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Feb 24th, 2020
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  4. Bernie may be the target to address.
  5. Socialism definitely is the target to address
  7. Why is bernie winning?
  8. What are the other top 4's weaknesses?
  9. Overall, is turnout for dem leaders higher or lower so far?
  10. Does fake news focus on percentages or numbers?
  11. Can percentages deceive?
  12. What if the dem leaders can't steal it from bernie this year? kek
  14. Bernie Memes!5NgkjAyZ!xeXnTJTJBFR98Sa0X1E3bQ
  16. >>8228486 “racist liberal whites” support Democratic socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders.
  17. >>8227107 Blue-Skid centrist Dems are sprinting away from Bernie and taking their followers w/them to Trump
  18. >>8227307 traveled to Nicaragua to advise the Ortega regime on how to successfully fight the United States.
  19. >>8227426 Black Lives Matter took over Bernie's rally
  20. >>8227518 Bernie loves Iran and Iran loves Bernie…
  21. >>8227547 Bernie Sanders Recruits Linda Sarsour as Campaign Surrogate
  22. >>8227553 For a socialist, Sen. Bernie Sanders is doing pretty darn well. He’s a millionaire,
  23. >>8227661 Bernie Sanders Family wiped out by the Nazis?
  24. >>8226441
  25. >>8225661 PAUL BATURA: Ronald Reagan warned us about Bernie Sanders – over 40 years ago
  26. >>8225482, >>8225490 Liz Peek: Bernie Sanders is breaking through the Democrats' two 'firewalls'
  27. >>8226347 Chris Matthews’ Wild Rant Connects a Bernie Sanders Win With Public Executions
  28. >>8226556 Chris Matthews Compares Bernie Sanders Winning To The Nazis Taking France
  29. >>8226662 Jim Clyburn says socialist Bernie Sanders puts Democrat House in jeopardy.
  30. >>8226378 Socialism = Slavery
  31. >>8226410 Communism vs Socialism
  32. >>8226708 (You) Is the Enemy Destroying itself?
  34. as stated if all their agendas are socialism, then that is what needs addressed. doesnt matter the messenger, its the message that needs to be addressed.
  35. where is that bernie vid of talking about torching people in the street.
  36. what countries are currently under socialism and what affects has it had.
  37. compare contrast socialism to other isms
  38. show how these socialist driven candidates are not in fact pure socialist and are lying to the public.
  39. bernie pretty rich for being a socialist.
  41. '''Socialism at Work'''
  42. Socialism: Destroying Economies since Forever.
  44. In China the government manages and controls the economy. Many of the domestic companies are owned and run by the government.
  45. Denmark has a wide range of welfare benefits that they offer their citizens. As a result, they also have the highest taxes in the world.
  46. Finland has one of the highest standards of living in the world.
  47. Sweden has a large welfare system, but due to a high national debt, required much government intervention in the economy.
  48. Around 25 percent of Ireland’s GDP goes towards paying for the welfare system,
  49. Belgium has most of the same social security benefits that New Zealand offers, including invalid and old age pensions. The welfare system causes much of the country’s budget deficit though
  52. >how many homes can i own under socialism o/
  56. Dough:
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