Toubou ELF3

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  1. PAGE 4:
  3. In this Toubou ELF series, a young elf girl infiltrates a slave-trading organization in order to save her friends. The series will detail the events of her getting captured, trained, raped by monsters, hypnotized, lolified, stuck in ero traps, seeded, and various other bad ends she will encounter.
  4. The theme this time around will involve hypnotic suggestion.
  6. - Summary -
  8. The dark market, a lawless land where human trafficking and exchanges involving dangerous drugs are commonplace.
  9. The primary source of income of a certain organization that focused on human trafficking had were those that pointy ears, smooth pristine white skin, and beautiful clear eyes.
  10. In other words, the elves.
  11. They avoided interaction with other races, and it was rare that anyone encountered them, so they were worth outrageous amounts of money.
  13. There is a group with significant influential power within the village advocating a new religion. On the surface, they have a good reputation with how they manage orphanages and help the poor, but in reality, they were involved with slave trading. The young elf girl Iyo learned that the priest of the cult had connections with a slave-trading organization. In order to gain information regarding the whereabouts of her elf friends that were captured by that organization, she hid her identity as an elf and visited the church…
  15. - Heroine -
  17. “Huh…? Why am I here…?”
  19. Name: Iyo Daquarz
  20. Age: 18 (Appearance-wise)
  21. Likes: Buttercream
  22. Personality: Caring of her friends and overconfident. She strongly believes that those who accept contracts or promises seriously should do all they can to uphold them. She is skilled with the sword, spear, bow, and other weapons, and is especially proficient with the sword. She has strong magical resistance but is weak to drugs and magic attacks that affect the mind. She doesn’t have much sexual experience and strongly practices chastity. Her desire to rescue her friends become the shackles that bind her and eventually cause her to fall to the depths of pleasure. Her erogenous zone is her ears.
  24. PAGE 5:
  26. 1: I decided to visit this church in hopes of gaining information about my friends who were captured by the slave-trading organization “Billion Rutz”.
  27. 2: This place is beautiful…
  28. 3: It is said that when members of the rare unaging elf race are captured, // they are trained to become slaves sold for incredibly high prices, and are bound to never see the light from the sun ever again.
  29. 4: My ears… are properly hidden, right…?
  30. 5: On the surface, they have a good reputation with how they manage orphanages and help the poor...
  31. 6: But apparently they’re actually involved with providing slaves to be put up for auction and other activities affiliated with criminals…
  32. 7: It sure is cold, though…
  34. PAGE 6:
  36. 1: Hello, miss.
  37. 2: Did he do something to me just now…?
  38. 3: Hello there. Would you happen to be…
  39. 4: this church’s priest?
  40. 5: Hahaha // Sorry for surprising you like that. We don’t get many visitors here, you see.
  41. 6: Yes, I am the priest here. // Is there something I can assist you with?
  42. 7: I’m sure you’re aware of the recent kidnappings that have been happening in town.
  43. 8: Some of my friends were kidnapped as well…
  44. 9: “Billion Rutz”.
  45. 10: Do you know anything about them?
  46. 11: The church shares your feelings. We’ve been quite concerned over the kidnappings as well.
  47. 12: I’m sure we can be of some help. Come to the room in the back and we can discuss the details.
  49. PAGE 7:
  51. 1: If it comes to it, I’ll have my sword and my magic…
  52. 2: ...All right.
  53. 3: Thank you.
  54. 4: Goodness, just where did you get information on the organization…
  55. 5: It seemed that you had confidence in your combat skill, // but now that you’re caught in my hypnotism,
  56. 6: you’re just another woman.
  57. 7: Mm
  58. 8: What’s your name, young elf girl?
  59. 9: Iyo… Iyo Daquarz…?
  60. 10: I’m supposed to immediately hand over any members of rare species I encounter I get my hands on to the organization, but… maybe I’ll have her be my pet for now.
  62. PAGE 8:
  64. 1: It’s common sense for elves to take off their underwear // and show the priest their crotch when they’re in front of one. Understood?
  65. 2: Yes…? I’m supposed to take off my underwear…? // Showing my crotch to the priest is… common… sense?
  66. 3: Huh…? What am I…?
  67. 4: Good girl.
  68. 5: Mm…!
  69. 6: Now tell me exactly why you came here.
  70. 7: I suspected that… this church might have been connected to… (handwritten) Ah!
  71. 8: Mm
  72. 9: Ah!
  73. 10: the organization that kidnapped my friends… so I came to investigate… (handwritten) Ahn!
  74. 11: That’s not it, Iyo.
  75. 12: You came here to have sex with me.
  77. PAGE 9:
  79. 1: I came here… to have sex with you…?
  80. 2: That’s right. // Come over here.
