indian Affairs: to hold hearings to examine the
  566. problem of methamphetamine in Indian country, 9:30 a.m., SR-485.
  567. Committee on Veterans' Affairs: business meeting to consider the
  568. nomination of Daniel L. Cooper, of Pennsylvania, to be Under
  569. Secretary of Veterans Affairs for Benefits, time to be announced, S-
  570. 216, Capitol.
  571. Select Committee on Intelligence: closed business meeting to
  572. consider pending calendar business, 2:30 p.m., SH-219.
  575. House
  577. Committee on Agriculture, to mark up H.R. 4200, Forest Emergency
  578. Recovery and Research Act, 10 a.m., 1300 Longworth.
  579. Committee on Appropriations, Subcommittee on the Departments of
  580. Transportation, Treasury, and Housing and Urban Development, the
  581. Judiciary, District of Columbia, and Independent Agencies, on
  582. Department of the Treasury, 10 a.m., and on the Federal Judiciary, 3
  583. p.m., 2358 Rayburn.
  584. Subcommittee on Energy and Water Development, and Related
  585. Agencies, on DOE Energy Supply and Conservation, Fossil Energy, 10
  586. a.m., 2362B Rayburn.
  587. Subcommittee on Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies, on
  588. National Park Service, 10 a.m., B-308 Rayburn.
  589. Subcommittee on Military Quality of Life and Veterans Affairs, and
  590. Related Agencies, on BRAC 2005 Implementation, 10 a.m., H-143
  591. Capitol.
  592. Subcommittee on Science, the Departments of State, Justice, and
  593. Commerce, and Related Agencies, on Secretary of Commerce, 10 a.m.,
  594. and on State International Organizations, 2 p.m., 2359 Rayburn.
  595. Committee on Armed Services, hearing to review major defense
  596. acquisition reform initiatives, 10 a.m., 2118 Rayburn.
  597. Subcommittee on Projection Forces, hearing on the U.S.
  598. Shipbuilding Industrial Base, 4 p.m., 2212 Rayburn.
  599. Subcommittee on Readiness, hearing on service contracting's impact
  600. on military readiness, 2 p.m., 2118 Rayburn.
  601. Subcommittee on Strategic Forces, hearing on future plans for the
  602. Department of Energy's nuclear weapons complex infrastructure, 3:30
  603. p.m., 2237 Rayburn.
  604. Subcommittee on Terrorism, Unconventional Threats and
  605. Capabilities, hearing on implementing the 2006 Quadrennial Defense
  606. Review (QDR) recommendations to combat weapons of mass destruction
  607. (WMD), 2 p.m., 2212 Rayburn.
  608. Committee on Energy and Commerce, to mark up the Communications
  609. Opportunity, Promotion, and Enhancement Act of 2006, 10 a.m., 2123
  610. Rayburn.
  611. Committee on Financial Services, to consider H. Res. 718,
  612. Requesting the President and directing the Secretary of Homeland
  613. Security to provide to the House of Representatives certain
  614. documents in their possession relating to the Dubai Ports World
  615. acquisition of six United States ports leases, 12 p.m., 2128
  616. Rayburn.
  617. Subcommittee on Domestic and International Monetary Policy, Trade,
  618. and Technology, hearing entitled ``Reauthorization of the Export-
  619. Import Bank of the United States,'' 2 p.m., 2128 Rayburn.
  620. Subcommittee on Housing and Community Opportunity, hearing
  621. entitled ``Transforming the Federal Housing Administration for the
  622. 21st Century,'' 9 a.m., 2128 Rayburn.
  623. Committee on Government Reform, Subcommittee on Energy and
  624. Resources, hearing entitled: Conjunctive Water Management: A
  625. Solution to the West's Growing Water Demand?'', 2 p.m., 2154
  626. Rayburn.
  627. Subcommittee on Government Management, Finance, and
  628. Accountability, hearing entitled ``The Improper Payments Information
  629. Act--Are Agencies Meeting the Requirements of the Law?'', 2 p.m.,
  630. 2247 Rayburn.
  631. Subcommittee on Regulatory Affairs, hearing entitled ``The
  632. Sarbanes-Oxley Act Four Years Later: What Have We Learned?'', 10
  633. a.m., 2154 Rayburn.
  634. Committee on International Relations, hearing on the U.S.-India
  635. Global Partnership, 1:30 p.m., 2172 Rayburn.
  637. [[Page D335]]
  640. Committee on the Judiciary, to mark up the following bills: H.R.
  641. 4975, Lobbying Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006; and H.R.
  642. 3509, Workplace Goods Job Growth and Competitiveness Act of 2005, 10
  643. a.m., 2141 Rayburn.
