Every Time

Nov 3rd, 2013
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  1. Yes! You made it! Bed early! You probably could have stayed up later, seeing as the moon was full, casting shadows all over the place. It really was quite a sight, but you know that was just an excuse, you would only stay up to screw around on the internet, not look at the moon. Speaking of which, there was one thing left before you attempted sleep. You weren’t tired yet anyway.
  3. You quickly remove your boxers, revealing your erect dick. One hand around it, you reach for your laptop and lay it on your chest, using your laptop hand to browse porn. Then, something odd happened. You began to feel hot. Strange, it was pretty cool out, and you hadn’t started jerking it. It was just getting warmer and warmer, all over your body. You angle the laptop screen to your upper chest. What you saw next would be the first in a long series of terrors that would last you the rest of you life.
  5. You saw hair growing on your chest. Not hair on your chest, but hair actually growing on your chest, getting longer and thicker. It still remained short, but it was growing enough to completely cover your skin, concealing every patch. Soon, from head to toe, you were covered in a fur coat. Stranger yet, it was grey, and oddly soft. You would have screamed, but you were more confused than anything else. You were completely gray, like the zombies from the original Dawn of the Dead.
  7. Next was even stranger. You felt like you were being stabbed just above your buttcrack. You rolled over and tried to look, but couldn’t see anything. You reached a furry hand back and then felt it. A small bump, getting longer. It was extremely bony, as though it came right out of your spine. The fur on it seemed longer. Soon, it was spreading fast, and almost reached the length of your calves. You had a fucking tail. You held it up to the laptop light, and saw it was not grey, but instead a very light yellow. What the hell has a yellow tail made of hair? You gripped the base, but recoiled in shock as it flicked on it’s own. Creepy.
  9. Something brushed your shoulder. You peered into your bedroom mirror, laptop lighting you up. Your hair was now very long, past your shoulders. It was rather round on top, but split into groups at the ends. It was the same yellow as your strange tail. You ran a hand through your hair on the sides, but noticed two things that miraculously contradicted each other. One, you could still hear. Two, you had no ears. You felt another stabbing feeling at the top of your head, and saw two... things poking out. Were they horns? You had no idea. Soon, their true nature became clear when your hearing suddenly improved tenfold. They were new, pointed and gray ears. Once they reached full length, they both flicked independently and swivled around, picking up every small sound.
  11. Your face then felt a bolt of pain, like you were hit by a formula-1 racing frying pan, as you noticed your chin moving up and out, as your nose moved down and out. Soon, a muzzle shape contained every feature of your face except for your eyes, and you had noticeably flat teeth. Speaking of which, the stretched skin forming your muzzle seemed to have left a large space of exposed flesh and skin around your now comically small eyes. You wanted to puke, but fortunately your eyes swelled to fill the holes. They felt really itchy and watery. The iris rippled to a golden color, but you did noticed something else. One eye’s pupil changed position on the eyeball when it rippled. You now had one eye looking up, and one down. You were speechless.
  13. You felt something pulling on your shoulder blades, as though they were going to be torn out. You collapsed to the floor in pain as two structures pushed their way out, rows of grey feathers sprouting off them. Wings?
  15. You tucked into a fetal position as your legs cramped severely. You tried holding on to your knees, but pain cascaded through your spine, and you rolled onto your stomach, stretching your legs out behind you. They popped as it felt like someone was going to town with a hammer on them. Your feet wen numb completely You looked over your shoulder and nearly screamed when you saw your legs. They were all mangled, and your feet were just hard hooflike stumps! You had a satyr-like lower body.
  17. You pushed your muzzle to the floor, crying. You were a freak. What the hell was happening?
  19. Your thoughts were interrupted as you felt a lot of pressure on your upper chest. It was like you were being pushed off the ground from below. You looked down to see two grey balloons inflating. Oh, shit, they were boobs. You could still feel your nipples through the fur, brushing the carpet. They were strangely sensitive.
  21. You almost screamed at the next change. You felt your dick getting smaller. You had already lost it’s erect status a while ago, but now it felt like it was shrinking even more. You were going to be a girl, weren’t you?
  23. Your penis just got smaller and smaller until the head was level with your crotch area. It shrunk and moved up, settling above the slit formed, creating a clitoris. Your balls shrunk to nothing, but you could still feel them as well as your penis moving. You balls settled to either side of your opening inside of you, presumably forming ovaries. The outside of you now looked completely like womanhood. Your penis however, was still shifting around. It felt like your own body was raping you.