  81. 3: Okay…?
  82. 4: Put my penis into your pussy on the bed.
  83. 5: That’s the natural thing to do.
  84. 6: Putting your penis… into my pussy… is the natural thing to do?
  85. 7: That’s right. You’re a smart girl. // Try it out.
  86. 8: Her reason is still holding on even at this point? It could be that elves have strong feelings towards chastity // because they don’t have any reproductive needs.
  87. 9: I… feel like… this isn’t right…
  88. 10: What’s the matter?
  89. 11: It looks like she’ll need some proper training.
  90. 12: Very well, I suppose I’ll have to help you.
  91. 13: Let go of me!!
  93. PAGE 10:
  95. 1: That was close… I didn’t realize he’d be a hypnotism magic-user…
  96. 2: (bubbleless) I lost the underwear I got from the beastmen…
  97. 3: I came here… to have sex with the priest…? // I’m all right, I’m still mentally stable… right?
  98. 4: What’s the matter all of a sudden?
  99. 5: Did you forget?
  100. 6: You know what an elf is supposed to do when they’re in front of a priest, right?
  101. 7: I-I know…
  102. 8: This is supposed to be the natural thing to do, but it’s so embarrassing…
  103. 9: Hmm… It seems to be working well. But I’ll need to crush her reason even more if I want her to be an obedient slave.
  104. 10: I did a little something to her body when we first met.
  105. 11: It’ll restrict her body for me.
  106. 12: I can’t move…?!
  107. 13: Undo this magic!
  108. 14: Just hear me out here.
  110. PAGE 11:
  112. 1: My hypnotism has both mental and physical effects. // The less shame the target feels, the more powerful it is.
  113. 2: Nguh!
  114. 3: Essentially, the lewder you get, the easier it is for me to make you perform more drastic actions, such as having sex with me.
  115. 4: Hypnotism…? There’s no way I’d get caught by something like that…!
  116. 5: It’s pretty cold today.
  117. 6: Now that you’ve taken off your mantle, I’m sure you’re freezing right now.
  118. 7: Pee.
  119. 8: Huh?
  120. 9: Ah?!
  121. 10: Nooo!
  123. PAGE 12:
  125. 1: Stooop!
  126. 2: Now the hypnotism has gotten stronger.
  127. 3: Fufu, how naughty of you. You’re peeing in front of someone in a church of all places.
  128. 4: This is only because you…!!
  129. 5: Let’s see…
  130. 6: Mind Control
  132. PAGE 13:
  134. 1: Now, then…
  135. 2: Iyo, // I’ll try this again…
  136. 3: You’re my pet. // Understood?
  137. 4: Come over here and put my cock inside you.
  138. 5: Yes…?
  139. 6: I am… your… pet?
  140. 7: That’s right. You are in complete servitude to me.
  141. 8: I’m in… complete servitude to you…?
  142. 9: Good.
  143. 10: Now put it inside.
  144. PAGE 14:
  146. 1: I’m going to… // put your cock inside…
  147. 2: I have to… put it inside…?
  148. 3: …!
  151. PAGE 15:
  153. 1: Ohoh! // Now this is something else!
  154. 2: Hahaha! Very well done, Iyo! // Shake your hips more!
  155. 3: Yes… // Ah!
  156. 4: Why… am I… doing this… // Mm!
  157. 5: Kuh… It feels so good that I’m about to cum… // Say “I am the priest’s pet. Please cum inside my pussy”!!
  158. 6: I… (handwritten) Ah! (printed) am the priest’s…
  159. 7: pet…?
  160. 8: Please… cum in my…
  161. 9: pussy… (handwritten) Ah…!
  163. PAGE 16:
  165. 1: Ah…! // Ahhhh!
  166. 2: Fuu… In commemoration of the beginning of your training,
  167. 3: I’ll give you this specially-made choker. I’m sure an elf would know its effects.
  168. 4: It activates once you recognize that you belong to me, the owner.
  169. 5: I won’t let you go outside anymore. This will be your home now, and I will be your master.
  170. 6: Yes… You… are my master…?
  172. PAGE 17:
  174. 1: Following that, I worked on slowly molding Iyo into my perfect toy as I took care in repeating the training exercises again and again.
  175. 2: She still remembers bits and pieces of her original goal, but the memory manipulation seems to be working.
  176. 3: I… came here to… rescue my friends…? But this is my home…? // When I try to remember… it’s like everything’s fuzzy…
  177. 4: All day long, whenever I had the time,
  178. 5: I would fuck her without rest.
  179. 6: First I would dispel any doubts she had about the sperm all over her body and in her pussy.
  180. 7: I’m so wet down there…
  181. 8: Oh… It’s sperm…
  182. 9: I imprinted the scent of sperm all over her body.