  644. Subcommittee on Courts, the Internet, and Intellectual Property,
  645. oversight hearing entitled ``Patent Quality Enhancement in the
  646. Information-Based Economy,'' 4 p.m., 2141 Rayburn.
  647. Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security, hearing on
  648. H.R. 4777, Internet Gambling Prohibition Act, 2 p.m., 2141 Rayburn.
  649. Committee on Resources, hearing on H.R. 4893, to amend section 20
  650. of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act to restrict off-reservation
  651. gaming, 11 a.m., 1324 Longworth.
  652. Subcommittee on Forests and Forest Health, hearing on the
  653. following bills: H.R. 5025, Mount Hood Stewardship Legacy Act; H.R.
  654. 5016, Las Cienegas Enhancement Act; and H.R. 3534, Piedras Blancas
  655. Historic Light Station Outstanding Natural Area Act of 2005, 9:15
  656. a.m., 1310 Longworth.
  657. Subcommittee on Water and Power, oversight hearing entitled ``The
  658. Bureau of Reclamation's 21st Century Challenges in Managing,
  659. Protecting and Developing Water and Power Supplies,'' 2 p.m., 1324
  660. Longworth.
  661. Committee on Rules, to mark up H.R. 4975, Lobbying Accountability
  662. and Transparency Act of 2006, 2:30 p.m., H-313 Capitol.
  663. Committee on Science, to mark up H. Res. 717, Directing the
  664. Secretary of Commerce to transmit to the House of Representatives a
  665. copy of a workforce globalization final draft report produced by the
  666. Technology Administration, 10 a.m., 2318 Rayburn.
  667. Committee on Small Business, hearing entitled ``IRS Latest
  668. Enforcement: Is the Bulls-Eye on Small Businesses?'', 10 a.m., 2360
  669. Rayburn.
  670. Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, to mark up the
  671. following: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Survey Resolutions; GSA
  672. Capital Investment and Leasing Program Resolutions; H. Con. Res.
  673. 235, Expressing the sense of the Congress that States should require
  674. candidates for driver's licenses to demonstrate an ability to
  675. exercise greatly increased caution when driving in the proximity of
  676. a potentially visually impaired individual; H. Con. Res. 349,
  677. Authorizing the use of the Capitol Grounds for the Greater
  678. Washington Soap Box Derby; H. Con. Res. 359, Authorizing the use of
  679. the Capitol Grounds for the District of Columbia Special Olympics
  680. Law Enforcement Torch Run; H. Con. Res. 372, Recognizing the 50th
  681. anniversary of the Interstate Highway System; H.R. 3858, Pets
  682. Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act of 2005; H.R. 4880,
  683. Maritime Terminal Security Enhancement Act of 2006; the National
  684. Transportation Safety Board Reauthorization; the Railroad Retirement
  685. Correction Bill; and other pending business, 11 a.m., 2167 Rayburn.
  686. Committee on Ways and Means, hearing on implementation of the
  687. United States-Oman Free Trade Agreement, 10:30 a.m., 1100 Longworth.
  688. Subcommittee on Human Resources, hearing on the use of technology
  689. to improve public benefit programs, 3 p.m., B-318 Rayburn.
  694. The Periodicals postage is paid at Washington, D.C.
  695. The public proceedings of each House of Congress, as reported
  696. by the Official Reporters thereof, are printed pursuant to
  697. directions of the Joint Committee on Printing as authorized by
  698. appropriate provisions of Title 44, United States Code,
  699. and published for each day that one or both Houses are in session,
  700. excepting very infrequent instances when two or more unusually
  701. small consecutive issues are printed one time.
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  707. 2d session (January 1994) forward. It is available through GPO
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  762. [[Page D336]]
  764. _______________________________________________________________________
  766. Next Meeting of the SENATE
  767. 9:30 a.m., Wednesday, April 5
  768. __________
  770. Senate Chamber
  771. Program for Wednesday: Senate will continue consideration of S. 2454,
  772. Securing America's Borders Act.
  774. Next Meeting of the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
  776. 10 a.m., Wednesday, April 5
  777. __________
  779. House Chamber
  780. Program for Wednesday: Consideration of suspensions (1) H.R. 3127--
  781. Darfur Peace and Accountability Act of 2006; (2) H. Con. Res. 320--
  782. Calling on the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to
  783. immediately and unconditionally release Dr. Pham Hong Son and other
  784. political prisoners and prisoners of conscience; (3) H. Res. 578--
  785. Concerning the Government of Romania's ban on intercountry adoptions
  786. and the welfare of orphaned or abandoned children in Romania; (4) H.