  25. Then, a flash. You looked around, but noticed nothing but a mark on the side of your ass. It was a series of bubbles. What the fuck?
  27. Just as suddenly as it began, it stopped. You poked -your- vagina with a fur covered hand and shivered as you felt the touch, confirming it as yours. You looked at your wings, attempting to flap them. They twitched slightly, but not much else. You tried every direction you could think of, telling your brain to command the wings. Suddenly, they snapped shut. You tried more directions. The opposite brought them out. They seemed to follow a natural path. Moving your wings was like operating a D-pad in your head. Up was out, down was in, and left and right were the ways to flap.
  29. Your tail was easy. You couldn’t quite flick it in a specified direction, but you could flick it nonetheless. Your ears wouldn’t move however, but you could never wiggle your ears as a human either. Both your tail and ears constantly moved on their own, like a strange mood indicator.
  31. Wait, why the fuck were you so fascinated by this? You were a freak! This was physically impossible! Nobody can see you like this! You would be dissected or some shit. You had your face and dick taken from you! You weren’t supposed to be like this!
  33. You were about to attempt standing on your hooves, but you fell back over as your entire body became sore. You saw your boobs shrink, while at the same time moving down, settling just above your vagina. You bent over, mutilated legs now making sense as you found yourself on all fours. Your hands closed, each finger fusing and hardening. It felt like superglue drying on your hands. In a few seconds, they were round stumps like your legs, or hindlegs you suppose.
  35. Your neck craned as it stretched, giving you a better view from a quadruped position. Your torso barreled out, completing the transformation. You looked at your body. What the fuck were you? A pony?
  37. Nobody should see you. You decide to sneak out. If you had to hide for the rest of your life, you would. You didn’t want to be dissected by scientists or shot by animal control. Living in exile was your best option, no doubt. You glance at things in your room, posters, books, DVDs, and a tear comes to your eye, soaking into your fur. God that shit was everywhere on you. You knew you weren’t going to see any of it again. Your hobbies, family, friends, all gone.
  39. You twist your legs under you until each hoof is on the floor, then you extend every muscle possible. Miraculously, you manage to stand. This should be just like crawling. You move your right legs forward. Your front leg makes contact, but your hindleg finds no purchase, and you collapse. You look back to see your right hindleg was lifted. Oh right, your joints there are backwards now.
  41. You get back up to your hooves, then practice moving one leg at a time. Taking a hindleg step was difficult, it took all your brainpower just to move, like trying to lift your ring finger when your middle finger is tucked far under your palm. You look at your foreleg on the ground and try that exact thing, but realize with great sadness that you are an idiot, and no longer have fingers.
  43. Eventually, you take a step with your right hooves. You repeat the process with your left, and so on. Suddenly, your muzzle smashes against something hard. You fall on your haunches and look up, ears twitching in surprise. You hit a wall. You forgot to stop walking, or trotting you suppose. You were pretty derpy with your hooves.
  45. Heh, it’s funny, because that was your name.
  47. Wait, what the fuck!? That wasn’t your name! Your name was... was...?
  49. You began panting really fast, hyperventilating as panic swept over you. You couldn’t remember your name! Whenever you tried to think about it, the only name that came to mind was “Derpy Hooves.” Shit!
  51. You turn, your tail flicking nervously, sending yellow hairs from side to side. What if your mind gets fucked up? You couldn’t forget yourself! You were Derpy Hooves! Shit! You messed up again!
  53. You still needed to escape. You headed for your door, but saw it was closed. Damn! There was no way you could open it! Teeth had no grip on the smooth brass, and hooves clearly wouldn’t work. You only had one other option.
  55. You glance towards the window. You were going to need to fly, but if you broke your neck at least you wouldn’t feel the scientists cutting into their alien winged horse specimen. You don a serious face and prepare to charge. You break into a sprint, or gallop actually. You are a few feet away when you put all your pressure into your hindlegs, launching you through the window. Your adrenaline seemed to deafen you as you saw your life flash before your eyes.
  57. You remember your childhood, your favorite food, muffins, and that time you accidentally destroyed town hall while helping Rainbow Dash.
  59. Wait, what?
  61. You tried again. You remember long car rides with your parents, friends at school, your favorite movies. Strangely, you could still access the other memories though. These new memories were like a library, you could access them as though you had experience them firsthand. You remember failing at delivering mail in a place called “Ponyville,” but you also remember your summer job as a human.
  63. Odd indeed, but your thoughts are interrupted as you slam into the ground crotchtits first. Ow. You look back up at the window to see the damage, but quickly notice something else. A light was turned on. You turned towards the woods and galloped.
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