  183. 10: It’s… so hot… It’s only natural for me swallow it all… right?
  184. 11: Eventually, Iyo’s body was permanently stained with my scent.
  186. PAGE 18:
  188. 1: After she got more used to the training, I began taking her out for walks.
  189. 2: During these walks, I would have her take off all her clothes.
  190. 3: I drove into her head the idea that wandering around the church naked was what she was supposed to do.
  191. 4: When she came across any of the church’s believers, (right)
  192. 5: she was to violently stir up her pussy until she came and made a mess of herself. (left of 5)
  193. 6: I made it so that cumming in front of others felt like the natural thing to do.
  194. 7: Well, // the believers are hypnotized, too.
  196. PAGE 19:
  198. 1: What’s more, I made her feel that it was natural to cum 20 times behind the curtains on the stage when I gave lectures to the believers.
  199. 2: Our teachings are those of altruism. We are to cast away our desires and act not out of only our own benefit.
  200. 3: We will act for the sake of others…
  201. 4: If she was not able to achieve that, then she would be dragged out and forced to cum the remaining times needed in front of everyone.
  202. 5: Ah!
  203. 6: Mm!
  204. 7: Twen…!
  205. 8: As a result of the training, her body has grown to be able to cum wherever and whenever at a moment’s notice.
  206. 9: After all these repeated training sessions, this elf has now become a sex slave pet that no longer could think of anything but pleasure.
  207. 10: ...ty!
  209. PAGE 20:
  211. 1: Several months later
  212. 2: Kuku, your hair has gotten quite long. Your body’s also gotten so slutty. I find it more beautiful that way.
  213. 3: Hah…
  214. 4: Hah…
  215. 5: Thank you very much…
  216. 6: Iyo, tell me what you are.
  217. 7: Kuh… I am your pet…
  218. 8: Please… show mercy…
  219. 9: Very well.
  220. 10: Her training’s just about finished.
  222. PAGE 21:
  224. 1: Since you so obediently served me as my pet
  225. 2: all this time, I’ll give you a reward today.
  226. 3: Mm…
  227. 4: Hah…
  228. 5: Reward…?
  229. 6: This.
  230. 7: My sword…!!
  231. 8: If your will is strong enough,
  232. 9: That’s right…!!
  233. 10: you can pick up that sword and kill me anytime.
  234. 11: Hahaha, that’s it! Keep trying, keep tryin!
  235. 12: I remember…!! I need to save my friends…!
  236. 13: I don’t have the time to be doing this…!
  237. 14: Just… a little more!!
  239. PAGE 22:
  241. 1: I- // did it!!
  242. 2: Come on, what’s the matter?!
  243. 3: Aren’t you going to strike at me with your skilled swordsmanship // and get information on the organization out of me?!
  244. 4: Mmm ♥
  245. 5: Higuh ♥
  246. 6: If only... this hypnotism wasn’t getting in the way…
  248. PAGE 23:
  250. 1: You were
  251. 2: Yah!
  252. 3: going to!!
  253. 4: Ah!
  254. 5: save your friends, right?!
  255. 6: Nni!
  256. 7: Throughout these past months…
  257. 8: No… This… feels too good…
  258. 9: Your pussy!!
  259. 10: Your ears!!
  261. PAGE 24:
  263. 1: Your whole body!! // I’ve learned all your weak spots!
  264. 2: Nnah!
  265. 3: You’re already finished! What do you have to say?!
  266. 4: I don’t know!!
  267. 5: Ah!
  268. 6: I can't… say it…
  269. 7: If you won’t say it, I won’t discipline you anymore.
  270. 8: I-I am your…
  271. 9: I shouldn’t be saying this…
  272. 10: I know I shouldn’t be…
  273. 11: sex slave pet…
  275. PAGE 25:
  277. 1: Fuhahahahaha!
  278. 2: You admitted it!!
  279. 3: Now you’re my possession!
  280. 4: Why…?!
  281. 5: The Subjugation Choker…! Ah! ♥
  282. 6: Iyo! You have chosen to be fucked! // You have declared yourself to be a sex slave out of your own volition!!
  283. 7: Hiu! ♥
  284. 8: Take this!! I’m gonna cum inside you!!
  285. 9: Yah! ♥
  286. 10: Higuh ♥
  288. PAGE 26:
  290. 1: gibberish
  291. 2: …! ♥
  292. 3: …! ♥
  293. 4: Fufu… I got excited and came more than usual…
  294. 5: The choker… shouldn’t activate…
  295. 6: unless the wearer... chooses so out their own will…
  297. PAGE 27:
  299. 1:  Kuku, the elves’ bodies are of the highest caliber but it seems that they aren’t the smartest of the races. // Were you really unable to cut me down with your skilled swordsmanship?