  787. Con. Res. 360--Authorizing the use of the Capitol Grounds for the
  788. National Peace Officers' Memorial Service; (5) H. Con. Res. 371--
  789. Honoring and congratulating the Minnesota National Guard, on its 150th
  790. anniversary, for its spirit of dedication and service to the State of
  791. Minnesota and the Nation and recognizing that the role of the National
  792. Guard, the Nation's citizen-soldier-based militia, which was formed
  793. before the United States Army, has been and still is extremely
  794. important to the security and freedom of the Nation; (6) H. Con. Res.
  795. 370--Expressing the sense of the Congress that Saudi Arabia should
  796. fully live up to its World Trade Organization commitments and end all
  797. aspects of any boycott on Israel; (7) H. Res. 737--Supporting the goals
  798. and ideals of Financial Literacy Month; (8) H.R. 4688--Mayor John
  799. Thompson `Tom' Garrison Memorial Post Office Designation Act; (9) H.R.
  800. 4561--Francisco `Pancho' Medrano Post Office Building Designation Act;
  801. (10) H.R. 4646--Coach John Wooden Post Office Building Designation Act;
  802. (11) H. Res. 556--Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives
  803. that a National Methamphetamine Prevention Week should be established
  804. to increase awareness of methamphetamine and to educate the public on
  805. ways to help prevent the use of that damaging narcotic; (12) H. Con.
  806. Res. 366--To congratulate the National Aeronautics and Space
  807. Administration on the 25th anniversary of the first flight of the Space
  808. Transportation System, to honor Commander John Young and the Pilot
  809. Robert Crippen, who flew Space Shuttle Columbia on April 12-14, 1981,
  810. on its first orbital test flight, and to commend the men and women of
  811. the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and all those
  812. supporting America's space program for their accomplishments and their
  813. role in inspiring the American people; and (13) H. Res. 541--Honoring
  814. Drs. Roy J. Glauber, John L. Hall, and Theodor W. Hansch for being
  815. awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for 2005, and Drs. Yves Chauvin,
  816. Robert H. Grubbs, and Richard R. Schrock for being awarded the Nobel
  817. Prize in Chemistry for 2005. Also consideration of H.R. 513--527 Reform
  818. Act of 2005 (Subject to a Rule).
  819. _______________________________________________________________________
  821. Extensions of Remarks, as inserted in this issue
  823. HOUSE
  825. Bilirakis, Michael, Fla., E513
  826. Blunt, Roy, Mo., E508
  827. Boehlert, Sherwood, N.Y., E500
  828. Bordallo, Madeleine Z., Guam, E509
  829. Burgess, Michael C., Tex., E502
  830. Cardin, Benjamin L., Md., E515
  831. Case, Ed, Hawaii, E498
  832. Cleaver, Emanuel, Mo., E502
  833. Cole, Tom, Okla., E508
  834. Costa, Jim, Calif., E514
  835. Davis, Danny K., Ill., E512
  836. Davis, Jo Ann, Va., E510
  837. Davis, Tom, Va., E511
  838. Diaz-Balart, Lincoln, Fla., E514
  839. Foley, Mark, Fla., E513
  840. Higgins, Brian, N.Y., E498
  841. Honda, Michael M., Calif., E498
  842. Johnson, Eddie Bernice, Tex., E511, E512
  843. Johnson, Sam, Tex., E500
  844. Jones, Stephanie Tubbs, Ohio, E514
  845. Kucinich, Dennis J., Ohio, E511, E512
  846. Lantos, Tom, Calif., E516
  847. Lynch, Stephen F., Mass., E498
  848. Maloney, Carolyn B., N.Y., E503, E505
  849. Meek, Kendrick B., Fla., E499
  850. Moran, James P., Va., E510
  851. Moran, Jerry, Kans., E510
  852. Nunes, Devin, Calif., E497, E514
  853. Osborne, Tom, Nebr., E508
  854. Pombo, Richard W., Calif., E508
  855. Pomeroy, Earl, N.D., E510
  856. Porter, Jon C., Nev., E503, E505
  857. Radanovich, George, Calif., E516
  858. Rahall, Nick J., II, W.Va., E515
  859. Rangel, Charles B., N.Y., E504, E506, E511, E512
  860. Ryan, Tim, Ohio, E503
  861. Schakowsky, Janice D., Ill., E499, E502
  862. Sessions, Pete, Tex., E509
  863. Stark, Fortney Pete, Calif., E508
  864. Thompson, Mike, Calif., E503, E505
  865. Visclosky, Peter J., Ind., E499
  866. Wilson, Joe, S.C., E513
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