[RGRE] Big Booty Bastards

Mar 23rd, 2016
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  1. >Day fatass in Equestria
  2. >You are Anon, and you are up to no good.
  3. >By no good, you mean that you're hiding in your house as usual.
  4. >Fucking ponies.
  5. >You know you're fat!
  6. >It's only been two months, you fucking horses!
  7. >You're already on a vegetarian diet; you're WORKING on it!
  8. >....
  9. >You've even lost some weight already, but you keep getting these...
  10. >LOOKS
  11. >Mostly from the mares.
  12. >They just keep staring at you.
  13. >Why do they keep staring at you?!
  14. >You've even heard them talking about your enormous, disgusting ass.
  15. >It all started when you'd ran out of intact clothes to wear and had to go see Rarity to buy a new outfit.
  16. >Thing is, you only had one outfit left that was... appropriate for public wear: your pyjamas.
  17. >Which is to say, a wifebeater and a pair of tight shorts.
  18. >The shame you felt walking to Rarity's boutique dwarfed all the shame you'd ever felt as a fat kid.
  19. >The stallions kept giving you these GLARES, like you'd done something to offend them.
  20. >Other than being fat in their presence, you mean.
  21. >The mares, on the other hand, were even worse.
  22. >Like you said; they just STARED at you.
  23. >Open-mouthed and wide-eyed.
  24. >A couple of them would whinny and neigh at you, which you're pretty sure meant "get the fuck out of here you fucking waste of space"
  25. >Shit sucked, yo.
  26. >Not even Rarity could stop herself from staring.
  27. >What, had they never seen a FAT person before?!
  28. >You were in and out as quickly as you could manage, but Rarity held you up.
  29. >She kept re-taking the measurements for your hip and waist, saying that she needed to be absolutely sure of what she was making.
  30. >Frankly, you're just happy she didn't poke your man-tits and laugh.
  31. >And as luck would have it, she didn't have anything she could give you right away.
  32. >Not a toga; not a sheet with a neck-hole in it; NOTHING.
  33. >So guess who got to walk home in a wife-beater and tight shorts?
  34. >THIS GUY.
  36. >Surprise surprise, ponies were fucking gathered 'round to gawk at the fat prick walking home.
  37. >You bet you jiggle when you walk
  38. >You didn't want to look down and check, but you're still sure that you do.
  39. >Oh, and you know the best part?
  40. >You discovered when you got home that your shorts had ridden up your crack.
  41. >Brilliant.
  42. >Fucking Brilliant.
  43. >You'd drown your sorrows in junk food if you could.
  45. ---------------------------------------
  47. >You are Rarity
  48. >You're feeling rather flustered right now.
  49. >That dear, sweet human just left your humble shop.
  50. >MMMM
  51. >You hate to see him go but you love to watch him leave.
  52. >Colt has plot for DAYS, filly!
  53. >Stallions in this hick town don't got no junk in the trunk.
  54. >But Anonymous?
  55. >By Celestia
  56. >He is an angel sent down to you from heaven.
  57. >You measured dat plot over and over and MMMPH
  58. >Filly, you made sure to MEMORIZE those round globes
  59. >By the looks outside, you aren't the only pony to see that hot piece of meat walk through town.
  60. >There are a bunch of stallions glaring at Anonymous's retreating form.
  61. >Colts be jelly, yo.
  63. End.
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