G2A Many GEOs


tinyevil Dec 19th, 2018 83 Never
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  1. EM_IMPORT int urlstream_create(void* ud) EM_STUB
  2. EM_IMPORT void urlstream_set_buffer(int stream, void* buffer, size_t len) EM_STUB;
  3. EM_IMPORT void urlstream_set_url(int stream, const char* str) EM_STUB
  4. EM_IMPORT void urlstream_set_method(int stream, int method) EM_STUB
  5. EM_IMPORT void urlstream_set_data(int stream, const void* data, size_t len) EM_STUB
  6. EM_IMPORT void urlstream_load(int stream) EM_STUB
  7. EM_IMPORT void urlstream_destroy(int stream) EM_STUB
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