  300. 2: Haah ♥
  301. 3: Haah ♥
  302. 4: Were you really unable to fight back when you declared that you were my sex slave?
  303. 5: What do you… (handwritten) Mm…! (printed) mean…?
  304. 6: You still haven’t realized it?
  305. 7: I didn’t use any hypnotism this time.
  306. 8; As the training went on, I loosened my hypnotism on you little by little.
  307. 9: You wouldn’t think of fighting back at all if you were hypnotized anyway.
  308. 10: It… can’t be…
  309. 11: The fact the choker activated should be proof enough. // You have become my possession.
  311. PAGE 28:
  313. 1: Ahh…
  314. 2: I’ll discipline you even more from now on.
  315. 3: I see…
  316. 4: Ah…!
  317. 5: I’ll cum inside you again and again until you get pregnant.
  318. 6: In the end, it turned out…
  319. 7: Ii! ♥
  320. 8: Aren’t you happy to hear that?
  321. 9: My obedient sex slave Iyo.
  322. 10: I liked this kind of thing… ♥ ♥
  323. 11: Yes… ♥ ♥
  325. PAGE 29:
  327. Explanation of the Characters and Tools Used
  329. Priest
  331. The priest of the cult that served as the setting for this work. Normally he was a kind gentle priest that would hear out and assist the believers. On the other hand, if the state of either his cult or himself comes into jeopardy, he will do everything he can to thoroughly destroy any incriminating evidence. On top of that, he is skilled with hypnotism and restriction related magic, along with a long experience of fiddling with magic tools for his own personal uses.
  332. Billion Rutz noticed his personality and skills and offered to have his cult be absorbed into their organization in exchange for the guaranteed safety of his foster mother.
  333. At first, he felt conflicted over performing such evil conduct, but as he continued to pick out slaves to send to them, his once kind heart grew numb and he even began justifying using women as a way to vent his sexual frustrations.
  334. As time passed, he began to prefer using training techniques that directly went after their mind to make them submit of their own will over methods that simply trained the physical body. He managed to corrupt Iyo in the exact way he wanted to, more so than any other slave he’s attempted with, which is why she’s one of his most fond pets.
  336. Subjugation Choker (Priest’s Modified Version)
  338. If the distance between the choker and the choker’s owner goes above a certain threshold, a special spell engraved on the choker activates, causing the wearer’s physical and magical strength to dissipate, making them unable to move. It is normally to prevent livestock from running away from the fields. One of its main downsides is that if the wearer has strong enough mental power, it will not have any effect when they put it on unless it is out of their own will. However, the priest modified it so that he had a third party affix the choker to the target, and had the choker activate once the wearer displayed their will to be subjugated.
  339. Other than that, it also has the ability to lower the mental abilities of the wearer when they reach climax and functions that stimulate sexual desires and stimulation. (Chokers with additional special features are much more valuable) Once it is put on, it cannot be taken off unless the owner takes it off on their own or if the owner dies. The act of putting on the necklace is equivalent to becoming a slave. The design is quite simple compared to the traditional version.
  341. <- Traditional version
  343. Mind Control Magic
  345. Hypnotism magic mainly consists of two different types, those that affect the target mentally and those that affect them physically. Most of them are mental-based, and since they mainly activate through sight or hearing, they are usually easier to use as well. Because they can easily be undone due to outside factors or the target’s mental stress or exhaustion, it is extremely important to pay mind in controlling the target’s emotions.
  346. Physical hypnotism usually consists of the user controlling the target’s physical body, but due to the need to directly interact with the target’s brain or nerves, it can be quite difficult to use. If the target is in a conscious state, it becomes even more difficult. It is very well possible that If the caster’s skills are strong enough, those with evil intent can frequently switch the target between a hypnotic state and a non-hypnotic state until the target becomes completely mentally crippled.
  348. The Beastmen’s Coat and Underwear
  350. A beastmen coat Iyo received from the beastmen she met during her investigation on the organization. She was only given it to hide her identity as an elf, but it has special capabilities beyond simply hiding her ears. Not only does it provide resistance to the cold, but its breathability also makes it so that the wearer can comfortably operate in even the most extreme temperatures, freezing cold or burning hot.
  351. After hearing that elves didn’t wear underwear, the beastmen gave her a pair of underwear to protect her from common dangers in the wetlands she’d be exploring, such as poison, illnesses, contagious infections, and parasites. Just like the coat, it had a variety of other special effects, such as how it somehow lowered the chance of others attempting to rape her. One of its downsides is that leaves an abnormally strong scent on the wearer, potentially due to it being made by the beastmen.
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