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  1. Parking Calculator
  3. Description
  4. Is a very practical way to calculate the price for the parking lot that can be used on airports, train stations, bus station, etc. It gives you an estimated of how much it would cost you to leave your vehicle on the parking lot.
  6. How does it works
  7. A parking calculator should work for the people that wants to use the parking slot from any station. This should be a really easy to use tool for the customers since the don’t want to get confuse with this. Usually this software is developed to keep the order and track of the parking space that is being used during the day. With this tool people can avoid waiting on the line and can book their parking spot much faster.
  9. Opportunities
  10. The “choose a lot” option changes every time we click on calculate. Which it might be confusing for the customers that are trying to calculate and keep that same option instead of changing it over and over again and also the AM and PM options change every time you calculate price.
  11. Adding a small chart with the hours and prices would be very helpful for the customers in that way they can properly select the option they are looking for.
  12. Adding some hour limits can be really useful for the customer and the client. Also adding a small description of the parking option the customer selected can be useful in that way they know why should they should select that option.
  13. The daily rate changes on the Short-term and Valet parking options so it doesn’t keeps a standard price. The other options keep the price
  16. Short-Term Parking should work only for the people that goes to the location for a short term and it should be more expensive than the other options available. The price for the short-term parking is $2.00 per hour. There is no limit to set the short-term parking, which means that anybody can set the parking options as a short term and they can leave the vehicle over there with less price. Daily rate $28.00
  17. Economy parking is good if you set it up for 7 or more hours. The price increases after 24 hrs and it would be for $9.00 per extra day. If you set it up for less than 7 hours the hourly rate would be for $4.00.
  18. The Valet parking and the short-term daily rate changes every day and it doesn’t keeps the price it should have.
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