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  1. Unmodded Consoles: PS1 with GS Lite Swap Trick (soon, i will get all my isos from here and I will run them on vinyl Verbatim CD-Rs burned at 8.8x, since that is what my config was with regular swap trick.) PS2 (freemcboot memcard incoming) PS3 fat and super slim, launch PS4, Wii U (vWii softmod w/ Smash Stack incoming) launch Xbox 360 (still hasn't died on me, don't know which hardmod to choose from, i'm sure its running latest firmware and shit tho, so feel free to drop me a suggestion :)) Game Boy, Iridescent Game Boy Color Pikachu Edition, launch N64 (thing's a beast) PSP (plan on modding) and finally a genesis which is currently coming via parcel.
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